Accountability partner!

Anyone else new to this and want someone to get through each day or week with?
I would love to have someone to message or talk to about everyday success or struggles while on my fitness&weightloss journey 😊

SW: 195.3lb
GW: 140lb
I’m 5ft & 23 years old wanting to start a new schedule & lifestyle with healthier eating and living habits.
I would like to start meal prepping and weightlifting asap.
I work overnights so sometimes unhealthy eating habits or not working out seem like the fastest way to go but I want to change that.
Any Tips and pointers are always welcome also!


  • JBanx256
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    Heya, night shift (half the time - we rotate days/nights) worker here too. Meal prepping is HUGELY beneficial, as I just grab a container of prepared food out of the fridge on my way out the door before each shift. I keep a little cooler with me in my work vehicle so I always have my meals/snacks on hand.

    If you want to start lifting weights & meal prepping "ASAP," what's holding you back?
  • Beautifulbabee16
    Beautifulbabee16 Posts: 2 Member
    This is me starting, nothing holding me back now ☺️
  • JBanx256
    JBanx256 Posts: 1,250 Member
    This is me starting, nothing holding me back now ☺️

  • Flame_Grilled
    Flame_Grilled Posts: 30 Member
    Please by all means add me, I’m looking for accountability. Also like to have a laugh along the way
  • stefowens13
    stefowens13 Posts: 3 Member
    I'd love for you to add me as a friend! I am 35 but I love having accountability friends. 💚 Good job for wanting to be a healthier You!
  • lauragirl84
    lauragirl84 Posts: 9 Member
    I am 5’8” and currently 339lbs. I’ve already lost 18 lbs but I am looking for accountability partners! I’m a female, and 37 years old from Wisconsin, USA.
  • chargersfan67
    chargersfan67 Posts: 16 Member
    I could def use the accountability as well! Add me and let’s meet our goals together! I’m looking to lose 35 lbs
  • SantiagoAlverez
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    I'm 5'9" 209lbs and 23!
    I'm trying to get around 150lbs.

    I do weightlifting, powerlifting, and now the dreaded cardio.

    Lemme know if you need an accountability partner, and feel free to add me :)

    If you have questions about weightlifting, feel free to ask me!

    And my food diary is public for friends to view if you need food ideas!