Women 200lb+, Let's Be Majestic This March!!!



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    @CupcakeCrusoe your posts are always so encouraging to everyone! Thank you!
    @kenziestabes you're doing so awesome! I love that your co-workers do that!!! I can't do a push-up to save my life. Love the idea that you're doing dips!
    @Minxgill Welcome to this thread! This is a very supportive group. I started last July and just stopped MFP in February - got frustrated at myself - deleted everything - gained 4 pounds in that short time. First thing I did was get back in this group. I had to get a new username and everything, but my head is back on straight and feel better having started up again!
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    It's Wednesday woop woop!!!
    SW: 129.9kg 5th March

    6th March: 129.4kg
    7th March: 128.7kg
    8th March: 128.4kg
    9th March: 127.8
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    I had my first foray into cooking with tofu last night (I've had tofu before, just never cooked it myself).

    It turned out delicious and so pretty! Tofu stir-fry with red bell peppers, broccolini, ginger, and garlic over brown rice.


    Yum! That does look good and very pretty. I want to try cooking/making meals with tofu sometime too.
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    πŸ‘‰ cook less time consuming meals πŸ˜‹

    OMG I love that you put this! This is a problem in my household too!!
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    SW 230
    march 2 SW 230
    march 3 229.5
    march 4 227.4

    march 7 227.2 (it was a... not so good for my weight loss journey weekend so...)
    march 8 227.8 well THAT'S the wrong direction (although in all fairness, I forgot to weigh before I got dressed...)
    march 9 226 (phew better)
    march 10 225.6 slow but steady right?

    march goal weight 215
    GW 190
    UG 150-175

    Total March loss so far 4.4 lbs

    Wednesday was a father daughter day with two meals out. Went way over on calories but tried to make smart choices re nutrition - salad/grilled fish etc. Food is DEFINATELY love in our family. That's a hard thing to control after 54 years.

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    My weight isn't moving on the scale. I'm working out hard everyday, tracking everyday. I'm really trying hard but if anything my weight is going the other way. I know I'm building muscle but you would think the scale would still move in the right direction. I just feel defeated and angry. Does anyone else weigh in everyday? I have been, and I write my weights on a calendar on the fridge because I thought it would motivate me but if anything it's making me feel worse. I did lose an inch in my waist so that's a good thing but still. I have been working soooo hard you would think I would see more progress.

    I just came to vent. If anyone wants to be friends, add me :)

    This happens all the time! You have to keep on tracking and doing what you normally do while your body catches up. It's absolutely obnoxious, but you have to keep on keeping on.

    If the fluctuations on the scale drive you nuts, get an app like Happy Scale that smoothes out your fluctuations. Mine syncs directly with my scale so I don't ever look at the "real" number - I look at the Happy Scale number.