Anyone seeking an accountability partner?

I am a 53 year old mom, grandma & paralegal trying to kick the habit of yo yo dieting. I need an accountability partner to keep me consistent with planning healthy meals, portion control, walking every day & stop late night snacking! If anyone is looking for the same, let me know ☺️


  • I’m looking for the same! I’m 51 a mom of 2 girls and my first grandbaby due in April 🥰.
  • JarheadSFMF
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    Hi there! I'm in. 51 (52 in a couple weeks). Marine Veteran. I've lost 87lbs so far but struggling lately to keep motivated. Used this app/site for a few years. Just don't use the forums much.
  • annliz23
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    I am 59 need to lose the last 10 lbs getting there slowly add me if you want. Good luck I post most days.
  • clarinetmom24
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    I am 48 and mom of 4. I just started in here as well and need to loose 50 pounds. It’s overwhelming but I need to do it.
  • AlanM_1974
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    47, UK, feel free to add me 😊
  • thompsjared03
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    Right here!
  • 31 M, but we can help each other by holding accountable :smile: Please add me
  • 57 year old grandma of 6 here to be added for accountability. Best of luck everyone🙏
  • agDavis84
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    everyone feel free to add me, I will give support.
  • chuck6w
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    Hi,welcome🙂 I’m 56, working on making healthier choices and walking more. My goal is to loose 50lbs this year.
  • Hi! It definitely looks like the 50+ group, so I’m in! I’m a home health nurse and mom to 5 kids. I’ve gained weight the past few years due to hormones and stress and I’m looking to loose 50 lbs as well. I’d love to have an accountability partner too. You can add me if you like. Thanks and good luck with everyone’s weight goals!
  • Shaggy_Dominic
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    Hello Amy and all here on this post. Please feel free to add me as a friend and fellow encourager! 52 here and “winner” of a successful health life change journey. Always be encouraged and celebrate the many small successes.
  • SpinforCals
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    53 here and recommitting
  • veronicaNY35
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    Hi everyone i am also looking for accountability partner.

    i have a facebook group anyone will like to join and use that as a platform to keep each other motivated. i usually just post what i eat and when i work out nothing to fancy.
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    I am 53 and have been losing without logging or relying on outside support since last april after gaining a lot of weight due to medicines and illness. I am down 42.5lbs and at a healthy BMI, but still would like to lose some more to get closer to an ideal weight, and then maintain - both of which I find harder than the actual losing of the weight. Would love to check in with folks in a similar age group and on similar paths.

    I need to start exercising again more regularly and track food and drinks here. If I could figure out how to post a photo I would suggest we post photos of something from our walks when we check in, or maybe what we were listening to/thinking of/inspired by that got us out there
  • OleTroubadour
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    I think we could all use accountability partners (50 yo here). If you are 40+ and interested in fitbit challenges and things of that nature, just for fun, feel free to send me a friend invite. Best of luck to everyone here ... always remember ... no matter how many bad decisions we have made ... or how many times we have fallen off the wagon ... the next decision is the one that matters ... a couple good decisions in a row and we are on a streak ... we got this peeps!!!
  • rafaelaxxxx
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    hi guys

    im not in 50 group hehe can i still join you? :)

    43 and since i was 14 i started the radical diet/binge cycle. im now 76kg and have been 100kg, have been 50kg. goal is to be around 64/65kg.
    lately, with covid, ive been struggling to maintain a healthy diet, but i am not giving up. have been reading a self therapy book on food addiction and its really helping, i just need to stop with the self sabotage.

    also.... a question for the ladies: idk if its just me, but do you feel uncomfortable as you lose weight, that guys start staring at you when you are outside? i noticed that makes me feel uncomfortable as i
    lose weight around my waist. but maybe its just me :)

    hugs to you all!