:) This is how it feels in my neighborhood for the start of January 2022. No matter what the weather in your neighborhood, the start of the new year is a good time to make a new start on the journey to health and fitness.

:) It has been helpful to me to take this journey in the company of others who have similar goals so we can encourage and support each other.

:) Please join me and others on this journey.

:) Be sure to bookmark the page so you can find us again.

:) If you sign your posts with a name or nickname and a location, it will be easier to get to know each other.

:) My one word theme for 2022 is "continue. I have acquired many good habits and attitudes in the last few years and this year I want to emphasize continuing them. I also want to say "continue" to myself when the going gets tough.

<3 Barbie in NW WA


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    Thank you Barbie!!
    Happy New Year's!!
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    Thank you Barbie!!
    Happy New Year's!!
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    Thank you Barbie - Happy New Year!
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    Happy New Years to those celebrating already.. xoxo here is hoping 2022 is much better than 2021
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    👍🏻🥳 2022 🥳👍🏻
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    Worked today, then took Jerry home, went to WalMart to get a prescription and buy gas, then Food Lion to get items on sale, then home. (exciting, huh?)

    The foot MD place saga: I got an email saying that I had messages. FINALLY I was able to see them. One looked like a letter saying that I was in their office yesterday. Made no sense at all. I know I was there. The other was some sort of thank you for letting them see me. Huh?

    Maybe someone can help me. There is this guy at work, Jerry. Now I know that he has some sort of emotional issue. He used to go to this place, Connections, that deals mostly with people over 18 who have emotional issues. Anyway, whenever I ask him to do something (not a big thing, just something like getting the lettuce for me out of the refrigerator) he gets so angry. The other day I asked him to get the tomatoes for me, he threw them down on the floor and ½ of them went all over the floor. Another time he was leaving so I said “before you go, would you please get the pickles for me?” He threw down his coat. Most of the times I just ignore his outbursts. Today this one manager told him that he needed to go home because she had asked him to clean the floor of the refrigerator which he didn’t do and she told him that the reason they aren’t getting new trash cans is because he throws them around when he’s asked to clean them (this is part of his job). Is there anything I can say to him to get him to calm down?

    Kylia – wish I could say the same thing about my weight as you do. I guess I’m about the same as last year. Well, at least it isn’t up!

    Lisa – I like your word “recover”. Applies to so very much

    Rori – thinking of you. Stay safe. You may not be close to the fires right now, let’s pray it stays that way.

    The one manager asked me to do extra prep tomorrow. Not like that’s out of the ordinary. But tomorrow is the last Sat. that I’m supposed to work (yea).

    Allie – I’m getting excited for you and Tracey, too.

    M – what is so special about a verification code expiring within 10 minutes? Why is that preferable to having it expire in, say, an hour or two? Newcomers used to expire in 24 hours.

    WooHoo, I just realized that I don’t have to go into work tomorrow until 9 which means that I’ll be able to exercise. Yes!!! The plan is to do a Weight Watchers Time Crunch Training DVD (one of the new ones)

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Michele NC
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    Thank you Barbie for a fresh start.

    Happy New Year Ladies. Hubs and I stayed home and cooked steak and lobster for a couple we’re friends with. It was a nice quiet evening. I think I’ll go relax in the bath now.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

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    Happy New Year gals. Wonder what the new year will bring.

    Betsy in NW WA
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    Happy New Year!!
    Neighbors have already started setting off the fireworks- first one I heard was at 6:30PM. I am sure they will go until about 2AM or a little later.
    Glad I get to sleep in the next two days(dh is off so he won't be waking me up when he goes to work and gets home from work like he usually does).
    I will be relaxing, watching tv or reading by myself- normal New Year's eve around here. He is usually asleep- I am sure he will be going to sleep soon after going to work at 4 AM this morning
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    Machka - thank you, when I was talking with my boss yesterday she told me to make sure I stay on top of this and demand we get to the bottom of it. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Jan 12th.
    Happy New year!!!!

    Lisa - very similar, we had mice. I remember one time a gopher somehow got in the house it was between the floor upstairs and the ceiling from downstairs. There was a gap in the floorboard and when it stuck its head up Dad shot it with his .22. He didn’t remember that in later years until I told him about it.

    I hope you’re enjoying your visit with your daughter and family.

    Katla - Hummingbirds and snow seems so strange to me to read in the same sentence. I bet it’s a beautiful picture though.

    Rori - how devastating for those families.

    Allie - that lady would be breaking rules here, if you have cold symptoms you are to isolate until a negative test.
    We have a lot of residents that eat heartily.

    Debbie - your DH should learn to share, even walls. That’s a beautiful photo.

    Michele - maybe he is employed there because of a treatment plan or something. I think in your shoes I would leave anything to be said to the manager. You could unknowingly anger him and then you give him a ride home. I would be very careful in your shoes.

    It is a quiet New Years Eve here, it’s just past 10. DH went to bed to watch tv a couple hours ago. I’m watching Nashville’s Big Bash.

    I have given some thought to a word for this year and I haven’t come up with one yet. I’ll keep thinking.

    Tracey in Edmonton currently -31, supposed to be -5 tomorrow. I don’t imagine that will happen. 😂

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    Barbie thanks for starting us off again!
    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island