Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 197



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    @deepwoodslady Have they given you a reason for not letting you take the water pill daily at a lower dose?

    @quiltingjaine No they haven't said why it's just every other day but I appreciate being able to work it around travel because I literally pee every 10 minutes for the first 6 or 8 hours. My ankles and lower legs do retain fluid for sure as my heart struggles to push it through, but not nearly as bad as I see some older people swell. I'm also thinking the diabetes (kidney's) may come into play with that decision. I will definitely ask the cardiologist on my next appointment.
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    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015)
    UGW - 135
    2022 Goals — calories below maintenance, adjusted every 10 lbs; move more; eat mostly healthfully, no extremes.

    📆 History

    R172 12/27/21: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 181.1 (-.2). Ave calories 1721.
    R173 1/06/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.9 (-3.3). Ave calories 1376.
    R174 1/16/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (+.1). Ave calories 1469.
    R175 1/26/22: end weight 179. Moving Ave 178.4 (+.4). Ave calories 1580.
    R176 2/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 179.7 (+1.3). Ave calories 1594.
    R177 2/15/22: end weight 178.4. Moving Ave 178.3 (-1.4). Ave calories 1473.
    R178 2/25/22: end weight 178.8. Moving Ave 178.8 (+.5). Ave calories 1714.
    R179 3/07/22: end weight 178.2. Moving Ave 177.9 (-.9). Ave calories 1646.
    R180 3/17/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 179.9 (+2). Ave calories 1823.
    R181 3/27/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.5 (+.6). Ave calories 1762 (goal <1400).
    R182 4/06/22: end weight 180. Moving Ave 179.8 (-.7). Ave calories 1489 (goal <1400).
    R183 4/16/22: end weight 179.2. Moving Ave 179.3 (-.5). Ave calories 1482 (goal <1400).
    R184 4/26/22: end weight 180.4. Moving average 180 (+.7). Ave calories 1588. (goal <1400)
    R185 5/06/22: end weight 179.6. Moving average 180 (+/-0). Ave calories 1820. (goal <1400).
    R186 5/16/22: end weight 181.6. Moving average 181.4 (+1.4). Ave calories 1744. (Goal <1400).
    R187 5/26/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.4 (-1). Ave calories 1859. (Goal <1400).
    R188 6/05/22: end weight 181. Moving ave 182.2 (+1.8). Ave calories 1835. (Goal <1600).
    R189 6/15/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 180.7 (-1.5). Ave calories 1559. (Goal <1600).
    R190 6/25/22: end weight 179 (goal!). Moving Ave 179.6 (-1.1). Ave calories 1814 (Goal <1600).
    R191 7/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 180.2 (+0.6). Ave calories 1650 (Goal <1600).
    R192 7/15/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.8 (-2.4). Ave calories 1398 (Goal <1600).
    R193 7/25/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.8 (+/-0). Ave calories 1700 (Goal <1600).
    R194 8/04/22: end weight 178.6. Moving. Ave 178.4 (-.2). Ave calories 1932 (Goal <1600).
    R195 8/14/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (-.4). Ave calories 1779 (goal <1600).
    Feb. 2015: highest weight 218.2
    2015: end weight running average 178.2
    2016: end weight running average 147.7
    2017: end weight running average 148
    2018: end weight running average 137.2.
    Extreme elimination diet (doctor prescribed) for diagnostic reasons, very low calories, then boom! Gained 40 pounds.
    2019: end weight running average 176.1
    2020: end weight running average 183.8.
    2021: end weight running average 179.4.

    R196 8/24/22: end weight 177.6. Moving Ave 177.8 (-.2). Ave calories 1543 (goal <1600).
    R197 8/25/22: goals—eat below <1600. Keep moving! Enjoy the last days of summer.


    8/25 - 177.6
    Here’s to a successful new round for all!

    8/26 - 178
    I had an appt with a new internist today. Went well, and I like her. My bp is up slightly, so I’m motivated now to lose some pounds in the next 4 months to lower it (among other reasons) before my follow-up-on-tests appointment.

    8/27 - 179
    Whaaa??? Ok, whatever. Salt maybe. I did have some ice cream, but my total calories were still below goal. Have a great Saturday!

    8/28 - 178.2
    Beautiful morning here, and I’m off for a walk with Rory, my pup. It’s soup day—I’ve made a different soup every Sunday since the start of the year—so I’m trying to figure out which new recipe to try today. Fun! Enjoy your day, all.

