Less Alcohol ~ MAY 2022 ~ One Day At A Time



  • MissMay
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    @MissMay Love this "Don't be afraid to be STRONGER than the drink."!

    I need to stop trying to fool myself into thinking that I can monitor and limit my alcohol consumption on my own. It became a crutch, which then turned into a habit. I need to reduce & reverse this crutch/habit, to something that pairs more closely with my fitness goals, lose weight, sleep better, exercise more, just feel better about my choices. <3

    So, I am back not only "lurking, a lot", but joining in by posting more, being accountable. Change is hard, but I am worth it! I am not going to go cold turkey, looking for more of a 50/50 ratio for now. Much better than my April, guestimate of 5/95 (AF/A) ratio. :s

    May 1: A
    May 2: AF

    Welcome back @looneycatblue it's great to see your user name back on this thread.
    YES you are definitely 100% WORTH IT.
    Love your reasonable approach to wanting LESS in your life.
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    So far ya'll are right in that this strain of covid is more like the flu for most people ... but it is interesting that everyone is responding differently and to different extents.

    Thank you all for your thoughts and concern. I'm feeling well ... slight headache yesterday and then poof it was gone. DH is under the weather but doing okay ... well enough to walk the dog. Watching his breathing since he does have asthma. Our 4 month old grandaugther has bounced back completely (the doc said just a few days Sun-Tues for her and they were right). My DIL sounds terrible but is starting to feel better. My son just started having symptoms and had fever during the night but is struggling through and doing okay. My pregnant daughter and her husband are still testing negative thank goodness.

    However, my sister an elementary teacher stopped by and said she felt terrible. We've not been around her for over a week. She took a test at school and she thought it was negative. She took a test at my house and it was positive. So she looked at the picture of her results at school and she had misread it ... it too was positive. She is running fever and not feeling well ... I'm monitoring her since she is immune comprised (cancer remission with cancer pill treatment now for 13 years after stage 4 cancer) + she is already not in good health.

    5/1 - AF
    5/2 - 2 wine
    5/3 - 1 wine
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    Hello! First time commenter and have recently decided to try to use MyFitnessPal to assist with my goals. I love the idea of drink less! A lot less pressure than sobriety and something that I would like to try. I don't drink excessively, I just believe the frequency of my drinking is slowing my progress. Bad habits from Covid (lockdown especially) has given me some bad habits and caused me to gain some weight I'd very much like to get rid of. Thanks for starting this!

    Welcome aboard!!! Your reasons for wanting to drink bless resonate with me so much.
  • Womona
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    @Lilylady3k hope everyone gets better soon!
  • globalhiker
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    Day 1- 2
    Day 2- 0
    Day 3- 2
    Day 4- 2

    The one thing keeping me from drinking 3 is that my rule is to buy only mini bottles. After 2, there is none left and that's where consumption ends.

    @thehealthyadventurer - l drink pure cranberry juice on ice, for the tartness and the anti-oxidants. Did you say you are in Australia? How fortunate. I saw a photo of the Whitsundays recently and convinced myself that should be my next trip and I should learn to snorkel there. One day when I leave my job and have time!

    There are a MILLION better things to do today rather than drink. Going out now for a walk in the 'hood to listen to the birds chirp.
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    @Womona A lot of good insights, right there. So true about "eating the elephant" one bite at a time... It really does lower the stress better than anything else, especially compared to fretting how big the whole thing is. But hard to do in the teeth of it. That strikes pretty close to home right now.

    @globalhiker Another tart beverage that is a gorgeous color for mixing is hibiscus flowers tea. Mexicans call it agua frescas or agua de Jamaica. A friend taught me to infuse tequila with it (also, gorgeous color) and I had so many flowers left over I tried other things. When you boil the flowers then strain, you get the "tea" which is the very concentrated agua de Jamaica and also the hydrated flowers which Mexicans use to make the incredibly delicious enchiladas Jamaica. A real treat! (Sautee flowers with a little onion and jalapeno for filling and use a rich sauce with cheese on top because the filling is tart. You don't want another tart sauce like tomatillo, for example.)

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! We love celebrating Latino cultural heritage, but it's definitely and Americano thing. In Mexico they don't celebrate it at all. :D Fun fact: It commemorates the fighting spirit of outmatched Mexicans who momentarily beat the French before ultimately losing at Puebla. It always seemed like throwing shade to celebrate a defeat, but then in Texas we celebrate a battle where Mexicans completely decimated Texans, so what do I know? I convinced DH to cancel a work thing tonight so we could have a date. Plan to order one drink. :drinker:
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    Goal: Limit 1-2 glasses per day; 12-16 AF days per month. Aim to drink no more than 2 nights in a row.

    May so far ...
    5/1 - AF
    5/2 - 2 wine
    5/3 - 1 wine
    5/4 - AF
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    Helloooooo Friday.

    Composed another big post yesterday while sitting at the windshield repair shop. My car was finished much sooner than excpected and when I got up out of my chair I accidentally closed the MFP site and there went my three paragraphs. Oh well......

    AF despite it all and had 3 different AF drinks while out socializing last night. I curbed my sweet snacking in the evenings drastically since I last mentioned it was becoming to routine after returning home from vacation.

    Keep your wits about you and think before the drink as we slide into Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • dawnbgethealthy
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    I am Dawn.

    I hit 19AF days for April.
    Sticking with my goal of 16-20 AF days per month for May
    Diary style.

    Sunday May 01 - AF - Mostly because it was the first day of the month : - )
    Monday May 02 - AF - That was a struggle, I felt like having a couple of drinks.
    Tuesday May 03 - 2-ish drinks. I had the last of the prosecco from the weekend, about an ounce lol. Then had a half of a drink from the freezer and topped it up.
    Wednesday May 04 - AF - Planned drinks Friday night before and after the theatre.
    Thursday May 05 - AF - I felt like having drinks, but waited since Friday is already a planned drinks day.

    Rolling total: 4AF out of 5 days.