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    Good morning beautiful peeps! It's rainy this morning and windy but we need some rain and this won't be enough. I've started logging my day and on my 6th glass of water, it's 10:50 am for me so doing good. It's a quieter day in my daycare so that's helpful. Have a great day, looking forward to a long weekend in Canada!!
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    Margaret! I have never seen peony tulips! They are GORGEOUS!

    Barbie, thanks for the spoiler lesson!

    OMG Lanette, gonna try this spoiler thing! (the rest of you can read it too... LOL!)
    DO NOT get me started on the "F%$#& virus that has us treating each other like lepers"!!! HATE, HATE, HATE IT! I won't tell you how HORRIBLY I was treated a couple months ago because I had a cold. A cold, yes, that MY "FRIENDS" wouldn't have thought twice about two years ago... but we're not "friends" anymore. Yep. And to quote a phrase, "that's all I'm gonna say about that" (before I start crying again).

    Rebecca, you just brought back the most lovely memories of my Gram. She used to do crewel work like that, with THOSE EXACT SCISSORS! LOL

    OH H*LL NO, Mary! I hate people like that. I'm so sorry. You really have a lot of work ahead of you to get ready before June 1! Woah. I just do not understand people who cannot take care of someone else's property. They'll be the first ones to scream if someone messes with theirs too.
    We were very Blessed with our renters IN AZ. Had the same ones for years and years and years before we sold the place.
    MN will miss you.

    Thank God Sue!!! I thought it was VERY interesting how the members took quick care of the shooter. The pastor himself took him out with a chair! WELL DONE!

    MFP really needs a LOVE icon for that meme Machka! Wish I could do all of that today, but it's back to work for me now.

    Carla, in MN
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    Rebecca - I love the beautiful simplicity of your wedding... The over the top of the current weddings I have been exposed to seems to miss the point.

    kim in n california
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    Mary - sorry your renters trashed your places. We have been quite lucky in our renters, only one who really left a mess. We have a small cabin that we rent to traveling nurses. They are usually here about 3 months and we live right across on the other side of the property so that probably helps. Good luck with the sale and enjoy AZ.

    Going to water exercise shortly and then a couple of errands before I come home.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Lanette no my husband and I are getting our property ready to sell. We really like it down in Arizona so we are moving our rental down to the condo that we bought and we will buy a house down there for us. The two rentals that we had up here our four bedroom house and studio cabin were both destroyed by the renters!! Their damage deposits will not even begin to cover the damage. We've got a lot of work ahead this week to get them on the market by June 1st. It took a full day to clean out the refrigerator. And I spent half a day cleaning the oven and stove top! I can't believe anybody lived like this!! The renter in the cabin used something like a paintball gun with Frozen paintballs and shot the front and side of the refrigerator around a hundred times, shot both of the metal doors several times, and shot holes in the walls and bathroom wood door. He was in the process of painting the mess he made on the walls when he decided to go over to his friend's house and play Russian roulette and lost his life. We've had a strange first week back in Minnesota!!
    Have a great day ladies!

    <3 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

    Mary - oh no! So sorry to hear this. Strange twist of fate the bad boy lost at Russian Roulette.... :*

    Hope the rest of the cleanup goes quickly and you can sell the property and make a nice profit.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Hi Bodenista welcome, we chat about everything (except politics and religion), and are world wide, join in where you would like, it is fast paced we'd love to get to know you.

    Kim in N. California
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    Afternoon ladies
    Well I took care of Miles and came home and took a nap.. my body needed it,well before I came home I went and spent time with my boy Homer..Tom and Elena leaving Saterday for Florida for a week so I will miss the little guy.. but boy he loves the sun down there.
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    I had to go home early from the pickup. My back was hurting, so I had to lie down on the grass in the park. DH supervised the girls while they climbed trees and huge boulders!
    Back at their house my hero kept them entertained while I took to the sofa.

    My son was taking Max and Edie swimming, so he deposited me at my house, while DH stayed with Bea. I ordered mushroom pizza. For some strange reason it was 2 for one (we usually share one) plus I got another discount for an offer! Got two top quality pizzas for £9.94. I opened a bottle of red wine. :o
    One thing I did manage to do while I was waiting for the delivery, was schedule a massage for my back for Thursday. All the hour slots with the woman my son recommended are booked up until June, but there was one 30 minute slot left on Thursday. I hope she will address my back.
    Enjoyed our pizza and watched an Icelandic film in preparation for our cruise.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

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    Bodenista wrote: »
    Hi I'm new here and I'm 54 so I qualify for this thread on that basis lol

    Is this a thread for just general chat about our day? I'm in the UK and would love to join?

    General chat with a wellness emphasis. :)
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