Exercise at home

Hello! For the people that work out at home..who are some channels you follow on YouTube or any apps to try? Thanks!


  • LadyInTheArena
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    I love home workouts! All of the Axiom mobile apps are great- one time purchase too. I don’t usually like subscriptions, made an exception for MyFitnessPal 😀
  • capgordon7741
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    Look up Joe wicks on you tube brilliant
  • bumpbreakcar
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    Fit on is a great app, free lots of options

    Chole tings (body weight)

    Vera Laro (dumbbells)

    Mr & Mrs muscles (HITT)

    And8 fitness (Dance)

    Fitness Marshall (Dance)

    I also look up Pilates, I haven’t found a go to for that yet
  • ChrisCatMama
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    Hi! I use darebee.com for most of my workouts and exercise ideas. They have a lot of workouts that you can print out or just download.
  • ErinKeegan2
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    I use daily workout - home trainer
  • fritzbustillos
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    Got a pretty varied list but I generally follow:

    Athlean-X - Some useful information on prehab and 7-10 min ab circuits which resembles Muay Thai/Kickboxing/Boxing routines.
    Juggernaut Training Systems - Powerlifting
    Barbell Brigade - OG Powerlifting.
    Omar Isuf - Another OG on lifting advices, also got a show on HISTORY.
    Martins Licis - Strongman.
    Jesse Enkamp - Karate nerd, Shotokan Karate base.
    Stephen Wonderboy Thompson - Still Karate related.
    fightTIPS - MMA
    MMAShredded Jeff Chan - MMA
    Tony Jeffries - Boxing
    Gabriel Varga - Kickboxing
    Global Triathlon Network - Triathlon (swim,bike,run). Planning on hitting a duathlon this year assuming there wont be any lockdowns.
    The Running Channel and The Run Experience - General running.

    As for apps:
    Strava - Logging mileages and heart rate on workouts.
    Zepp Life (MiFit) - App for my smart band, syncs everything from sleep, workouts, stress, to heart rate.
  • teamgiff4
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    Sunny Funny Fitness- Funny dance workouts
    Vivian Yuan
  • texastapdancer
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    I use Beachbody on demand but I've tried many YouTube workouts. Try a search for whatever workout you'd like and see what's out there. That's how I usually do it. I like to change it up a bit. I get bored with the same thing everyday. 🙂
  • slade51
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    I love home workouts! All of the Axiom mobile apps are great- one time purchase too.

    I’m glad someone else likes these. The dumbbell and six-pack modules got me through a year of gyms being closed, I added barbell & bodybuilding. It’s easy to jump among them from within the app. But you have to create and log exercises separately in each one, and there’s no single database to show combined progress. I didn’t try their C25K because I was already using one of these:

    For walking/running/hiking/biking, Runtastic, Runkeeper and the MapMyFitness apps are all good - I stick with MMF because of the MFP connection (I really tried to like Strava because my buddy uses it, but I didn’t care for it).

    I wish the MMF strength workout logging was better or I’d keep everything on the same platform, but they seem to be putting their effort into videos. If you like following videos, try a few of the free HasFit ones on YouTube.

    I like Liftin’ because of AppleWatch integration (but the subscription got too expensive), and I now use RYSE (free and more on the social side, but there are many workouts shared).

    Stacked (from the Bigger, Leaner, Stronger books) is free, but unstable and I’m not sure if there’s a android version. I wouldn’t bother with this.

    I was not a fan of Apple Fitness+ I used it for the free trial, but noped out of $10/month. I’m more of a “do the workout” instead of “watch the video” guy.

    Many, many apps claiming to be free are actually crippleware that you have to subscribe for more than a handful of workouts.

  • fat2thingirl
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    Hi! I love the Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone videos :) Also, I like MadFit, and I use other vidoes from other channels but I can't remember at this moment the names! I like the ones with BTS music in the background haha, oh and Blogilates is good too. and the 10 minute solution vidoes! and just searching for whatever exercise I'm feeling like atm and trying out new ones from new channels :) (these are all youtube videos)
  • sammygeorge83
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    I use MadFit on YouTube
  • RaquelFit2
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    These are the ones I've been using recently:



    Also love MadFit and big Jessica Smith fan.
  • WantHealthyHeart
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    Two of my YouTube favorites are (1) Team Body Project and (2) GrowwithJo. I also use Gethealthyutv.com. They had a special for $12.99 for the entire year. You can watch it on all devices
  • Goodfelines
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    Leslie Sansone, Jessica Smith, Grow With Jo

    MadFit, XHIT Daily, Isa Welly (Pilates), Move With Nicole (Pilates)

    Yoga Yin, Bettina Rae, Brett Larkin, Shine On Wellness, Yoga With Adrienne
  • Star069
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    I use fitnessblender.com. tons of free videos, low cost programs if you want it built for you or a membership option that gives you access to eveeything.
  • age_is_just_a_number
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    I use Beachbody on demand and FitOn.
  • JolieSvelte
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    I have not found a channel I enjoy more than Team Body Project. Most of their videos are ideal if you are a beginner or you’re looking for something easy. The people who run the channel are a husband and wife team, Daniel and Alex. Daniel is really fun and he talks a lot during the videos. he’s very engaging and kind of funny which Keeps me interested. Alex is rather serious and her workouts are harder. They of course only put out videos rarely as they are trying to entice people to their subscription service. But there are a whole lot of videos on their channel now because they’ve been doing it for many years.

    I’m starting to grow out of team body projects workouts a little bit now because I’m ready for something harder, And because I have worked out to so many of their videos many times.I’ve been using a channel called Growing Annanas. Her workouts are pretty tough, but she does have some low impact options. She plays music during her videos and doesn’t talk at all. It feels more like a training session.

    I also recently discovered a channel called fitbymik. She has videos from between 10 and 30 minutes long, her workouts are a little bit tougher than team body project but easier than Growing Ananas. She doesn’t talk a whole lot during the video, but she throws in encouraging words here and there.

    As was mentioned before, fitness blender is another great channel. Their workouts can be challenging but they basically use moves that most people can do and you can kind of scale up or down the intensity of the work out. I don’t think they use a lot of music in their videos but the ones with the girl - she talks the whole time.

    I definitely recommend team body project if you were just starting out, or if it’s just one of those days when you wanna move your body but you don’t want to exert a whole lot of effort. Daniel is extremely motivating. He is always talking about how you are a winner and a warrior just for showing up and there’s never anything wrong with making your own modifications and listening to your body.
  • 4ConniesHealth
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    I use peloton app on my phone and I also like to use Hasfit on the pc.
  • llewdon
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    Used to distance run - half marathon training, did 10 of those - kept injuring myself.

    Needed a plan B so now I swim 45-60+ minutes a day or aqua jog, which I discovered when in PT for Achilles tendonitis which I did running - love the low impact of swimming. That really burns the weight away!

    Been doing this almost two years now. I had an aunt who did this thru her 80’s. Good enough proof for me!

    We have a pool that came with our house. Why not use it? Living in southeast Texas I can wear a wetsuit when the temps get colder. Pool is not heated. Occasionally I go to an indoor pool when it’s too cold outside.

    I do yoga, too. I also do light weights/resistance. Dumbbells and bands.

    Walk some. Bike outdoors some.

    I was given an Apple Watch two years ago for Mother’s Day. It made me realize how much I burn for some activities and not others. Swimming beats everything else!

    I have used Apple Fitness for instruction. Really like some of their trainers. I like how they have levels for adaptive, regular, and high.

    Love their HIIT guy Bakari. So positive! You can’t be in a bad mood after a workout with him.