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    Yep Carol,

    Only three things I've done longer than education. Live, marriage, and mom-ing. I'm just grateful that I was able to drop into this position that allowed me to work from home once CV hit. My knees would NOT allow me to para anymore! Hopefully, I'm going to live out my remaining 4-ish years from my dining room table, looking out my back door, while raking in the moola for the district. I sorta love to be able to say that I am the only employee who actually pays for their own position, while bringing in additional funds for the district.
    Carla out!

    Haha- I am just the opposite- I have done education(taught preschool and have done licensed daycare for just over 40 yrs, married(this time)30yrs this Sept. and mom for just 24 yrs. - have lived longer than the rest though ;)

    Loving the features on my Fitbit but it is a bit off on my sleeping pattern this morning. I was up at 8:15 but the graph shows I woke up at 9:35 this morning( guess I am typing in my sleep)
    Most of the time it is close- does register that I am asleep when I am just laying down resting. I like seeing how much of each type of sleep they say I am getting. Deep sleep is very rare for me I guess.
    Also like the note to get moving every hour.
    Still figuring it out but it is so much better than the generic tracker I was using.

    Got up this morning and get a text from the daycare mom. She forgot to tell me that her dad is picking the girl up from school today so I am off. Nice surprise but would have been even nicer if I knew on Wed. as I am off on Thursday- Four day weekend for me.
    Going to go dead head my roses before it gets too warm, as soon as I finish my tea.

    Napa Valley,Ca

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    Vicki — TGIF!!! Have a good weekend.

    Rita — Both of my parents had dentures. They went to a denturist when they needed to be repaired or replaced. The denturist was a family friend. I hope things work out well for you.

    Tracey in Edmonton — DH is resting this morning. I am happy that he is getting needed sleep. He has an appointment scheduled with his doctor.

    My morning began with a telephone call from a neighbor who lives in a nearby floating home. He noticed that a fishing boat was sinking at the dock in our marina. I called one of our neighbors with the information. Both of us walked down the dock and saw the sinking boat. The owner of the boat was notified.

    St Helens, OR
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    Tracey - I have always used Amazon, KDP . They talk you through the steps, but there is quite a lot to get to know first. It's all there, but a lot of reading. It's free if you DIY. I am always terrified, but it works out alright in the end! Remember to start your first reading page on an odd number. I start the actual text on page 5. :p
    I am the least technical person in the world, so, if I can do it ............. :D Their new thing is hardback, which would be nice for your project. I might do that for my projected poetry book. Lisa also did it on KDP.

    My books are available on my author page, Heather Eyles. Read the blurb carefully to see if it's for you. Trigger warning. There are also my old children's books on there. :) Mostly remaindered. My recent books are also on Kindle.

    Back making progress. Slow progress, but going in the right direction.

    Lamb Tagine was heaven. It's from the Hairy Bikers first diet book.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Heather - thank you.
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    I'm going to get up and start cleaning as soon as the radio plays a reasonable song. Lol😊 Really the whole point of classic rock is to play songs I know, after listening to classic rock for fifty years!!
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    I found a new faux ice cream with half the calories! Yay! It's nature's promise coconut milk mint chocolate chip at 160 calories per 2/3 cup serving. Now if I can only count coconut milk as a vegetable!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Im sitting at my uncles wake.. sheesh is it loud,not a ton of people but still loud..
    Waiting until it dies down a bit to give my cousin her things..and then will go home..
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    Rita there is new technology for root canals involving lazers that is more effective at removing decay and saving the tooth. Not all dentist do this and it is not done in the canine world. So a dog with a bad tooth it is best just to pull it. This was discussed at the dog detox summit.
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    Tracey in Edmonton— DH has been seen by healthcare providers at our home. Today the person was Steve and he did a great job for DH. Health professionals have visited DH at home, usually about 3 days a week. We are very pleased by their skills, kindness & care.

    Sue in Missouri — I like long walks in the neighborhood on pleasant days. I haven’t been able to go to yoga classes, though. I miss them.

    Allie — So sorry for the loss of your uncle.

    Earlier today I got a phone call from a neighbor who told me that a boat was sinking in our marina. I called a good friend who went right down and got things stabilized.

    Just now Greg C gave us a salmon fillet for dinner. It was generous for him to bring a fresh caught fish. Greg is a long time friend who lives in a floating home down the road.

    DH is sleeping. He’ll be pleased to know we have a nice salmon dinner. 😊
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 53sec, 3.0ap, 67elev, 85ahr, 94mhr, 6.08mi= 543c
    Strava app = 694c
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    Worked then the soup kitchen then home and into the pool. Ahh...it’s so nice to be back.

    Realized that I need a new timer so went to Ollie’s where I got it before. They didn’t have any so I thought “well, Vince needs bananas anyway so I’ll try WalMart.” The only one they had was this teeny tiny one, there’s no way I’ll be able to see it without my glasses. So I thought “oh, the dollar store will have it”. Went to Dollar Tree. They only had this teeny one too. So thought “I’ll try Dollar General, hopefully they have something more substantial”. Nothing. So I came home, guess I’ll just use the one I have for a bit and keep looking.

    I have to renew my license this year and want to get one of those enhanced ones

    The guy was VERY late today making the delivery to BK. Jerry has to stay and put away things that they ordered. I was finished all my prep by around 9:45. I don’t mind taking Jerry home if he’s finished, but I have no desire to sit around for maybe a half an hour doing nothing so that I can take him home.
    I know Jerry wanted me to wait for him. Not going to happen! I was able to get home, get dinner prepared, yogurt in the IP, then went to the post office to mail a card to Denise (even tho we’ll see her about a week later. She’s so materialistic that she’ll want her card on her birthday. The first year she was a mother, I sent a shirt for PJ along with her card. She mentioned how PJ gets something, I just said “welcome to motherhood”. So now every year I send something small for PJ

    Previously, when we were up in DE, Denise gave us the excuse “I don’t know how to take the car seat out of my car”. This year since we’re coming up and staying in a hotel with a swimming pool that PJ can use, she seemed to be more willing to take the car seat out of her car for us to us. What can I say?

    Allie – so sorry about the loss of your uncle

    Michele NC
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    Carla I love Lakeville, very pretty area! My sister and niece live there. We're going to help my other sister move to Faribault next week. That's a nice area as well. We even looked for RV resort all around that area and everything was booked!

    Vicki I love hearing God stories 💞 what a great opportunity to touch others!

    We're still working hard and hopefully get most of it done by Sunday night. We have a little time Monday morning to get a little more done.

    Have a great night everyone!

    💞 Mary from Arizona/ Minnesota
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