Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • denyasarah
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    I realised that having gone up two sizes since the start of the pandemic, my now ‘fat clothes’ were getting tight and I just generally felt fat and heavy. My son had also put his mind to it and lost loads so I felt I either do something about it or keep going in the weight gain direction. Also no longer enjoyed clothes shopping etc .. horrible!
  • fatty2begone
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    Wearing this spare tire around my waist..ughhh, its such a downer. I feel like I have lost control of my belly. I don't have kids, but I look like I do. Oh, and I am built like my mother, and I dont want to be. :wink:

    My mom was a beautiful person, but I dont want to be built like her either. ;)<3
  • julietombs54
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    My clothes started getting tighter and I was removing my bra when at home as more comfortable. I refuse to buy clothes a size bigger as been there before and it is a slippery slope.
  • chuckees130
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    Lazz5k wrote: »
    when I realized... I'm in a size 10 pants.... and I was a size 2.

    I'd give anything to be in a size 10 pant. I'm in a 20 now but on my way.
  • texastapdancer
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    Mine isn't super exciting. I honestly just got sick of looking at myself in the mirror and being tired all the time. I decided to get really serious after I saw some pictures of me and realized that I had hit 200 lb... definitely my AH- HA moment. I did lose 40 lbs a few years ago on Weight Watchers but I've gained about 20 of that back. I figured I needed a change and here I am.
  • dougl004
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    2022 will be the year that you set health goals and finally meet them and some!! #Wecandothis
  • SunSetTraveler
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    I refuse to go out and buy new larger clothes so I have found myself taking a trip from time to time to good will..its cheap and made to easy..time to give those clothes back!
  • rjr123456
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    I have always been heavier than would be expected with my activity level. It used to be in the "healty" BMI range, but near the top. Then hitting my 50's, menopause, covid, less interested in running. A bunch of little things conspired and I was heavier and less healthy. Then during covid I decided that I should take my health seriously. Had a virtual appointment with a naturopath, and got some bloodwork done. I now had to admit that I was firmly in the "overweight" range, and had high cholesterol. Somehow that was a real shock to me. I really thought that was my AHA moment for life. I have always seen myself as a healthy person. I got on MFP, and did a bunch of reading about nutrition, and started running again (that was 2020, nothing else to do.) I lost 30 lbs, and brought my total cholesterol from 246 to 160. I really thought I would stay there for life. I got rid of all my fat clothes, and got a bunch of clothes I really like, 2 sizes smaller. But somehow after vaccines, eating out again, stress at work, and now a year and a half later I am right back where I started. The wakeup this time was because none of my clothes fit -- I was down to wearing one pair of stretchy pants with big shirts over the top. Finally had to go out and buy two pair of pants in my old size, and vowed that I will get back into all of my skinny clothes for good this time.
  • 3rdtimelosesit
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    Pain was my reason for change. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, pain will speak to you like nothing else will. After solving sciatic issues along with periformis inflamation I was left with psoas problems. These are your hip flexors and when they don't work properly you're screwed for walking or exercising. After 2 years of chiropractor and massage therapy I'm now exercising slowly to work on the psoas. It's coming along and some days I can get between 5,000-8,000 steps in. All these issues caused a 42 lb. weight gain over covid. This on top of already being severely obese. Things will improve immensely with weight loss. I have to lose weight to be able to move more.

  • ku140
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    I miss my level of fitness from before. I miss being able to put an outfit together based on how it coordinates, rather than how each piece looks on me. I miss my jawline. I don't like being the heaviest I've ever been. I'm just uncomfortable in this place.

    I finally am ready because I'm done having my babies and nursing. My body is MINE again so I can focus on calorie intake and exercise. I am focusing on cardio to lean out a bit, and then I'll start strength training as well.
  • Chowell0322
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    I had gained all the weight I had worked to get off and my clothes were getting tight. I also had a scare with my blood pressure. I love working out but it is not enough. I used this app before and had success so I am back again. I have already seen success since I have been back.
  • nsk1951
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    When I decided to take control of my life instead of drifting along taking the path of least resistance.
  • KL1887
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    I have a couple of ridiculously rare medical conditions and they completely changed my life. After trial and error with medications that lead to weight gain (think steroids) I figured I needed to control my weight because if I got larger then it would only exacerbate the medical conditions.