What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    this was accidental repeat!
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    I’m in a size medium in my workout pants. I started this in the same brand in a 2x.

    2nd NSV is I got a rowing machine for my birthday (46 today!!) from my husband. It came with a 30 day IFIt trial and the IFit also goes on my treadmill. So their are walking tours again on my treadmill I had no problem keeping up with the running parts today on the “ghost tour” one…

    It went so well that it’s actually making me rethink if I should be putting a little more pep in my step… maybe I should be jogging or running? Last time I tried was about 70 pounds ago. Then my problem with couch to 5k was in my feet hurting. I’m kind of hopeful that maybe I’m light enough I could start jogging now. I was going to wait until I hit a healthy BMI to attempt it.