Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 175



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    Hi, I’m Karen and am in my 50’s.
    OSW-187 Sept. 2018

    1/17-167-Got a 4 mile walk in, finished quilting a quilt, just need to get the binding on it.
    1/18-169-Walked 5 miles, exercised the horse (he and i are both on a roll). Made a creamy pesto sauce for the chicken breast I baked last night. Roasted cauliflower, broccoli and some sliced purple onion.
    1/19-167-No walk, but did ride the horse. Had chicken stew and polenta; the stew already had rosemary in it, so I added some to the polenta and it was good.
    1/20-167-Leftovers from last night, so dinner was heavy. The only exercise was riding the horse bareback, which helps core strength. I’ve been watching videos on brain health by Dr. Daniel Amen and he uses a natural approach and it is refreshing
    1/21-168-Healthy dinner, but had cheese, then popcorn for a snack in the afternoon. Lots of errands today.
    1/22-167-Super windy here, no horse and no exercise. Today will be much better.
    1/23-DNW-Spent the day stretching, woke up stiff from the 50 lb. dog tripping me the night before. I feel really good now though! I’ve got a quilt 3/4 done and the sun is out. Last Monday, I started seeds in foil loaf pans that I will transplant from, and a bunch of them are already coming up!!
    1/24-169-Cooked fish, just a bit salty.