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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Debbie -

    what a small world we ate at Mimi's near the solano mall. We should meet.


    Drove right past there Thursday- we were at Hobby Lobby then Barne's and Noble
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    Winter came back to Ohio with a vengance! Down to 27*F, last night's low was 45*F. I am curled in bed with weighted blanket, comforter, and warm teddy bear!
    I will take your advice on exercise and stay with intro for awhile.

    Kylia in Ohio trying to get warm
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    Tracked again today. I know it will take a while to get back to find a balance- Last night I was under 1000 so had a little maple pecan fudge I made.
    Today, even with a piece of fudge, I am at 850. Trying to level at 1100(supposed to be 1200 but keep it a little under just in case I am not tracking exactly right, like when there are 4-5 different calories for the same thing). Before bed, I will get it up but not up to 1200.

    Added a banana and a bowl of popcorn- that is it for tonight
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    Rebecca when in doubt pinkie out 😉

    Ooh nice! I will remember that!
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    Kylia- I love that you are friends with your ex. I consider mine my best friend. We were Jr. high sweethearts- had no kids and lost touch for 25 yrs but reconnected and text every day.

    Kim- we just drove through Fairfield twice today- went up to Vacaville to the Asian market up there. Where did you have lunch? We don't eat out very much, well, I don't, dh goes out often with his friends. They were at Applebee's last night. We did go to a little Mexican place in Fairfield on Thursday(had a coupon so wanted to try it- wasn't impressed)

    Napa Valley CA

    Oooh in Vacaville there's a Chinese place in a little strip mall on Nuttree and Elmira. There's a gym there too. It was on the end with the gym on left side of complex and their restaurant on the other! The gal there used to give me bag of fortune cookies to send to my eldest Navy son. I used to visit with them, nice people. I was the gal from "Fresh & Easy store" I was the stores sample lady on the pretty pink bike. Golly, I miss that town!
    Rebecca (homesick for Vacaville)😔
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    Good morning! I had a very dream-filled night, including my first boyfriend, Oprah, and introducing my YS to my YS's family and himself. Go figure! :o I woke up half an hour later than usual.

    Hope to have a normal day, although it is a Bank Holiday here. Going to play a bit more with my book.
    We have the girls tomorrow for around 4 hours because it is an 'inset' day, (teacher training). I hope we will do some art and Edie will finish her decoupage rabbit she started well before covid. :p

    Salmon with fennel and leek in crême fraiche for dinner. Yum. Egg sandwiches for lunch. Double yum.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Chose well: Joe, 143.1, wii, readings, osteo back, BP, livestream church, dogs to powerline, steps >7400, CI<CO, mfp50+, H20x8
    Bonus: budget and bequest committee FaceTimes, veg prep
    Workin’ on it: Not sure I like new, tweaked spreadsheet, may revert.
    Happier January 2022
    3: do a kind act for someone to brighten their day: call S doggoneit!

    Didn’t give myself that manicure, but did enjoy 20 mins in the hot tub. Aaah.

    Welcome @dtsylist in WA! We’re looking forward to getting to know you, too!
    Julie your New Years celebration sounds lovely, right down to the tisane after glow ;)
    Kylia tracking your and SIL’s time will bring you clarity. Does it have to be secret? Could there be a common/public/visible time tracker to bring clarity to your DH and SIL too?
    Debbie beautiful speckled limas, yum!
    Maryann in UK, thanks for the pic, :love: those pooches.
    Tracey :love: the birthday princess pics.
    Machka congrats on the longer ride. Your and your DH’s smiles say it all.
    Heather glad your decision has brought you relief. Good luck with the CEO.

    Fierce winds brought change in weather. Temps tonight are 20F warmer than last night. All the hail is melted from the powerline meadow.

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
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    Good morning ladies:

    Well, I return to work this morning after bit over two weeks off. I admit, this cold morning I could just stay at home. Will ease into it-will leave this pm to go to my gym. Someone referenced maybe working part-time to work my way to retirement. My boss and I have discussed that, but I don't want a part-time salary!. Since I have nearly 15 weeks vacation on the books at any time, I started using three or so hours a week to get to gym three afternoons a week so I will continue that compromise.

    Glad to hear all survived the holidays. Yesterday met my Step son and family for a dinner at BW3 (I was down towards Kylia at the Fairfield Mall. It was a pleasant visit. Fitting in gift exchange with them and with my youngest son before leaving for Phoenix was adding stress for all of us. Went to Jake's last Thursday for lunch (he was on shut down) and then Tony last night. We all agreed it was still Christmas and we all appreciated the "less stress" present we gave each other.

    Off to the shower and start the day. Didn't get salad made for lunch last night so may just take some soup and easy stuff. Will get back on track tonight.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    The fireworks weren't too bad here, probably because right about midnight the rain came, and torrentially. I was fine with that.

    I slept well, and as I don't have any appointments today I let myself wake up naturally at 8:30. Nyx, my black girl cat, is very velcro this morning. She woolsucked on the fur blanket on my bed while I got dressed and is now asleep across my lap. That won't last because I have things to do today. Including getting my tea and my morning meds.

    Today I have rice to premake for future Asian dishes. I put it up in 2 ounce packets so when I get it out I get exactly a serving, no more, no less. It's a bit fiddly to do, but I do like the convenience later. I also need to slice some steak and freeze it in marinade for beef with pea pods/broccoli/pepper steak type dishes. And I need to make more pico de gallo as Boyfriend ate the last of it on his tacos.

    I am also going to make orange streusel sweet bread for when I am incapacitated. I had the streusel left over and want to use it up. It's pecan streusel, so I can't just use it with anything. But orange and pecan are compatible. I'll probably make it in muffin cups instead of a loaf.

    Today's meals are chicken patty sandwiches, when people wake up and want food, and later on I'll make beef stroganoff. Boyfriend will have his on sliced zucchini instead of noodles.

    I need to make garlic bread but not until tomorrow as I have a very good recipe that requires a cold oven start. So it needs to be its own day's work.

    Otherwise, there's laundry to do and of course cats who require reassurance that they are, in fact the most silky, sweet, wonderful cat that ever was. (laugh)

    This is Nyx. Yes, she's sitting on the instructions. She's helpful like that.


    Alexandra in Indianapolis IN

    Your Nyx should meet our Rhody!


    Machka in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Woke up and fed Alfie and did my pill box,geesh thats a job in itself.
    Tracy going for PCR test today im sure she will be fine.. its coming down to the wire
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    I’m new to this community thing on MFP, so I am thrilled that I have located you guys. I am 56, retired teacher. I live in Young Harris, GA and am spending three months in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I am new to the “one word” idea and am still trying to decide what my word for the year should be. I’ve considered light, balance, or renewed…to name a few.

    New Smyrna Beach, FL