Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 210



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    @Machias1949 Congrats on keeping your weight steady while on a 11-day cruise! Great job!
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    Round 210
    Good to be back here and see so many familiar names. Good luck everyone.
    SW: 147# GW for this round: 145# consistent
    1/2 147#
    1/3 did not weigh
    1/4 145.7#
    1/5 145.5#
    1/6 146.0#
    1/7 144.6#
    1/8. 145.2#
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    Hi all,

    Reading through the posts, I can see quite a few of us are handling the challenges with a sense of humour and a healthy dose of self-love and forgiveness when things do not go as planned. This is great! I tend to skewer myself when I don't measure up to my expectations. I'm working on this!

    @Kristawatkins52 I like your variations to my little treat idea! I should try these, too. I find that the best recipes are experiments, and I never, ever follow recipes as written. Adding a bit of this and taking out a bit of that really, really makes food interesting.

    I have another healthy fooler for you. In 1-2 non-stick muffin pans, put a few cubes of sprouted grain bread in--not much, just a few cubes.

    From there I can go savoury with parmesan cheese (low calorie but full of flavour) and/or other spices, sauteed onion, garlic and veggies, mushrooms--whatever you like! This will taste very much like a quiche.

    I can also go sweet with cinnamon, dried cranberries or raisins and non-fat ricotta cheese, touch of vanilla, a few sliced almonds--whatever is available and seems interesting. Sometimes I will add a touch of honey or a sprinkle of xylitol (so much healthier and sugar-like than Splenda-it sounds awfully chemical, but is a low calorie sugar alcohol made from birch sap, in case anyone is interested in giving it a try) but often the sweetness of the raisins is just right.

    Leave lots of space and don't put too much in, because next we add well-beaten egg (about 4 eggs total for six muffins) slowly, filling each tin to about 3/4 full, letting the egg soak into the bread cubes and fill the empty space. Top with some cheese or cinnamon, if you wish.

    Let this sit for about 30 mins, to allow the egg to soak into the bread cubes, or bake right away if you are desperate, 350F for 20 mins. The muffins will puff when they are done and are scrumptious hot or cold. You can eat them right out of the oven, take them cold in a lunch, or microwave them for breakfast. You can batch-cook and freeze them for those times when you just want something delicious, and you want it NOW!

    I've not tried these with chocolate... however... hmmm... putting bananas in and a broken up chocolate square right on top is sounding like an interesting thing to try!

    SW: 204
    1/2 204 (Wow. I gained five pounds over the holiday. It was a real shocker to see this number, although the fit of my pants should have provided a clue! Ate well today and exercised. Drank herb tea only after 7pm, which is a good strategy for me when I am trying to lose weight!)
    1/3 202 (Two pounds were obviously water weight! Plan for today: Eat on plan and track. 30+ mins brisk walk. 2-5 min. cardio burst 4x during the day. Lower body strength training 40 mins.)
    1/4 199 (?? Probably water weight and losing the carbs of the holiday from my gut? My muscles are slightly sore from weight training on Monday, so this will account for a pound or two as well, which might come off in the next few days? I’ll take it! Today, fewer carbs and more veggies. I ate a noodle bowl yesterday, which used up a lot of my day’s calories, but I felt a bit depleted and ate the carbs with great enjoyment!)
    1/5 200 (Sore today, and it is showing on the scale. All good! My eating was really good yesterday, and I got good exercise. No snackig after 7:00, but I did have tortilla chips with one meal... blue corn chips are so delicious! My post-holiday detox, no alcohol, is so far problem-free.)
    1/6 199 (Still quite sore, even after a rest day! Plan to work upper body today, in between trying to get my taxes done before school starts. Eating was good yesterday, and I stayed on plan, but tonight I may have to negotiate a restaurant meal. My strategy is to have a salad and lean protein, with no carb- or fat-laden extras. I may have a bite of someone’s dessert, but, for a person who grew up in an era where brewed coffee that had turned to creosote over many hours on the warming plate, tempered with--gag, cough, barf--powdered creamer, was the norm, a cappuccino really does feel like a treat!)
    1/7 199 (Had a good day for eating on plan, but was quite busy and did not do my planned workout. If the scale isn’t moving, it is probably due to that. It would be easier if exercise alone or planned eating alone would do the trick, but for me it is always—always--a combination of the two that results in weight loss! Today I will do BOTH!)
    1/8 200 (? I made pea soup, which does have salt, and had it for dinner with a slice of ham, so I am probably retaining water. Plan for today: Lots of desk work today, so need to put in at least 5 cardio bursts, an upper body workout and a nice walk in between sessions of sitting.)
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    Welcome @Cedarfoxy!

    I just noticed your post. I'm new, too, and I am enjoying the daily accountability posting. For me, the daily post is part personal reflection, and part accountability to a goal-oriented group.

    I am very grateful to have found this group! Big thanks to @quiltingjaine !
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    SW: 156
    1/3 150 2 classes of yoga sculpt and tracking all meals for macros. Started drinking more water
    1/4 150.6 tracking macros, water. Piloga class
    1/5 150.6 tracked, drank water, rest day from gym
    1/6 150.6 yoga class, cooking some high protein meals
    1/7 149.6 yoga class, tracking macros, focusing on water intake today
    1/8 149.6 rest day, tracking, focus on water. Meal prep for week.
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    @SheilaBoneham I suspect your body is wondering what’s going on. Stick with it and wait for the whoosh!