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    Bank holiday here so another free day to get some mileage in. My 2 older dogs did 2.75km with me and the younger dogs did 5.75km. Very chuffed that my total is now 21km towards my 100!

    This evening I was assessing the Bronze award at dog training for both hours. Quite a lot of walking in that, 1km per test... shame I'm only counting dog walks for my challenge 😂. Some lovely pups, but only 3 out of the 9 were ready to pass and move up to silver next week. I always feel so sorry for the handlers when their dogs start messing around. I know what it's like cos I've been there... I love dogs with character 😍 Some of them have improved no end but just not enough. 😢 The 3 that passed were paw perfect. 😇

    Back to work tomorrow. After 10 days off it'll be very strange to be back in the office. I wonder how many emails will be waiting for me...

    Loved all your comments and photos. Have a good day everyone. Catch up tomorrow. Goodnight
    Maryann in UK

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    Made it through first day back to work somehow. My attitude was not good!
    So early today one of my division managers wanted to know if I was basically going to close us down and send nearly all of the staff back home to work due to the Covid upswing. Don't get me wrong, I hater the current and would love to stop it. However, the fact is in the last two years we have not had one case traced back to our workplace. She said as an employer I should want to take care of people. I basically ended up telling her that it looks to me like the best way to protect them was make them live at work 24/7 since the people who are getting it are all reporting outside activities (she also has a significant number of her direct management team and staff who have chosen not to vaccinate.

    I am really getting tired of trying to manage this quagmire. However, I have the public to worry about (we are a public service agency) and county commissioners who are pretty conservative and not sure about this whole working from home thing, I have kept it balanced so they are willing to let us have a hybrid schedule now and going forward, but if I hit them with sending almost everyone home right now it will probably make them want to take away any options.

    Just needed to get the rant out. Also, I suspect the UTI is impacting my attitude. Will work on laying low until I see doctor on the 14th

    @herronisland -I am not good on all of the instructions but a couple of the ladies are. To find this thread easily just click the little tag at the top right hand corner near the thread title. It will turn blue. When you come back to the main page, on the right hand side of screen you should see listing of options and one of them will be your bookmarks. Click that and it will take you to this thread (or a list of this and any others you have bookmarked.

    All this talk of putting away Christmas decorations has motivated to get the few I put out this put away-since that will work better if I put down the computer and actually move off the couch-that's what I'm off to do.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Welcome Karleen- I love New Symrna. My husband's family use to have a place in Edgewater.
    Ginny-it would have been nice to meet up! Maybe next time.

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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Happy New Year for January 2022!

    THANK YOU, BARBIE - A fresh start and keeping us together is the greatest gift.

    Tracey - The climate here is not harsh and the bird feeders keep the hummingbirds healthy and happy all year long. When we went on our trip to Virginia in November, a neighbor kept the hummingbird feeders ready to go.

    Karen in VA – Happy New Years to you, too! I like the notion that we’re all sisters. It puts a smile on my face.

    Rebecca – Congratulations on your weightloss. :star:

    Rori – Renewal is an excellent word for this year. Happy 2022!

    Machka – I love the cartoons you posted. Wonderful! Congratulations on your bike ride! 64.4 km is impressive.

    Rita – Thank you for the rainbow!

    Sue in WA – We had snow yesterday & last night. This morning the snow is gone.

    Alexandra – I love the photo of your kitty. Nyx reminds me of my best kitty, from long ago. Peter Cat was a female that I got at an auction my freshman year in college. :heart:

    Undecorating Christmas is about half done. The ornaments are in the garage waiting to be put into the garage attic. I will haul the boxes up to the attic by a rope. I doubt it will get done today.

    Katla in rainy NW Oregon

    I appreciate your kind words and support.💖👍. The snow has melted, husband got his (new lenses/ old frames) and he looks pretty dapper. I shall attend the gym tomorrow. Its been a spell!
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    bwcetc wrote: »
    Rebecca ... your Arizona canyon formation is going in the right direction! Yay you!!

    Welcome ... to all the new ladies. I'm 59. Today was my first official day retired (I'd been on disability the last few months due to a broken leg). I'm married (husband is also retired), have one son, 24, who lives at home and one son who is now in Heaven. My life has changed direction tremendously this past year and I now have all the time I always said I needed to focus on my health ... discover anew what my passions are ... and more. I have successfully kept nearly 50 pounds off in the last several years, but still have 50 more to go. I focus on one healthy meal a day and use time restriction (intermittent fasting) to keep things in control. 20:4 (fasting hours:consecutive hours for eating).

    Tracey ... that's some awesome balloon!

    Got all the Christmas decorations down today and mostly put away. Two boxes left to take to the basement, but son will have to help with that. It was a beautiful, frigid day in my neighborhood. The sun was shining and the air just sparkled. My favorite kind of winter day.