    8/29 - 178.2
    Soup last night was zucchini and corn chowder—I used creamed corn and cut WAY back on the half & half the recipe called for, making calories per serving less than 200. It was delicious. But I did overdo it with snacks later. I don’t know why I get into crazy binges of meaningless food. We don’t keep any junk food in the house, but even so, I can find calories to ingest. Luckily I’m doing it less frequently, so there’s that. Ok, off to teach my competition obedience class and train my pupper. Have a great Monday!

    8/30 - 178
    I’m feeling very disinclined to do anything useful today.

    8/31 - 178
    Had some ice cream last night. Not really worth the calories. Oh, well.

    9/01 -
    9/02 -
    9/03 -

    Goal for 2022-2023 Progress


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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)
    Maintaining below 120

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    To Rnd 137 117.0
    To Rnd 147 116.0
    To Rnd 157 115.5
    To Rnd 167 119.4
    To Rnd 177 118.3
    SW RND 178 119.5 AW 118.7
    SW RND 179 118.0 AW 119.4
    SW RND 180 121.0 AW 120.4
    SW RND 181 119.0 AW 119.6
    SW RND 182 118.5 AW 118.9
    SW RND 183 118.5 AW 119.1
    SW RND 184 119.0. AW 119.9
    SW RND 185 118.5 AW 119.3
    SW RND 186 118.5 AW 119.6
    SW RND 187 120.0 AW 119.6
    SW RND 188 118.5 AW 119.3
    SW RND 189 120.0 AW 119.2
    SW RND 190 119.0 AW 119.8
    SW RND 191 120.0 AW 119.2
    SW RND 192 121.0 AW 120.05
    SW RND 193 119.5 AW 119.0
    SW RND 194: 120.0 AW 118.6
    SW RND 195: 117.5 AW 119.2
    SW RND 196: 121.0 AW 119.85

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    People say keto/LCHF isn’t sustainable. I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years with amazing results!

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    Up and down - just riding the waves of life. 🌊 🏄‍♀️ (My new mantra-3/19/22)

    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

    **Comments apply to previous day**
    SW 121.5 GKI 49!! (8/24)
    8/25 121.0 GKI 18.0 Yesterday was a good day, food wise. BFF’s SO is in the hospital and it doesn’t look good.
    8/26 120.0 GKI 8.2 Good food day yesterday - I wasn’t hungry for dinner so basically didn’t eat (or fix a meal!)
    8/27 118.5 GKI 8.5 Another good food day but shared a bottle of wine with BFF. Community pancake breakfast this morning-I don’t eat pancakes. LOL Eggs, bacon, sausage
    8/28 119.0 GKI 13 We had Great Greek yesterday but ate later than usual. No TMI x 2
    8/29 120.0 GKI 8.5 No TMI x 3
    8/30 119.0 GKI 8.5 Some TMI, roasted chicken breast and coleslaw yesterday for OMAD. I always have my protein coffee in the mid to late morning. **BFF’s SO was removed from life support and passed in the evening.**
    8/31 118.5 GKI 6.9
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    @enlightenme3 I understand refrigerator Jenga! Former neighbor left on Monday for a “short visit” to her father prior to 2 week cruise and “short visit to check on him” after the cruise. They will be gone FIVE WEEKS! She asked me to get some things out of the refrigerator that would outdate before they return. I had 4 grocery bags of stuff! WHY does a person buy 4 large squash, 3# of sour cream, 3 dozen eggs, 4 bunches of green onions - - - you get the picture? The occupants of the house are the 61 year old daughter and her 80 year old mom. This daughter needs therapy. She definitely has a multitude of issues! I’m so irritated!
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    Round 198 is posted. A bit early but lots on my mind right now. 🤷‍♀️

