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    Our daughter will be here this morning. She will hold a meeting for her work via telephone. After that, she will take me to see my husband. I’m looking forward to seeing him. 😊
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    Grateful for...
    21-*song-love of my life by carly simon
    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Good Monday, all... it was a lovely, lazy weekend, though I did get 20 minutes in on the elliptical yesterday. Today will be the step and a little work with weights, I think.

    Lanette - I feel some of the unexpected benefits of it, too. When I was putting my tea together this morning, I could feel the arm work yesterday from the big elliptical. My arms desperately need toning; you can blow out candles with my arm flaps these days.

    These last few months have been like waking up from a long slumber and finding an old lady's body replacing my middle-aged one. My skin has simply slid down my body all willy-nilly.

    I do not approve.

    I've done too much studying on the subject to believe you can lose fat in specific places with specific exercises, but I do know you can tone the underlying muscle structure and make things look better. So, while I'm working on the step today, I'll be using small weights.

    No plans here for Thanksgiving--neither of us are fond of turkey, so that's not a thing. No kids/grandkids coming our way that we know of, but Corey will get four whole days off so he'll probably decide on a project to do. Because he's a procrastinator, he won't decide until Thanksgiving Day, however. I'm OK with that. Always interesting.

    Off to read the Internet... I let my computer install Microsoft 11 last night, and things have been moved around, so I'll have to go find my stuff on my system.

    Lisa in AR

    Lisa - thank you, your post kicked me into action. Grabbed the weights and got the arms done, then another session on the elliptical.

    Lower back a little touchy this morning - all that lifting and carrying finally catching up with me. Thank goodness it's loosening up though.

    Just in time for my "shopping experience" at Walmart, Home Depot, Grocery Outlet and Safeway this morning. Glad the temps are above freezing this morning, roads not slick. I can deal with a little rain.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    November Gratitudes: Song - I am a misfit. I don't have a favorite song. :D


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    Beth — I like music but I can’t sing in tune. :noway: I admire those who can sing. ⭐️

    I am expecting a visit from my daughter this morning. I am looking forward to seeing DH later today. 💕
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    Margaret - do your little space heaters have thermostats and if so, what make/model are they? Sounds like you are using them safely, good job! ;)

    I have the neatest little gadget for the greenhouse, called a Thermocube. It turns on at 35f and then off when temp reaches 45f. I wish they made them to turn on at 40f and off at 45f. I don't want the main part of the shop getting down to 35f - likely colder near the doors. I'll keep looking.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    I am watching tv and waiting for my daughter to get here. She is planning to host a meeting from here. Afterwards we will go to visit DH. DH and I have been chatting this morning, thanks to the magic of the internet.
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    Hello ladies!
    Well after I bought six paper books, I went ahead and got the Kindle e-reader. And earbuds and shoes for walking. I'm losing track of all the Amazon emails and packages! Today I need to register the Kindle, so that will be an adventure. They say it's easy from your phone, as long as you have location and Bluetooth on, so turning those on is my first chore.

    Twenty minutes of walking on concrete yesterday was enough to make my body ache today. Time for yoga! I am so out of shape. Time to quit
    whining and do something about it.

    Courage, my friends! We can do a little bit today, and it will add up by itself.

    And thanks again for the birthday wishes! It was a very happy day.

    Annie in Delaware

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    15. Season -of course summer, then spring. I'm a lizard in search of my rock.
    16. What about your body are you grateful for? The health of my husband. Without him, I co not know where I'd be.
    17. What knowledge are you grateful for? Singing and playing the piano, its gotten me out of the dark times.
    18. Piece of art - opera because it speaks to the depths of my soul!
    19. Touch -presently the strength of my long nails! I feel powerful!
    20. Who in my life - my husband and eldest sister, and my Navy mommas. I need a village.😁
    21. Song - anything by William Ackerman.

