Women 200lb+, Let's Start Strong This January!!!



  • sargemarcori
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    Age: 51
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    SW November: 233
    SW for December: 234.7
    SW for January: 233.5 (blargh!)
    GW for January: 225
    GW for October 2022 because that's my focus: 165

    1/7: 232.4
    1/14: 230.6
    1/21: 233.0

    BUT! BUT!! Do you see that 230.6?? I have not seen that since mid-November when I started my slide! But I still *maintained* through the holidays, and now, shortly after getting back in there, I'm almost in a new decade FINALLY! I'm so excited.

    yeah, so that's going great... I don't even know. I'm under my calorie deficit goal nearly every day, and the days I'm over don't add up to how much I'm under the other days. I've gotten 10k steps five of the last seven days (when I'm not trying, it's more like 5k.) I'm sleeping fine, drinking water, I no longer have the bits that cause hormone fluctuation... I don't know.

  • MissZimmy
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    Age: 32
    Height: 5'9"
    SW: 352
    CW: 321
    = -31

    GW for January 2022: 317.5
    UGW: 143

    January goals:
    - 4 bike rides a week
    - Keep making progress in spite of upcoming exam and study munchies
    - Eat at least 150g protein a day.

    2022 goals:
    - weigh 218 by end of December
    - Continue cycling 3-5 times a week
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    Age: 35
    HT: 5'9"
    GW: 165ish
    NSV: Goal: Trail run 6+ miles at a time without needing to walk

    HW (Dec 21'): 214

    1st GW (Feb 4th (B-day)): 196

    1/1: 207.1
    1/8 : 204.9. (-2.2)
    1/15: 202.2 (-2.7)
    1/22: 198.7 (-3.5)
  • osier5
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    Age 49, 5'6"
    Starting weight: 223.5 (1/1/22)
    Ultimate goal weight: 160

    1/1: 223.5
    1/8: 222.4
    1/15: 221.2
    1/22: 219.9
    Jan. loss:
  • cowgirlslikeus86
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    Hello. Day one for me! I have two weddings to go to this year, and one of which I am the maid of honour. Plus I am newly single, so I have to get into shape before I enter the dating world.

    CW: 204
    First GW: 190
    Long term GW: 160

    I'm just trying to make it to onederland first, and get back to my weight that I was at before I met my ex boyfriend. I gained so much weight while I was with him. I was also on heavy psychiatric medication that did not help the situation. Not anymore! I'm on my own, and I'm on different meds that shouldn't make me gain weight.

    Track everything that goes in my mouth.
    Track the night before work when I pack my lunch and stick to it
    Stop snacking, especially after dinner
    Water, water, water
    Go to the gym at least 3x/week
    Take my dog for a walk everyday
    Be a part of the MFP community and stay accountable.

    Fresh start! Add me if you want!

    - Jordanna

    Congratulations on being newly single! I am too! 6 months post divorce and working on the physical health end now that my mental health is strong!. I just hit “onderland” this week. Your super close too! Your goals are similar to mine. I’m gonna add you!

  • jazzadesigns
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    @cowgirlslikeus86 congrats on reaching Onederland!!!💥🎉👍

    @justanotherloser007 so sorry you are dealing with this issue!❤️
  • jazzadesigns
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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.
    Starting Weight: 257.8 (1/14/21)

    Jan Start Weight: 220.5
    Jan Goal Weight: 216.6 (which was my Dec. start weight)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Jan 1: 220.5
    Jan 8: 221.5 (+1.0)
    Jan 15: 219.5 (-2.0)
    Jan 22: 219.5
    Jan 29:
    Jan 31:

    Well it’s not a gain so I’ll take it!🙂
  • lmgoff232
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    Age: 44
    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 290.6 (4/19/2021)
    SW: 287.4 (7/16/2021)
    CW: 232.2 (1/1/2022)

    GW for January: 225
    GW for 2022: 170
    UGW: 170

    1/1: 232.2
    1/8: 230.6
    1/15: 227.8
    1/22: 228.0

    Feeling a little (a lot) frustrated that I seem to be losing the same few pounds over & over. I know it can probably partly be attributed to water retention from the strength training I started, but that doesn't make it easier. It is taking a whole lot of determination to stay patient. On another note, I tried really, really hard to meet my protein goals this week but it seemed to be at the expense of my fiber intake. And I feel worse for it. So I think going forward I will worry more about fiber, and be conscious of protein, but not going to worry about it so much.

    Goals for January:
    - Meet protein goal at least 3x weekly ✔ 4 of 7
    - Meet fiber goal at least 3x weekly ❌ 2 of 7
    - Eat out no more than 1x per week ✔
    - Get minimum of 6000 steps daily ❌ 2 of 7
    - Drink minimum of 8 glasses water daily ❌ 6 of 7

    Goals for 2022:
    - Incorporate weight training and work on improving my muscle definition: week 2 of weights completed 😁
    - Reach my goal weight and move into maintenance: A long ways off still
    - Plan for and make self care a priority at least quarterly (massage, mani/pedi, etc) : Will plan something for mid to late March
  • goal06082021
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    Age: 30
    Height: 5'3"
    Original SW: 252.8, 11/13/2020 (ATH 260-something, circa 2009)
    2022 SW: 197.6, 1/1/2022
    1/1: 197.6
    1/8: 195.8
    1/15: 196.4
    1/22: 195.4
    January Goal: 192
    2022 Goal: 147