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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    30, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69: 158.1; R70: 156.5; R71: 156.3 R72: 156.3; R73: 155.2; R74: 155.4; R75: 156.1; R76: 155.6; R80: 153.2; R81: 154.3; R82: 154.1; R84: 156.5; R89: 156.7; R91: 160.1; R93: 159.3; R94: 156.1; R98: 154.5; R99: 155.9; R100: 152.8; R101: 149.7; R102: 149.0; R103: 149.0; R104: 146.2; R105: 146.6; R106: 144.6; R107: 146.8; R108: 147.7; R109: 148.1; R110: 150.1; R111: 154.3; R112: 152.6; R113: 151.7; R121: 153.0; R122: 154.8; R123: 153.9; R124: 153.4; R125: 155.6; R126: 152.3; R127: 151.5; R128: 151.0; R129: 151.0; R130: 152.6; R131: 153.9; R132: 150.6; R133: 151.2; R134: 149.3; R135: 149.5; R136: 148.4; R137: 147.9; R138: 148.4; R139: 151.9; R140: 150.4; R141: 150.4; R142: 144.0; R143: 144.2; R144: 147.0; R145: 145.7; R146: 145.9; R147: 145.9; R148: 146.5; R149: 147.3; R150: 146.8; R151: 147.9; R152: 147.7; R153: 147.2; R154: 147.0; R155: 144.7; R157: 146.1; R158: 146.6; R159: 146.3; R160: 150.2; R161: 146.7; R162: 144.6; R163: 146.2; R164: 147.3; R165: 146.3; R166: 148.5; R167: 147; R168: 148.4; R169: 151.4; R170: 148.9; R171: 144.8 R172: DNW; R173: 146.1; R174: 147.9; R175: 145.9; R176: 150.5; R177: 149.3; R179: 150.5; R180: 151.6; R181: DNW; R182: 150.2; R183: 152.9; R184: 153.4; R185: 151.3; R186: 152.3; R187: 151.8; R188: 150.9; R189: 152.6; R190: DNW; R191: 154.8; R192: 155.5; R193: 155.2; R194: 156.5; R195: DNW; R196: 155.7

    Last weight
    8/24 - 155.7

    Round Goal: 152lb Water goal: 90oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    8/25 - 156.1
    8/26 - 156.8
    8/27 - DNW
    8/28 - DNW
    8/29 - 158.5
    8/30 - 157.1
    8/31 - DNW - No hugs needed, knew it was coming. Full blown sick now. Hit me about 2pm ish yesterday. Started getting groggy, sluggish. The throat really started to hurt and lymph nodes swelled up. TOM coming in the next few days which is NOT helping me feel any better. I slept in since I know rest is important. No workout. Lots and lots of tea. Decided not to weigh because right now I need to focus on getting better, losing weight can wait. Plus pre-TOM bloat, despite expecting it, always throws me for a loop mentally. BF is on to the coughing stage of it all. Will monitor him through the day to see how he's feeling. We've had the same exact symptoms about 24 hours apart so it's a nice gauge to see how things are going for me and how I can prepare myself best. He's not really into herbal medicine and teas and won't really take the pre-emptive measures like I am, so if we both have to get sick, I'm glad he's ahead of me so I CAN do the herbal remedies and teas BEFORE it gets worse. Thinking of getting a curbside pickup tomorrow and sending BF to pick it up after taking truck in. Something is broke in what we think is suspension and appointment tomorrow to get it looked at before warranty is up. Unfortunately, not sure how long that appointment is so hard to schedule. And I know he won't touch honey (he's allergic) even if they're sealed for me if I just send him in (I'm almost out of it with all the tea!) Decisions decisions...

    Previous Day's Comments
    8/25 - All I can think of for the tick up is that there was a small portion of baked beans included in dinner. I was 480 calories under, 395 of them from exercise (and didn't under eat, total cals for the day were 1455). I fasted until around noon. Drank about 100oz water. I did say that it seemed if I sneezed wrong I gained. Last evening I was drinking my water when a sudden unexpected sneeze shot that water straight out my nose... At least it was just water. But I did gain. Hmmmm, maybe I'm on to something here... Found out that I will likely be traveling the week of Sept 19th to my work's HQ in Kansas. I'm working on preparing what I can do for food/exercise while I'm there. Plans not set in stone (few days vs full week, where I'm staying, etc). The hotels closest to the HQ both have fitness centers so hoping I can get into one of those. They are both within a mile of HQ so if weather cooperates, it's even walking distance for extra movement! I have a feeling food will be the challenge but that's why I'm trying to plan 3 weeks in advance: cover all my bases!
    8/26 - From celebratory dinner (sodium fest) and champagne! Fam closed on their first house yesterday!! I'm rather shocked the scale didn't betray me more but I don't feel as bloated and heavy as I expected to this morning, either. Woke up at 5:15 feeling really bleh so I turned off my alarms and woke naturally at 6:30. Since I don't have work today and BF doesn't get up until 8 and start work until 9, I have plenty of time to knock out the rowing workout this morning despite sleeping in a tad. Doc appointment in the late afternoon and then picking up my last photo print from the family photos (canvas one should arrive next week via shipping). Not much else planned. Not sure about posting this weekend so concert tomorrow night in town for me while Fam and BF go out of town for their fantasy football draft. This weekend is the county fair so tentatively planning to see the horse races Sunday with everyone. Should be plenty of activity but need to watch intake! EDIT: 20 minutes. 4 rounds of 4 min on 1 min recovery. Whew. Sweaty mess, good thing I have time to shower before heading to doc's
    8/27 - DNP
    8/28 - Went to the fair with Fam and Godkids Friday evening. Poor Goddaughter had the stomach bug her mama had Tuesday. Unfortunately, yesterday BF got it and was down for the count. He ended up quitting the fantasy football league all together (He and Fam were talking this was their last year anyway) but was still too sick for the concert. It was a great time but couldn't even get water and it was an outdoor venue (hello sweaty mess). Great activity levels, but I'm bloated and holding on to water like crazy right now. I bought some liquid IV went I went to the store for saltines and soup yesterday. Been chugging my water all day after waking up with a bottle of liquid IV to replenish today in hopes tomorrow doesn't look too horrible on the scale and my workout doesn't suffer. Unsure dinner but I'm going to research something I can throw together that isn't too hard on BF's tummy. I'm still okay but I was around Goddaughter and BF with it so I'm not holding on a lot of hope of avoiding it. Just trying to boost myself as much as possible in hopes its not as horrible as they had it (at least I have forewarning and already got all the things needed to get through it!). Here's to a new week and hopefully one without sickness!
    8/29 - No hugs needed, I'm still bloated and retaining water from the disappointing lack of water at the concert. Drank a ton of water and tea yesterday and managed to avoid the sickness so far. It also could be from the Activa yogurt I had yesterday. Testing a theory on my lactose sensitivites. Yesterday was lazy and ended up with a carby dinner which didn't help the scale any. Today's dinner is smoked beer can chicken according to BF. I know I have corn on the cob and asparagus for sides this week so one of those I'm sure will be used. I will base lunch off what I have leftover from logging dinner. Trying to eat a smaller dinner and larger lunch, too, so I'm not so full by bed. Getting prepared for my workout now. Won't say 'ready' because I am not at all ready. Mondays are hard, mornings are hard, I'm still battling my dehydrated-headache from the weekend (though it has gotten significantly better since yesterday!) I'm sure the workout will help it along, too, but doesn't mean I'm excited to do it haha! Good news is, other than labs, I got a clean bill from the doc. I had to go get labs done after my appt and she's going to get me scheduled if anything is concerning or send a little notice by mail if all is good. She's also getting me some meds that will help with lactose sensitivities. The Activa was an experiment as she's had patients that say that helps them with the side effects of lactose intolerance better than the meds. I didn't get stomach cramps so it didn't react like other yogurts, but I need to try another time when I'm not bloated and food is controlled better to see if it causes the same bloating other yogurt does. All doc-approved experimentation! She's the absolute sweetest thing, too. I really am going to hate when they get a doc in as she's just a temporary stand in nurse practitioner as my old doc (he was wonderful, too) retired. Ok enough procrastinating this workout. 20 minutes (5 min warmup, 5 min cooldown, 10 min hard row) and see if I have time for some yoga after is on the exercise menu for this morning. Then catching up on a long weekend of posts!
    8/30 - All that liquid definitely did help drop some water weight. Stayed under base calories (not including exercise cals). Late start this morning, fitbit wasn't syncing and battery died sometime overnight. I usually get a notification on my phone at 25% battery but it just didn't happen. It's my silent alarm so my backup alarm went off at 6:30 instead of my usual 6 and I went straight into workout to make sure I had enough time. 20 minute complete row (10 min workout with warmup and cooldown) and it had me sweaty. Sad I didn't have the heart rate estimate to calculate exercise calories so I have to be careful to stay at or under base calories today. Unfortunately I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, similar to how BF was yesterday. He had a fever on and off all day and definitely had one when he went to bed. I don't feel feverish, but I do feel sluggish. Can't tell if it was because I practically jumped straight from bed to the rower or if my body is forcing me to slow down a little so I don't overdo it. Overall, though, I think I'm okay. I also think I'm in the clear from the stomach bug which is what I was really hoping to avoid, especially if I'm down for the count for 2 1/2 days hanging out in the bathroom like FamWife, Goddaughter, and BF. EDIT: We both work from home so we are isolated no matter what. If either of us feel sick in any way, we stay home since Fam is who we hang out with most. Godson has the liver transplant so we can't be around him while feeling unwell. He has doc appointment Friday with transplant team about getting tonsils and adenoids removed so really can't be near since this appointment has already had to be rescheduled once. Hopefully they can get a surgery date set soon so the poor boy can feel better!

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    SW: 212, Jan. 25. I'm 5'6"
    1st Goal - 199 ✅
    2nd Goal - 179 ✅
    3rd Goal - 175 ✅
    4th Goal - 165.9 ✅
    5th Goal - 159.9
    UG - 149.9

    Step Goal 50,000 at some point ✅ 57,640 🏆
    New Step Goal 60,000? - In the Fall or next Spring.