    Nice quiet weekend. Made chicken fried rice last night. Always such a labor intensive meal! But it reminds me of eldest son, his favorite. So its a nice activity. We watch sumo daily because we are a week into a quarterly tournament. It gets our heart pumping because we yell a lot! Navy won its football game this weekend, so happy about that.
    Texted my middle sister, the one with neuropathy issues. She sent me photos of her swelled legs and thighs. Still holed up in basement. Hasn't been upstairs to the full bath with shower in over a year. Uses a product to clean and wash hair that you don't have to rinse out. She gets her food bought and delivered, either by my niece or friends. No desire to change that. Always after I text with her, I feel so guilty for my health. She definitely doesn't have a firm handle on her health, nor command of her space.
    My eldest sailor attended a car meeting Guam, met new friends, its nice to hear and see him. He sent a video to me of him showing his van and scooter.👍🏻💖
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    exermom wrote: »
    Where they removed the skin tag is still itching like h***. Vince changed the bandage for me from gauze to band aids. But it’s still itching

    Michele NC
    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    I totally know how you feel about the bandage itching- mine started itching really bad this afternoon while I was walking MIL's dog- took it off when I got home and letting it air out until I go to bed. Glad I am getting the stitches out tomorrow afternoon. I will find out then if he is going to freeze the rest off or if he plans on just leaving it and me just covering it with makeup.


    I've been told that when a wound starts itching, that means it is healing.

    I've also discovered that I have an allergy to bandages, or the adhesive in bandages.

    My under arm biopsy started itching like mad, so I tried the cool cloth method of easing the itching, and discovered, that it wasn't the biopsy itself that was itchy, it was the area around where the adhesive had been. Once I got that thoroughly cleaned off, it was better. That biopsy site is well on its way to being healed. :)

    With the one on my hip, I've had to rotate the angle of the band-aid, every time I put a fresh one on. It still has a way to go but I was able to go to work today without a bandage.

    My nose has been "out there" (no band-aid) all weekend and to work today for the first time since the biopsy. I thought about putting makeup on it, but the skin is still pretty fresh and a bit tender so I didn't.

    3 weeks until the surgery on my nose and hip. :neutral:

    M in Oz

    I have the same problem with bandages- especially the steri-strips they used after one of my surgeries(exploratory surgery so like full bikini cut all the way across.) I had more problems and have more scars from them than the staples they used. My skin blistered where they were.
    This itching is more from the bandaid. I have been taking it off for a few hours in the evenings to let it breath and the itching stops. Stitches out this afternoon. I did cut the bandaid so it isn't touching my skin as much but still keeps it covered.

    The other odd thing I am allergic to is iodine- the type they use for contrast testing. Found out the hard way. Soon after they did the test, broke out in a terrible rash.
    Found out last month when I took mom for her ear surgery. She is allergic to it too. Not the topical kind but the injectable one.


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    Michele (and Debbie and Machka and any with fresh skin wounds) my dermatologist recommended a thin film of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly applied after each gentle cleansing with fresh hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide cleans/sanitizes, the Vaseline protects and keeps just the right level of moist. Really helped my skin cancer surgery recoveries.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD

    My specialist recommended the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly too. I bought a small container for the next phase of this process (the surgeries), but since I'm going to have my nose carved up and a larger chunk out of my hip, I figured ... why bother.

    I have been putting Vit E lotion on the other biopsy spot.

    M in Oz

    Vit. E oil is what they told dh to use after his hip replacement surgeries- It really helped with the healing and reduced the scar tissue
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    no school for daycare girl this week so her and I plan on walking down to the park, letting her play while I walk around the playground then walk back to the house. She is great walking there and playing but she drags coming back. She asked if we could drive there- it is only two or three blocks- less than 10 min to walk there. Nope, and yes, we will take water. Won't be as warm. Last time we did it was during the summer so she may do better.
    I won't get as much walking in as I usually do at the wetlands but better than nothing and good for her to walk.
    Zumba tonight which I am looking forward to.
    Need to get a little breakfast. Still not used to that but going to try it. Scale did go down yesterday which was a nice surprise- see what it does this coming Sunday.Getting closer to being back in the 130's. 142.0 yesterday morning
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    I did an hour of yoga and fifteen minutes of marching. Yay! I'm getting back on track! Now I will have to be very careful to slowly strengthen my knee.

    Annie in Delaware