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    30 Days of Gratitude

    1. Smell - freshly cut grass on our lawn.
    2. Technology - the amazing advancements in medical technology.
    3. Colour - blue. Beautiful blue sky peaking through the clouds.
    4. Food - soup. That's what I've been eating just recently because there's less chewing. We always keep a few cans of soup on hand for situations like these.
    5. Sound - my music. I've recently acquired a number of nature sounds CDs with music playing along with sounds of ocean waves, birds, and so on. Lovely.
    6. Nature - I love nature. It would be incredibly difficult for me to pick just one thing. I am so grateful that there is nature and that I can enjoy it.
    7. Memory - Winter 2017. The last time I visited my parents and a wonderful 1-month holiday to Canada that June/July. My husband and I did two cycling events and a lot of other cycling. We climbed mountains and explored a glacier. We visited friends and family.
    8. Book - Norman Doidge's The Brain's Way of Healing. I found it inspirational!

    Machka in Oz

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    I am awake early and thinking about DH. I live our apartment and want DH with me. Our daughter wants him nearby her work place. I have seen the place where he has been. The space was cluttered and not clean when I recently spent a bit of time with him. I hope to talk about it with him today.
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    Morning ladies
    Im here with Miles, Tracy picking her dad up after work to go vote.
    Then I will go take care of Homer,pick up groceries and vote myself.
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    Hi Gals,
    Love the grateful list but knew I had to make it easier than going back and forth…
    1 smell. Damp redwoods
    2 technology. electricity
    3 color. Yellow – the sun
    4 food. Soup
    5 sound. Birds
    6 nature. Ilove it all, gardening, walking, feeling far enough away from the hurry hurry of the city

    7 memory. My dad, he died in 1977 and he had a huge impact on me
    8 book. Poems by Robert Service
    9 place.
    10 taste.
    11 holiday.
    12 texture.
    13 abilities.
    14 sight.
    15 season.
    16 about your body.
    17 knowledge.
    18 piece of art.
    19 touch.
    20 who.
    21 song.
    22 story.
    23 tradition.
    24 challenge.
    25 moment this week.
    26 form of expression.
    27 daily use item.
    28 what happen today.
    29 friend/family member.
    30 talent or skill

    Kim in rainy california
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    Machka—Your advice is very good & I appreciate your insight. Thank you.
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    Katla49 and auntiebk thank you for the welcome. I’ll be sure to stop by often. ❣️ Mary Terese
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    I am just LOVING all the pictures from EVERYWHERE! Thank you all!

    Grateful for...
    8-*book-anything by john sandford
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Katla--Glad all went well with your friend's visit. Sounds like the internet helped good friends connect. Happy for you.
    Michele--Our new car drives very nice. I just have to get used to having to climb up to get in as it sits higher, which is nice when driving. It is Eby Black. We drove over to our son's last evening which is about 20 miles away to see how it does on the highway. I do think we will like it and it does have better leg room. I take my knitting when we go out of town and there is better space for me to work on that. Our teenage DGD loves the fact she can sit in the back and not have her legs all bent up, she is almost 6 feet tall.
    Barbara--Thanks for sharing about the chenille bedspreads. I agree what a price!!!
    I do think the time change is catching up with me. I have a 3-4 hour monthly management meeting this afternoon. I just hope I can stay awake. It is cooler today and trying to rain.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Good morning ladies!

    Well there's another ten minutes of morning. My digestion is off, and I keep putting off grocery shopping and voting just to sit still a little longer.

    My mom is threatening to skip voting but I told her it's either voting or the doctor so she might as well get dressed. She just laughs at me. At least she is cheerful.

    I can imagine voting is scary if you can only stand for a few minutes, and that's with something to hold on to. The responsible thing would have been to get an absentee ballot, but we didn't do that. Oh well.

    There's still time for things to settle down.

    Annie in Delaware

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    :) I'm home from a lovely walk in the snow, partly in the dark and partly in the daylight. We have such a great neighborhood for walking and I am grateful for it every day. Bessie jumped and frolicked in the snow for a few minutes and then want to go back to the house.

    :)Katla, when you visit your husband, can you help tidy his room to make it more comfortable for him>

    :)Michele, can you tell the roofer that you will be gone from December X to December X+6 and then make reservations to stay near Denise and PJ? This is your opportunity for Christmas with PJ without Vince's decorations to keep you home.

    :) I am also grateful for all the different coats, shoes, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. that I have so I can be warm and dry on m walks no matter what the weather.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA