Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 175



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    To all the super soup people… most of the soups I make when I have a hambone or a bone from an entire turkey breast. I just add vegetables that I have. Every day I spend time chopping vegetables in the morning and sometimes I have snippets that I don’t want to use, like exterior leaves from Brussel sprouts. If I roast the loose leaves with the halved Brussels sprouts, they burn. I’m just too frugal to toss away any good food, so I have a plastic bag in my freezer where I dump these extra vegetables. I use these, as well as others, to make a soup. Also, a favorite soup which I haven’t made for a while, is split pea soup from the book, the joy of cooking. I truly haven’t made it for years but it was simply a bag of dried split peas, cut up carrots and onions, a hambone, and a bunch of water. I’m sure I might be missing something here, but is it truly is a simple recipe. It is soooo good. I made it when my kids were still in the house and everyone loved it, but my son did nickname it, horse vomit, due to the color. Ya gotta love teens.
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    @CamandJarvis - oh my goodness, so sorry to hear all these bad news items, sending you loads of hugs and keeping everything crossed for you that things get better all round xxxxx
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    @CamandJarvis - I had noticed you weren't posting and worried about your Mom. I'm so sorry to hear of everything else going on. Your family is in my thoughts.

    @SheilaBoneham - Our favorite soup to make is sausage corn chowder. It's the only recipe I have that uses the spice marjoram, and we make it so much I go through a bottle every Winter.
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    What’s your favorite soup recipe? I’ve been making soups every Sunday since New Year, and am going to try to keep it up with a new soup each week. So far, I’ve made minestrone, mulligatawny, and cabbage soups. I’m looking for this Sunday’s fare as we “speak.” Just curious about other people’s favs!

    I know it's not the right season, but I love pumpkin & ginger soup, also leek & potato.

    @musicsax Its always the right season for pumpkin and ginger in my book! And you just reminded me of my mum’s cockaleekie soup—it’s on my list now. Thanks!
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    @SheilaBoneham You can’t beat a good bowl of chili! I also like to use the Christmas ham bone and leftovers to make ham and bean soup!

    Yes! My husband often makes Moosewood restaurant cookbook veggie chili—we love it and usually have some in the freezer for quick dinners. I usually make cornbread muffins with it. Yum!
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    @CamandJarvis I am so sorry to hear about your family and their health issues. Many prayers and good vibes are being directed toward you today. I am also putting a word out in the universe for answers to your house you found. Praying the owners will cooperate and help with repair costs. The house does sound perfect for you.,...... {{{hugs}}}