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    :) I've started on the various chores for doing the 2021 income tax. It has gotten simpler since we don't have a home based business and we don't itemize deductions but there are still complexities and paperwork and numbers involved. Once Jake lovingly suggested that maybe I could do the whole process myself and not spend the money for the accountant that we have used for decades. I politely informed him that the accountant was a luxury (necessity) that I chose for myself like all the pricy treats he has chosen for himself. I will work on the process for 15-30 minutes a day until everything is ready to mail to the accountant. It should be noted that I don't get hair and nails done professionally, buy clothes only to replace an item headed for the trash, and don't travel or eat in restaurants. For me, a tax professional is the ultimate treat/luxury/necessity.

    :)Allie, Carmine is so fortunate to have you on their side. Being a teenager is tough even under the best of circumstances. For Carmine the challenges include a new sibling, the pandemic, and gender confusion along with all the teenage angst.

    :)Lisa, your bread baking sounds like a perfect hobby/meditation/occupation.

    :)Anna, I love to dance. Part of the joy comes from the music. For a long time a did "Sweatin' to the Oldies" along with my regular line dance classes. Now that I can't attend line dance classes because of Covid concerns, I dand by myself at home and dance only to the music I like best.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    Although I am trained to do tax preparation in Canada ... I wouldn't dream of doing it myself here in Australia.

    It's so quick and simple to get a professional to do it, and not that expensive.

    About the only things I need to do in preparation are to dig out my education receipts and charitable donation receipts which takes me a few minutes.

    M in Oz

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    Terri wrote:
    Penny: I have fond memories of the ice sculptures in the square near where our cruise ship was moored. You must have great views of the cathedral on the other side of the bridge. We attended a wonderful evening concert there during our visit.
    Nope, no view. The town of Tromsø (=Troms Island) lives on the island. We and the cathedral both live on the mainland side of the bridge. But we used to live just a few hundred meters from it and I pass it every time I go to town. I considered joining the choir there, but they had so much Sunday service duty that I opted for a different one - one that only requires us to participate four times per year.
    /Penny, an agnostic who loves classical choral music (especially Bach) near the
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    <img src="https://scontent.ffcm1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/272515533_4779758395442700_3088168895534665507_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc=XA_PaSGepFEAX_wE5tp&tn=j2SZ4pOgRDB3YFvr&_nc_ht=scontent.ffcm1-2.fna&oh=00_AT9yfm_wFfg5b_jHRhQpILWSy0jPZwbrcTrN0NyZEQTd-g&oe=61F5384B&quot; alt="May be an image of flower"/>e04eny9gbs9t.png

    Sharing a cup of flowers with you on this bitter cold day. We will not see 0 today.

    Barbie I agree. This year in particular. The IRS is still working on last years taxes. So getting them in and doing everything electronically is the way to go. We started using someone about ten years ago and have not looked back. I still fill out a form too as a double check and to have my forms ready and in order. This saves the person doing our taxes a tremoundous amount of time and her fee reflects the work I put into it. Like you do a little bit everyday until everything is ready to take into the accountant.
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    Welcome Kelly W.
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    Welcome new peeps
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    Yogi looks so small between the two Goldens! :)
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    We don't have any snowdrops out around here yet, but I was feeling so happy at having written 400 words this morning that I had that spring feeling. :p
    The foxes also have that feeling and have been mating in full view on top of the garden sheds. They don't usually come out much in the day.
    Our pigeons are billing and cooing on the rooftop opposite and the robins are squabbling for territory and puffing out their red breasts. The magpies are meeting together regularly for long date-days and two colourful jays have found each other. The sparrows continue to hustle in cheeping, scrabbling hordes.
    It's only January!
    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
    Heather - Was that image something you made with the new app you mentioned the other day?
    Exhibitionist foxes. Who'd have guessed?
    We haven't had pigeons or robins or jays or sparrows, but we did see three magpies on a nearby rooftop and - best of all - we spotted TWO golden eagles sitting on the point below our apartment. They were gazing out over the stormy fjord and soon enough they lifted to enjoy the stormy weather. :wink:
    /Penny, just back from shopping and covered with snow at the
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    Tracey - It must be a different kind of test. Here you can go back to work etc if you have two successive days negative. Could be as early as day 5 and 6, but Edie was 8 and 9. Lateral Flow tests viral load, which is how infectious you are. Most people have boxes of the things, but pharmacists do run out! They are free.
    I'm the kind of person who likes my surroundings very 'personal' free. I sometimes have school photos of the kids up on a shelf for a while, but, generally, I like to keep everything minimal. I don't even have many pictures, and I love art. I would be happy in a modernist home. :laugh: I do display my ceramics. <3 DH likes it a bit more homely than me, so we have a compromise. I keep my junk in the utility room! It is a mess. Awful. Other places are the repository of my archives etc.(I have a lot) DH finds that difficult as well, but I'm not looking at them all day! I'm a secret junk girl.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    As of just a week ago, they are saying that insurance now has to pay for the test kits- BUT, we have to pay for them first and then get reimbursed. Right now, the pharmacy we go to has been out of them.
    Before that change, if you wanted the test kits, you had to pay for them and they were a bit pricey from what I heard.
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    pinh wrote: »
    The third week of January was not a great week for my activity commitments. I still kept logging but absolutely fell off the doing my modest activity plan. I still made myself do the weigh in and of course didn't make any progress towards weight loss goals, but I'm facing this week renewing my plan.