    Why do bodies gotta body like how bodies do? I know I just need to be patient, trust the process, keep doing what I'm doing, etc etc but my natural impatience is starting to rear its ugly head again. I've done okay this week while hosting friends from out of town, mostly sticking to plan; I did go over a little on Thursday night at hubs' birthday dinner, and I haven't quite met my step goal every day this week (though I did get close, only 1500-2000 steps short). Tonight hubs has his first gig with his band since the surgery, at a local Italian place that does live music, so we're going to make an appearance there tonight. Haven't decided what I'm going to have for dinner yet; I've got about a thousand calories left to play with today and about 4 hours before dinner time. Last time I did okay with an eggplant rollantini and side of broccoli instead of pasta, boxing up half of that right away so I could enjoy a garlic roll and a bowl of pasta e fagioli, but I think I'll opt for a salad tonight since I'm going to make some pasta e fagioli next week, LMAO.

    The biggest challenge this week has been listening to my bestie and her partner have not-quite-fights about his food choices and eating. Partner has gained weight over the last couple of years - combo of mental health, quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes with food, ongoing global pandemic limiting opportunities for physical activity, etc etc. He's probably found most of the 50 I've lost. I know bestie is concerned and everything she says comes from a place of love, but it's hard to listen to her commenting on people's food choices and calories and whatever even if it's not directed at me.
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    sarah12277 wrote: »
    January Challenge Weigh In Day

    Age 44
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 220.2
    GW for January 215
    UGW 145

    1/1: 220.2
    1/8: 218.6
    1/15: 217.2
    1/22: Happy Birthday to me
    Total month loss:

  • MacKenzieLeeCan
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    I'm on the struggle bus this week.

    Trying very hard to not stress eat, but am kind of failing. My goal of 40 pounds before 40 (my bday is next week) looks like I just might miss it. :disappointed:

    Be strong! ... and just missing the goal is not necessarily failure, but will give you more inspiration to keep going! :)
  • RavenStCloud
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    Hi guys! So, I never put my starting, current, goal weight on posts...

    Hi, Toni!!!

    Welcome and thanks for sharing. We're a judgement-free zone and we're glad to have you!

  • jazzadesigns
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    @lmgoff232 I am right there with you! I got off track after Thanksgiving and can’t seem to get back in the groove. But I know I can do it! I will not give up! I am reaching Onederland this year!!!
  • Hancoren
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    Hello 👋

    I'm 34, will be 35 on Feb 2nd 😊. 5'7"
    My starting weight this time around was around 270. Now I'm at 250. The scale has been up and down for me for years but never below 200 (since high school anyway). I'm hoping to maybe change that though.

    I'm vegan. I recently started a high fiber low fat diet but I'm having issues with orthostatic hypotension and I'm thinking it maybe related to the increase of carbs in my diet. I'm struggling with that because it has been helping me to lose weight and I'm trying not to feel defeated.

    My goals are to continue logging on here, and start exercising.
  • swimmom_1
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    Glad to be back and Thank you @RavenStCloud for this thread. Great support here!
    Mary from Pennsylvania 64 Heaviest weight 255 lbs twice. :-(

    UGW-122 lbs. I was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for 5 years then got lazy.

    My goal is to continue with what seems to work for me. 1000-1200 calories, low carb 15 Net +/- 3(My body seems to not do well with carbs. It doesn't know how to burn them and hangs onto them way too much!), minimum 70 + oz of water, 2 meals/day on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days(which are long), exercise on my 3 days off. My weigh in day is Sunday.

    9/14/20 SW-255 lbs
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs started MFP and Low Carb/1000-1200 calorie while recovering
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212.0 lbs
    9/1/21-200.0 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    12/26/21-165.6 lbs
    I went to Texas Roadhouse on 12/28, and the weight went up. It should be just water weight from sodium.
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    My goal is 5 lbs for January, down 3.8 lbs and 17.6 lbs for Nov/Dec/Jan. Met my goal of 15 lbs already!
    Down 90.8 lbs so far!

    1/1/22-168 lbs. I did my Elliptical today. 240 minutes for 16.5 miles.
    1/2/22-168 lbs. I did my Elliptical today. 240 minutes for 16.55 miles. Needed to get back on my regular reporting weigh in day. I was hoping for a drop but with having Pork & Sauerkraut yesterday, the sodium is inhibiting that, I'm sure.
    1/9/22-164.6 lbs. Finally!!! The water weight left yesterday and had a long awaited drop today. Lowest weight I've been in 6-7 years. I did 244 minutes on my Elliptical for 17.1 miles.
    1/16/22-162 lbs. :-) New Low on the scale! Also my fat percent today was moderate instead of high. Normal is next! Did 253 minutes on my Elliptical for 16 miles. Slower pace obviously than my usual.
    1/18/22-161.2 lbs. :-) New Low! 253 minutes on my Elliptical today for 16.4 miles. "150's HERE I COME!!!"

    1/23/22- 164.2 lbs :-( Did this to myself! I was weak and ate some donuts a co-worker brought in. I knew from the past they are the best donuts I've ever had! What can I say, I'm human! Did 269 minutes on my Elliptical for 18 miles. May be some water retention too as I have been working long days and not enough sleep and maybe less water than usual.

  • danikat15
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    and I realize now, in hindsight, that I might have been a trifle dramatic and overreacting last week.

    Those damn Oompa Loompas!

    This was me a few weeks ago when my scale literally did not move for days. It's hard to do everything right and not see the immediate product of that hard work. I get it.