What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • jsjentz
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    How easy it is to put it all back on... As a side note, great to see this post still going, considering the PO has been inactive since 2015 :hushed:

    I am so glad you said this about "putting it back on." I became a bit lax over the winter months, not working out as regularly and eating more cheat meals than normal. The weight started coming back fast!!
  • bojaantje3822
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    I prefer no comments at all on my body or weight loss but I can accept them from my mum and sister and from people I've known for at least 6 months who are themselves fat or used to be fat. Everyone else is a hard no, it makes me feel awful. And it can't be "you look good" either. It can only be "hey, you look slimmer/thinner" and "I see the lines of your muscles now!".

    "You look good" just tells me you're fatphobic because you didn't tell me I looked good when I was gaining weight and reached this number so you just hated the way I looked when I was fatter more than you hate the way I look now. I liked the way most of me looked at my heaviest and the one thing I didn't like was also there when I was only 5kg overweight.