    Thanks for the mention of the dance activity. Balance, lack of coordination, probably go together. I am a not so great dancer, but I can take those on. Years ago I got zumba materials and I have been meaning to dust them off.

    Saw the sleep discussion. I've experienced that in the past. Sleep for 3 or 4 hours, wake up for 2 hours, sleep for another 3 hours. It stresses me out during the work week. I worry I won't fall asleep, won't get enough rest. If I exercise late in the day I'm likely to crash hard and sleep soundly.

    LisaInArkansas-I also love my coffee and the pleasure of a weekend cup. I drink a cup every morning, but Mon-Friday there is no chance to savor.

    Ann Arbor

    I started zumba for the very first time, five months before lockdown and we had no class for 17 months- back at it the last 5 I think now.
    I told the instructor at the beginning- I am old, uncoordinated and have no rhythm but I am going to try- that is what I have done.
    We have class two nights a week for an hour. Most days I can keep up, there are other days I feel like my shoes are full of cement, but I keep trying.
    I look forward to getting out of the house for those two hours a week.
    I may try doing some at home on other days- my daycare girl likes trying, but my living room is small so hard to do.
    Just try it- any movement is better than doing none.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    I’ve done my grocery shopping today and am looking at fog across the river. I am happy to be warm and cozy at home. It is likely that I’ll watch TV a bit later. I love veterinarian shows. Dr Pohl & Dr Oakley are my favorites, along with various Zoo programs.
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    Penny - I used my Polish app for that one. I captured a free image from the Internet and put on the text. Slightly filtered the image. My new app, Canva, is useful for plainer backgrounds and I've just made DH a Valentine card. Haven't tried printing it yet. The apps are free until you want to use something fancy, but there are loads out there. I've noticed they shut down options over time. Why wouldn't they? :p

    I bought a sweater this afternoon. Haven't bought anything new for years, way before covid. Oh, maybe one light top. I wear lightweight sweaters all the winter, so mine are looking a bit tired. I decided the cruise needed a new one. It's very cheap, but quite stylish, animal print with some cobalt blue flashes. I can't wear wool at all, so I'm limited to viscose, or acrylic. I wear a camisole underneath. It might be quite chilly in March, even in the Med! Hope it fits! I bought a bigger size.

    Tomorrow I am lunching with my friend G. Walking to the train station to meet her. We are both taking Lateral Flow tests in the morning. Then will find a nearly empty restaurant. Haven't seen anyone for weeks! I have not gone anywhere, not even seen the family!

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Afternoon ladies
    Well i dropped Carmine off and went back down to help with Miles.. poor Tracy.. she needs to do something.. I told her to contact the lactation specialist or La Leche she is hardly getting any sleep at all and neither is the baby.. she looks absolutely exhausted...
    She doesnt want to supplement with formula .. but she needs to do something to get the little guy on some type of schedule.
    I remember being a new mom and how exhausted i would be..but i think even Tracy slept for more than he does..
    I know its the mom in me worrying.. but i love them so and hate knowing I cant do anything to help.
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    Allie ~ When I kept my two grands so mom could teach, she stored her milk in bottles so I could feed them. This didn't last long and we found a formula that suited the little ones.

    Carol in GA
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    We aren't able to have haggis tonight because of covid in my son's household, but DH and I toasted Rabbie Burns' health with a wee dram. Bowmore- a peaty single malt from Islay. I stayed there once on my own when my first marriage was in trouble,

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx