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    Happy New Year to all, and thanks Barbie for the new thread!

    Annie in Delaware
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    edited January 2022
    Thinking "Light" a good word for 2022. Finding those lights that will lead me to make the right choices towards good health. Sometimes the light does hide behind a cloud like in my favorite photo from 2021. It still strikes me how much beauty that light created. Beauty in the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.
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    Stat for the day-

    New Year’s Day walk w/family- 2hrs 53min 19sec, 245elev, 3 .44ap, 24221steps, 94ahr, 111mhr, 10.04mi= 970c
    Strava app = 1212c
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    Machka - that’s quite interesting. My Grandmother always said when you quit learning is when your brain dies. She said it more eloquently than that, but it made sense.
    I don’t know how you find the time or energy to do all of the research and such, I find it difficult after work to try to continue doing a lot that requires brain work.

    Heather - you make the ordinary magical. I so admire you.

    Barbara - I need to find the tape measure too. I’m a little scared.

    Lisa - it sounds like we did. When my DH and I were first married he kept saying “you want better than that” in whatever it may be, furniture, living space whatever. I kept saying over and over all I want is heat, hot water and no rodents or bugs. He never saw my parents house the way it was when I was young. Dad had put some work into it over the years. The year I was married they actually built an addition that had electric heat and put in a bathtub and hot water heater.

    Ginny - nice to see you!

    We didn’t have any fireworks that I heard last night. I’m glad only because I love viewing them and get frustrated when I can’t see them. I don’t have any pets or anything to worry about.

    Welcome to Paula, Alexandra and Ann and Maryann

    Kylia - I have suffered with depression several times, it’s good that your husband understands and is trying to help. Have you talked to your doctor about it as well?

    Heather - sorry your day didn’t go as well as you would have expected. It sounds like a nap will help for sure.

    Rita - nice words from your ex DIL.

    Margaret - beautiful photo and painting. Pine cones are tough you did a great job.

    Kelly - your new Grandson is as precious as the other two. I love your self-care word.

    I contacted my Mom’s first cousin to ask if she knew why my Grandmother had to have a hysterectomy later in life. She wasn’t sure and no longer has her Mother’s diaries to look. I found out she is recovering from Stage 3 breast cancer. I’m not sure exactly how old she is, I think around 76-77. Both of her daughters battled it in 2016. It was nice to hear from her.

    I slept in until 1030 this morning and then had a nap from 130-3. I am so tired.

    I have invited our eldest daughter and her family for supper tomorrow so that we can celebrate Michaela’s 6th birthday a day early. I need to go buy a cake in the morning.

    Tracey in Edmonton, it’s Finally only -8!
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    Machka9 wrote: »

    Later, we might go for another bicycle ride. :)

    M in Oz

    We did!


    M in Oz

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    Thank you for keeping this wonderful group of ladies together into a new year.

    I am focusing on consolidating the habits I have developed.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Morning ladies
    Today is my sons 37th birthday, cant even believe it.. It will be a quiet day I dont think he celebrates he used to throw hinself a party at a local restaurant up until a few years ago,but with this crazy stuff going on.. we are all just staying put..
    His present from me for Christmas and Birthday was the car.
    Today I'll get my lazy butt up and hop in the shower and put fresh sheets on the bed.
    Maybe go look for some nice flowers for Elena's birthday she will be 60 on Tuesday.