    Day/Weight/Steps/Active Minutes/Comment
    8/25 - 161 - 21,400/143. Need a good sleep.
    8/26 - 161.1 - 19,000/112. Surprise attack on the big city and the weather has turned cold ish. Hope to get lots of walking in and maybe some shopping. Dinner with my brother a couple times. I did well yesterday was hoping for a good scale read. Oh well I’m destined to get there!! Maybe I’ll use his scale but it’ll be after meals, coffees and possible treats & wine!
    8/27 - DNW - 20,000/83. Found a scale for yesterday. Not a good sleep at all. Time to get up and find some coffee. Hope for lots of walking.
    8/28 - DNW - 15,100/54 - Bought a size 8 Lulu pants and a size 6 Jacket. It's possible that I purchased the jacket because of that 6.
    8/29 - 163.7 -15.600/50: Busy weekend got home at a good time and did laundry and a clean up. Didn't plan meals well and ate a small bowl of salt water taffy, just kept eating them. So had a higher calorie day then usual. A couple lbs up due to wine and more carbs then usual plus that taffy incident. Back on plan today and I am fine with this I will enjoy special times out and a cocktail here and there. I ... JUST ... HAVE ... TO .... REALIGN ... AFTER.
    8/30 - 165.9 -10,700/65. No second walk. Super tired and had a lot of salty snacks, didn't track well assume calories were high. Just so tired, achy back muscles and eye allergies? Bloated SO is home so calorie intake will be off

    8/31 - 167 - 10,100/62. Need to pull it together. Terrible eye allergies again ugghh. Last day of August wow

    9/1 -
    9/2 -
    9/3 -

    KM watch goal 479.5 @ 363.5 - 115.9k a day to hit it. Hope I can do better next month.
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    ROUND 188-SW 179.2, ROUND 189-SW 180.2, ROUND 190-SW ?, ROUND 191-SW 174.4,

    ROUND 193-SW 179.6, ROUND 194-SW 179.2, ROUND 195-SW 172.4, ROUND 196-SW 171.8

    8/15: 171.8 I've seen this number so frequently, i shouldn't be surprised (and i'm not).

    8/16: 172.2 not sure if this is from not drinking enough yesterday, or if it's because i've already eaten scrambled eggs and tomatoes

    8/17: 172.2, 171.4, 171.2 take your pick. these are the options my scale gave me all within 1/2 hours time with no variable. do the spring scales do the same thing? ...back on topic....ate a maintain amount of calories yesterday, but it was high in carbs (ramen noodles). i did get to finally go for my walk! not as epic as the exclamation point implies. it was just a mile, but weight loss rate.

    8/18: 171.2 good calories, good macros, and a good 2 mile walk

    8/19: 171

    8/20: 170.4 since i usually weigh myself before i eat, and i have already eaten today this weight is probably just more nonsense my scale is spitting out.

    8/21: 171 over calories yesterday even with getting my walk in. seems like i do this at least once every challenge and always promise to correct myself.

    8/22: 171.2 very disappointed with how i'm doing this round. reading my notes back, i should have been expecting such a poor result.

    8/23: 172 i'm fine with this weight. i'm probably the same weight as yesterday. i usually weigh myself wearing my exercise (running shorts/shirt) clothes. today i'm wearing a t-shirt and and sweats which i'm sure weigh more. this will be my last post for this round. i will be taking off for almost a week. i'll be posting this in the new challenge, so i can find it easily upon my return. sure hope i can behave myself without having a scale to weigh food, or a scale to weigh myself.


    ROUND 197
    SW: 172






    8/29: 169.8 i'm super excited over this. i'm expecting it to go up again, because sat & sun were heavy carb. days.... but at least it looks like i can self monitor to not gain weight when the tools are not available.

    8/30: 173.8 not exactly sure how deceitful that weight is. i have a dentist cleaning today, and am weighing in wearing my heavy bathrobe. i am expecting some weight gain from my heavy carb days also. oh well, i'll get it all figured out another day when i don't have morning appts.

    8/31: 174.4 well now, all i can do is shake my head. i went shopping this morning, and gathered up some fruit and veggies. have already made myself a nice little kielbasa/green bean/ mushroom/potato/onion hash and portioned it out into 275 cal. portions. this weigh in is happening in the afternoon, so again.... not sure how deceitful the weight is. i know it's not far off (my short trip away, my friend made me cornbread.... i love cornbread) cornbread came home with me, i'm kinda in a hurry to get rid of it, so of course i'm eating it. can't waste a good cornbread. i did go for a walk this morning, so that's a plus.