Chronic Illness Support

Creating this discussion to help motivate and bring positivity to those with illnesses that are trying to diet! Please post your illness and goals and let the positivity rain!


  • luisdizzle
    luisdizzle Posts: 11 Member
    My name is Luis Hernandez, I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and it has caused damage to my organs including my kidney. This has made it so that I have to be more health conscious in the meal chooses I make. One day at a time I am reaching my goals and trying to make sure that I don’t go back to unhealthy habits. I wish everyone luck in their weight loss journey and know that support is here if you need it!
  • wearefab
    wearefab Posts: 69 Member
    Hi Luis. I have what I call Multi System Disease. Lots of endocrine, autonomic, metabolic, digestive, faitgue, challenges.a great lifestyle doesn't fix my challenges, but it does relieve it a bit.
    What is your October goal Luis ?
    I don't mean weight loss goal. I mean habit training goal