    Beth near Buffalo, NY

    Yes it is!!!😊😂
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    I just paid for the full membership after using the free version for years. I'm going on 69 and need to lose 12 pounds. I can't find instructions for anything on the website or app - starting with how to bookmark articles! Thanks for any help (now where and how will I find responses to my post? - I don't know what I'm doing. PS About to eat six ounces of baby carrots and a diet ginger ale - it's 3:00 pm and I'm starving.

    I don't have a phone, just use a tablet. When I read posts and look up to my upper right, I see a bookmark that's not lit, (just means I have read beyond my last bookmark). So I click it on and click the "add bookmark". Then after I am done reading, I go to my bookmarks listing area in my tablet and delete the old one. I never bother bookmarking on here. That's how I do it.👍
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    Hi, all! Well, I have had my presurgery testing and at least the EKG looks fine. Had an opportunity to ask about wearing the hairpins and actually puzzled the hospitalist giving me my presurgery talk. He had to go ask the OR nurses. Consensus was, no metal hairpins. Okay. I can tape my hair. It's just an involved enough thing to tape my hair that I didn't want to do it if I could run the normal knotted bun and three hairpins instead. (Hair is long enough to tuck into my underwear; handling it during surgery/recovery is something I get to think about.) That's the 19th; I'll be spending next weekend doing precooking so that there are plenty of food options available for when I'm overnighting in the hospital/home and recovering.

    Alexandra in Indianapolis

    My hair is really long too. For surgeries, I put it up into a high pony tail (a 2-step process) and let them tuck it into the surgery cap, or I put it into a braid. 2 braids might work better.

    Machka in Oz

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    Well...it's been so long since I've posted that I can't remember how to respond to someone else's post!

    Meg...I had the main level of my house painted over the summer so I can understand what you're going through!! Every night I had to clean after the painters left! I was very happy with the outcome and hope you are as well!

    Mary in Rochester, NY
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    Dtstylist. Welcome. Are you possibly a hair stylist?

    Lisa – you have such a way with words

    Worked today, then bowling, ceramics at night

    Was raining pretty hard when I left for work and was it ever cold!

    Annie DE – Denise (Milford) is supposed to get 8-12 inches today according to Weather.com. As far as I am concerned...she can keep it

    Tracey – Michaela is so adorable, especially with the balloons

    Have eye MD appt tomorrow so I need to leave work by 9:30. I’ll just go in earlier

    Karleen – welcome! We own a condo in Titusville. Maybe we can meet when we get down there.

    Sandy – welcome

    Beth – ain’t retirement grand?

    Eileen MS – glad to have ya here

    Need to get ready for bed since I plan to get up early.

    Michele NC
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    Welcome to all the new ladies! Fast moving, compassionate, encouraging, strong group of ladies. Bookmark at top ribbon turns blue for easy access. Please sign name (or nickname) and location so we can better get to know you. Join in as you feel like it, but dont feel obligated to reply to all!
    I am making at least January a month of Positives, Gratefulness, and little things. Positives were the three compliments from ladies today! It was nice to hear since the migraine had ne not feeling the best. Grateful to be surrounded by ladies who are supportive. Little thing was that my migraine meds finally took it down to dull roar at 3 this afternoon.
    No I didn't exercise today muscles and head said no. I am a little short on water.....I choose well for portions though. DH's leftover chicken fingers and mashed potatoes didn't agree with me. They made me sluggish and gave me indigestion.
    Today is done. That page is written. Tomorrow is a new day!
    Rest well all!

    Kylia in Ohio where winter at least arrived with sunshine today
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    Regarding the MFP forum:

    Think of the forum part of MFP as the roots of a tree.

    First you come into your Home page. That's the trunk of the tree.


    The first part of the roots are the things you can select along the top: Food, Exercise, Reports, and of course Community.

    We're going to travel down the Community root.

    When you click Community, you will find yourself in the MFP Community or in other words, the main page of the MFP Forum.


    Scroll down and you'll see several choices or branches off the Community root. Those choices are sub-forums. They help group topics of conversation.

    Choose the Motivation and Support Subforum.


    Within the Motivation and Support Subforum, you'll see many threads. Each thread is a different topic started by a member of MFP.


    Scroll down until you see our thread here and click it to open it. Within the thread are many posts or comments each of us has made.


    We can easily find our way around this root system by "Bookmarking". See the blue "Bookmark" next to the thread in the image above. I've clicked that to turn it blue and thus "Bookmark" it.

    If I want to find this thread easily, I can go to My Bookmarks in the sidebar to the right.


    There are other ways to get here more easily too, but this gives you an overview of how the forum is designed:

    Home Page
    >> Community
    >>> Motivation and Support
    >>>> This Thread

    And the right sidebar provides you with more navigational options, such as My Bookmarks.

    Also, when you post here, it's chronological. So it's good to scroll up a little to see if someone posted just seconds before you did. :)

    If you've got any questions, please let us know.

    Machka in Oz