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    Thanks for all your birthday wishes! I am so thankful for all the friends I have made on this site! Yay!

    Hello ladies,
    I walked twenty minutes this morning, and decided I need new walking shoes. If I order online, I can get wide sizes but I can't try them on. I think I will risk it. I'm still deciding whether I want minimalist or some cushion for the concrete floor. Hmm. We are blessed to have so many choices.

    I made a step forward with the electronics by using my new phone for music with Amazon music. Now I can stop charging my old phone, which leaves room in my life for the Kindle. It looks like the earbuds will have to be charged too. That's a lot for my little brain to track. Maybe I need phone reminders to charge things.

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you Heather! I'm glad to hear you are up and singing. And I'm right with you, rejecting my mirror image and back on the diet and exercise wagon. We can do this!

    Annie in Delaware
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    I find a little squeeze of lime on the papaya makes all the difference,. :D I don't eat it without. We ate quite a bit on the cruise along with mango and pineapple and all varieties of melon. Even blackberries and strawberries, raspberries, all freshly cut and as fresh as fresh can be! How they keep them like that is a mystery to me. :o
    That was the start of our breakfast. Massive plate full. I miss having someone to peel and chop everything for me and grate and chop all the salads. I had a big salad at lunch time. Much easier to eat healthily. I had no need to eat carbs.

    DH has just had a conversation with his sister and we have all agreed not to do Christmas presents. HOORAY! She is usually the sticky one. Fortunately, they are off to Cyprus straight after Christmas, so she was less invested.

    My monkfish curry was fantastic and DH loved it. :D It's one of my favourite things, but rarely cook it. You need a dense fish.

    Going to watch a Vera repeat tonight. I think we've only seen it twice before. :p

    I've read all the Richard Osman books. He is on our tvs daily. A kind of National Treasure.

    Just finished Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell. It won awards. I liked it, but I didn't love it.

    Keep going Annie! We can do this!!!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Annie - Happy Birthday!!

    Heather & Johnny - Happy Anniversary!

    Beth - OMG the pics of that snow. Hard to wrap my brain around it! It's 46F and clear here in Virginia.


    This afternoon, my brother and I will finish getting everything ready for the movers to come tomorrow morning. He is very excited about his new place. I took him to a Thanksgiving dinner at the apartments where he lives. It was, interestingly enough, provided by Eastern Star from the Tidewater area. Life is a mystery. He said the food was good, if a bit bland, and he enjoyed meeting some of his neighbors. Then we went over his apartment move-in checklist and noted the deficiencies. I tried to get him internet & wifi but didn't accomplish it. I may have to get him a different phone. He does qualify for a reduced price through the ACP Lifeline Support program, which will give him a $30 discount each month for internet/wifi. It's still pricey even so. Fortunately, utilities are included. He has to pay for TV, internet, phone, laundry, and food, although he may qualify for reduced meal prices. We're still exploring that.

    Karen in VIrginia

    Karen- I am so happy your brother is finally getting a new and safe/secure place to live. You are an amazing sister. Getting rid of the added stress with be wonderful for both of you.
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    Karen- so happy your getting your brother all settled in..
    I am feeling old..I dont have the stamina and don't get the exercise i used to.
    I am tired alot,I take my meds regularly but I know i dont get up and move alot and thats my problem.. have to work on that..
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    Pg 45

    Had family here for birthday celebrations for DED.

