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    B) Trying to stay chill while we're CHILLIN' in MN.
    Last day of Christmas vaca with the grands and we're all back to school tomorrow.
    Carla in Lakeville, MN
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    Hi Karleen! Welcome and keep coming to visit us. I am a 73 yr old retired teacher from Cherokee County Schools!

    Annie, I admire your zeal in starting the year off with exercise and good eating habits.

    Rebecca, your Navy son looks so young. I hope you will be able to see him soon for a visit. I also admire your adherence to interval fasting. Sounds like you are doing great.

    Welcome to all who visiting for the first time,

    Carol in GA

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    Thank you Carol!

    I did my two minutes of elliptical and some yoga. Yay! I was planning on three minutes but my knee isn't ready. The yoga was strenuous for me, too. I did advance to day 2.

    Plus I'm getting used to life without cookies and less chocolate. Yesterday we finished the last of the Christmas chocolate. Ever better!

    We have a beautiful snowstorm here. I'm not going anywhere. I may shovel a bit later.

    Welcome to the new ladies!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Going for a bone scan this morning then a haircut. Yesterday did some groceries, stopped at Dunkin donut to get a gift card for DS birthday, car wash, stopped at storage unit for an item, then Subway protein bowl for lunch/ dinner. Ate at 3 pm so counted for both.

    Only 2 weeks to my trip to TN! Can’t wait!

    RvRita in Roswell NM
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    Yesterday we took down our Christmas decorations in the snow. We put our tree in the garage to help it transition to outdoor temperatures. Today there are a few traces of snow and the outside temps are a bit warmer. I’ll be moving the tree to its regular spot in the yard in the next few minutes.

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    The 🌲 is back outside. Temps are moderate and the tree should be happy.
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    Morning ladies
    Woke up and fed Alfie and did my pill box,geesh thats a job in itself.
    Tracy going for PCR test today im sure she will be fine.. its coming down to the wire

    I hear ya! This is all Lee takes!
    Sometimes its just amazing to ponder I have filled this thing weekly since 2014! We do what we must do though! Hugs friend!
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    Happy New Year for January 2022!

    THANK YOU, BARBIE - A fresh start and keeping us together is the greatest gift.

    Tracey - The climate here is not harsh and the bird feeders keep the hummingbirds healthy and happy all year long. When we went on our trip to Virginia in November, a neighbor kept the hummingbird feeders ready to go.

    Karen in VA – Happy New Years to you, too! I like the notion that we’re all sisters. It puts a smile on my face.

    Rebecca – Congratulations on your weightloss. :star:

    Rori – Renewal is an excellent word for this year. Happy 2022!

    Machka – I love the cartoons you posted. Wonderful! Congratulations on your bike ride! 64.4 km is impressive.

    Rita – Thank you for the rainbow!

    Sue in WA – We had snow yesterday & last night. This morning the snow is gone.

    Alexandra – I love the photo of your kitty. Nyx reminds me of my best kitty, from long ago. Peter Cat was a female that I got at an auction my freshman year in college. :heart:

    Undecorating Christmas is about half done. The ornaments are in the garage waiting to be put into the garage attic. I will haul the boxes up to the attic by a rope. I doubt it will get done today.

    Katla in rainy NW Oregon

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  • Katla49
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    We've made some progress toward putting away Christmas decorations, but are not done. We have many boxes waiting in the garage. DH & I use a pulley system to haul them up into the garage attic. I climb up the ladder and send a rope with a hook down. DH connects the box to the hook and pulls the boxes up one by one. I put each box in its spot. I'm hoping we can finish this in the near future.
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 43min 15sec, 55elev, 83ahr, 97mhr, 3.00ap, 5.17mi= 496c
    Strava app= 624c
    Walk to gym- 10.48min, .53mi= 58c
    Strava app= 65c
    Elliptical machine- 36min, 4incl, 3resist, 127ahr 141mhr, 2.72mi= 306c
    Walk gym to home- 10.30min, .52mi= 60c
    Strava app= 63c

    920. total cal
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    Happy New Year to all of you. We had a quiet evening in. Had raclette, watched the ball drop in NYC at 9pm, and then watched a couple of Seinfeld episodes hoping to stay awake till midnight. It worked, surprisingly.

    I don't have a word or resolutions. I just try to do my best all the time. My sisters and mother gave me a digital photo frame and we've put many photos onto it...even from the way back machine. I'm realizing that maybe I should resolve to buy some new clothes. I keep seeing my current wardrobe many, many years back in those pictures. Many of them look truly awful on me. Sometimes, I wish I had a professional wardrobe person to dress me.

    For all of you tea drinkers, what is the difference between English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast tea?

    Tina in CA
  • Hi, all! Well, I have had my presurgery testing and at least the EKG looks fine. Had an opportunity to ask about wearing the hairpins and actually puzzled the hospitalist giving me my presurgery talk. He had to go ask the OR nurses. Consensus was, no metal hairpins. Okay. I can tape my hair. It's just an involved enough thing to tape my hair that I didn't want to do it if I could run the normal knotted bun and three hairpins instead. (Hair is long enough to tuck into my underwear; handling it during surgery/recovery is something I get to think about.) That's the 19th; I'll be spending next weekend doing precooking so that there are plenty of food options available for when I'm overnighting in the hospital/home and recovering.

    Unfortunately, the car got a flat tire on the way to the breast reduction appointment. The next available is in April. But when I called I got told that I do need to do physical therapy and to take that up with my PCP, so I can work on that this week, and now that I know what's going on I can just get that, work on strength training and, as I had planned, focus in on my diet and lose a few more pounds between now and then.

    I now have a game plan, and can go with that. So tomorrow morning I will get up and go work out. I seem to do best if I just get up, swallow meds, put on clothes, and go do it fasted. If I hang around the house much I get distracted by doing stuff, or I've just eaten and don't want to lift right after eating. I come home, I eat my usual breakfast, and get on with my day.

    Tomorrow afternoon I have to take Girlfriend downtown to the hospital to get her labs drawn, but that is not a big deal; we've done it before. I'll take my Kindle with a couple books on it and sit and read in a mask.

    Elder Son is going out tomorrow to sign up for college classes to get a degree in HVAC. He got one in welding, and discovered that he likes to weld for fun but not for work. And I believe you should do what makes you happy, if you can, so I support this. He is still paying rent and helping out and so that is good. My boyfriend mentioned last night how much he liked having him here and how well he fits into the family. I'm fortunate because I like both the men my sons have become, and they like me, and get along with my partners. (They don't get along so well with their father, but I left him for the same reasons they don't get along with him.)

    Alexandra in Indianapolis

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    I have been skim reading posts but my brain is too tired to do many comments.

    Julie: Good to see you posting again. Glad you had a pleasant Christmas with friends.
    Lisa: I know what you mean about getting your peace and quiet back. We love to have them stay, but it’s good to see them leaving at times 😂
    Heather: Good decision on the cruise.
    Allie: Keeping you and Tracy in my thoughts (((Hugs)))

    So many others but I have brain fog 😂

    Love all the photos and cartoons

    Miele failte to our new folks. We love new people joining.

    (((Hugs))) to those who need them.

    ☘️ Terri
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    I just paid for the full membership after using the free version for years. I'm going on 69 and need to lose 12 pounds. I can't find instructions for anything on the website or app - starting with how to bookmark articles! Thanks for any help (now where and how will I find responses to my post? - I don't know what I'm doing. PS About to eat six ounces of baby carrots and a diet ginger ale - it's 3:00 pm and I'm starving.