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    Then we came back to our house and my son ordered pizza. I think they were snowed under with orders and short of drivers. It eventually arrived OK and we all enjoyed eating round our dining room table together ❤ 😄 AF wine was served.
    I got tense waiting for the food and then I found that the clothes I had bought for Edie for Christmas were too small. My son said he would return them to the shop, so I had to find the emails as I had thrown all the packaging away. He was meant to tell me earlier 😔 My DDIL had nagged him.
    Then I had a long discussion about the cruise and they advised us to cancel. Then write to the CEO to see if we can get our deposit transferred. I have gone off the whole idea. We still want to go on the Iceland one though.
    Then my son tried to sort out our old smart TV. The old Samsung thing didn't support BBC iplayer and Netflix. He managed to retrofit the Firestick, from the other tv, which had a bit of metal jamming up the connection. It's connected now. Now we've got to find all our passwords to get it started. Grrr!
    What fresh hell is this?

    Anyway, all that, plus Bea dismantling the tree decorations and spreading potted plant leaves everywhere, plus chimney soot on my lovely rug and sofa, just about caused my poor back to spasm with tension.

    I think a nap is in my future, having woken up at 5. Went to bed at 1.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

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    Carla my sister and niece also live in Lakeville! I taught in Rogers. We have a place in Walker but we are now in Arizona. Small world 🌍

    Thanks for getting us started Barbie ☺️

    <3 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Back to tracking my food again after stopping a few months ago- Intermitten fasting to start again too.
    Got on the scale for the first time in months too. 153.8 which is 13 lbs higher than the first time I weighed myself at the beginning of last year. That was after being sick in bed for two weeks with covid and loosing my dad. Time to put more time in caring for me- something new to me.
    I am still going to Zumba twice a week. Need to do more.

    Dinner last night ended up being Popeyes fried chicken that dh brought home instead of the ravioli and home made sauce I had made. No room in the fridge for that big box of chicken and sides- sent the sides with son and his girlfriend. Did keep the biscuits and had two.
    Ravioli and salad tonight.

    Fireworks were a lot less this year- they did start at 6:30 but were done about 12:30- that is when I stopped reading. Watched them from bed- DH was asleep long before midnight.

    Got a text from hubby #1's dad early this morning. Letting me know that he was making a big pot of the Lima beans I had sent him in his Christmas gift. They are speckled Limas that my dad grew and Carl really loves them so each year I send him some and he is more thrilled about them than the sweets I send him. I am so happy to have all of them back in my life. Chat with them often, yep, even #1-(we talk all the time).

    No plans for today that I know of.

    Have a wonderful New Year's Day Ladies

    Napa Valley,CA

    edit: plans for dinner changed again- dh wanted the ravioli for lunch so quickly cooked them. No salad to go with them beings I need to stop at the store while we are out for some. He wanted them now because he plans on going out to dinner and a movie with a friend.
    Trying to log my portion but I guess too many others are doing the same thing- just looping and looping- I will write it down and try later.
    Guess I will have my salad for dinner while he is out
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    I heard someone say, "Watch what I do in 2022!"
    I think that will be my mantra 💪
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    Kelly- Funny that we are ob the same wave length! I too thought "SELF" sounded selfish, but we must be our best selves to care for others!

    Welcome to the new ladies!
    Congratulations to the scale and NS victories.
    Courage to all of us as we work toward our goals especially the ones outside of our comfort zone!

    Home in Ohio now. Laundry going. Will tackle a few paper and to do list items. Then will post a few pics for y'all.
    Kylia in rainy Ohio
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    I was struck by the phrase "joy in the waiting" as I feel like most of my life since March 2018 has been waiting. And I'm not known for my patience.

    Machka in Oz