Less Alcohol ~ MAY 2022 ~ One Day At A Time



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    @ahoy_m8 thanks to your idea, I discovered this site with several agua fresca recipes. I'll try them with a tiny bit of agave nectar instead of sugar. So excited!
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    @MissMay - Love your fun in the sun derby day hat!
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    @MissMay I also love the hat, very happy!
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    Love love love the hat!!!!!
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    It is snowing up in Kimberley this morning and has been for a few days. Just saying.
    It is still spring down in the valley here in Cranbrook, although we are finally getting the April showers to bring May flowers. Perfect for me personally, so that my seeds can set in nicely and germinate via rain instead of city water via the sprinkler : - )
    30 days until you are in Kimberley. Hopefully there won't be much snow left up that mountain by then. I guess that by then it will be very hot in AZ, so it might be a refreshing change for you.

    Banff (where you will run your marathon) is 2C today at 9:30 in the morning, but should be 8-10C by May 24th during the day and 0C at night. Last night there it was minus 4C. It is better to run when it is not too hot right?

    Weather girl out : - )

    Can't wait to see you a month from now!!
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    @lmlmrn so sorry about the dishwasher and the other aggravation!
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    @lmlmrn ugh first food poisoning, and then being talked to like an imbecile. Grrrr. Well it can only go up from Herrn

    @MissMay love the bonnet! Very cute and creative!

    @tmbg1 don’t fret about the full bottle, it happens. We’ve all been there.

    I had two glasses of wine yesterday for Mother’s Day, and would like to have had one tonight. However, I really want to get some AF days in this week. So, I waited to eat dinner, and lo and behold, the craving went away. I guess I was just hungry!!!! So AF tonight, finally!