    November Gratitude:
    1. smell. Vanilla ice cream
    2. technology. Internet - access to y’all
    3. colour. Golden tones of autumn
    4. food. Mussels in white wine
    5. sound. The sound of DH in the kitchen making morning tea
    6. nature. Woodland and mountains
    7. memory. Holding my 11 day old DGD on Christmas morning 1994
    8. book. All books 😝
    9. place. My garden
    10. taste. Chocolate
    11. holiday. Cruise to Norway to see the Northern lights. We did so many things on that cruise.
    12. texture. There are so many textures, but I love the sleek silkiness of my hair when it is newly washed.
    13. abilities. I find it invaluable to be able to concentrate and focus on the positive, and use my analytical acumen. I can bring it to bear in finding the positive in unhelpful events. Learn from experience, so to speak.
    14. sight. Literally grateful for my sight. I only have good sight in one eye due to a birth defect in the optical nerve in my left eye. I don’t miss what I never had, but am super aware of the importance of my one good eye.
    15. season. Spring is my fav season. It’s a symbol of renewal.
    16. about your body. My sturdy strength, and the ability to heal quickly.
    17. knowledge. My happiness is entirely up to me. Happiness isn’t something that you have to put off until x, y, or z, or some event which may or may not happen. I look for happiness in simple things, a beautiful sky, birds singing, raindrops running down the window pane, autumn leaves. Also, it’s not my responsibility to make other people happy.
    18. piece of art. Too many to list 😂 [/spoiler]
    19. touch. The feeling of clean linen on the bed
    20. who. My DH. H r looks after me so well.
    21. song.
    22. story.
    23. tradition.
    24. challenge.
    25. moment this week.
    26. form of expression.
    27. daily use item.
    28. what happen today.
    29. friend/family member.
    30. talent or skill

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    💕💖💕 to all

    ☘️ Terri

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    Those who shop at Aldi(we don't have any near us :( )
    A friend posted they have butter on sale $1.99 for 1lb. limit 6.
    Wish we had one here. I was thrilled when I was able to get a three pack for $9.99 a couple weeks ago.
    Time to stock up if you can get that deal!
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    exermom wrote: »
    Did Kari Anderson’s Go Step DVD, then stopped in at BK just to peel and slice onions, then WalMart, then bought gas, then Aldi. Down here, the time to go shopping or buy gas is on Sunday morning...lol I’m not a total heathen – I went to church last night. Then made a chocolate cream pie (sort of pie) for the freezer for T day, now making sweet potatoes. I usually make them in the microwave, but since I have so many I’ll make them in the oven and freeze them. If I have room in the freezer, I’ll buy more. While the crust for the chocolate cream was cooling, I went for a walk around the block

    Where they removed the skin tag is still itching like h***. Vince changed the bandage for me from gauze to band aids. But it’s still itching

    Debbie – I like that you cook your own food. When we go to NY Hibachi, they have a place where you can put on your plate the veges and seafood/meats that you want (oh, also rice/noodles, but I never get that). Only thing is I always have to tell them not to use butter. To me, it tastes just as good if not better than if you use the butter. I’d rather taste the veges, not the butter.

    Boy, I sure hope Jess and Colby have dinner here Wed. when they come. I need the room in my freezer! Should have gotten the large freezer, not the medium one!

    Oh, I ordered a new bowl for my food processor, ordered it on ebay. First, the guy sent me an empty box. Then he couldn’t find the bowl and said he’d give me a refund. That was about 2 weeks ago. I’ll give him another week and if there’s still no refund, I’ll make the case to ebay. In the meantime, I’ve decided that I’d really like a larger food processor. This one is about 20 years old, I’ve worn it out literally. So I put on my Christmas list a new 14cup food processor (mine was only 3cups)

    Karen – so happy for your brother. You are an amazing sister

    Michele NC

    We used to have a place like that- they are called Korean BBQ here- I really liked the one here in town because, like you, I filled my bowl with tons of veggies and chicken and skipped the noodles. The thing I didn't like was because I didn't eat that much, I would take my own bowl with me to take my left overs. This was my one and only bowl full- I didn't eat one full bowl then make a second just to take with me. It would have been thrown in the garbage anyway. The owner didn't want me doing it. I understand for the most part but for the little amount I ate, it wasn't worth the price.DH and his friends went often and always went back for seconds.
    There is a new one opening up in town soon. I am sure we will go try it.
    No mater where we eat out, I almost always bring half home. Couldn't Thursday at Shabuya but ever other place I do.

    I totally know how you feel about the bandage itching- mine started itching really bad this afternoon while I was walking MIL's dog- took it off when I got home and letting it air out until I go to bed. Glad I am getting the stitches out tomorrow afternoon. I will find out then if he is going to freeze the rest off or if he plans on just leaving it and me just covering it with makeup.


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    I miss my home in Oregon, and the wonderful hummingbirds. They like to nest in blackberry vines beside the river. The vines provide safety for the birds. Our neighbors have been feeding the hummingbirds since we’re away. We are lucky to have such good neighbors. 💖
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    Dr Katiebug — Congrats on your negative test today. Three Cheers!