Do you believe in ghosts?



  • SomeMFPuser
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    As my mom was dying, she was experiencing death-bed visions of family long, long, long past and was talking with them. She would quietly mention out loud who was there to see her. She shortly passed hours later.

    I for one believed she saw who she did.
  • Hiawassee88
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    A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. I don't want to step on any deeply felt principles. Ironically, it's far more acceptable to impress views of nothingness onto others. To be fair, that road should run both directions with respect for all.
  • honey_honey_12
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    I believe that it’s possible people experience unexplained encounters with what most call ghosts.

    I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts the way most people describe ghosts.
    You won’t ever catch me with a Ouija Board though, lol.

    Dimensions, I’m leaning more towards multiple dimensions.
  • kayhryngc
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    The Cowardly Lion and I agree exactly the same way......"I do believe in ghosts...I do.,.I do believe in ghosts.". The only time I feel it was a ghost was when stayed at a hotel traveling from Ohio to Nebraska. Kept turning to look in direction that kept seeing something. Each look brought more into focus until saw elderly gentleman sitting in plush chair. All who kept looking ( where I was looking) said saw nothing. Also, two different houses I lived in between 7 and 13, whitenessed two demons. I can still see every detail after 50 years. Was so scared to move, that I sat in living room staring at front door until the sun came up.
  • LoveyChar
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    I've never seen anything. But I know people who've claimed to see demons. I believe them. For me, I'm terrified to see anything I can't explain. Someone once told me that if it was a demon in my presence that it would show itself because demons want you to be terrified. Makes sense, but I don't know.