Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 212



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    @cory17 Thank you so much for your reply. Basically sticking to a lot of fruits and vegetables. New to the unprocessed foods so will be a learning experience what is EVOO? Thanks again.
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    I was part of this challenge a while back, and was glad to see it's still around (thank you @quiltingjaine! <3 ) In June, I was diagnosed with a serious medical illness. I had surgery with great results! I stress-ate like there was no tomorrow, and didn't exercise at all. I'm back to just 6 pounds from my heaviest. I'm having a hard time getting back to my healthy ways. This forum helped me before so I'm back, not just for the accountability but because how kind and supportive everyone is to each other.

    Goal this round:
    Do NOT eat sugar or white flour. These are my downfall. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Start back rowing/walking/weights. Eat healthy. Drink 80oz water each day.

    01/21 - Start Weight: 180.2

    Round 212

    01/27 - 178.5 - I thought I would be up after over indulging for my 26th wedding anniversary <3 . It may catch up with me tomorrow. That's okay. What I'm proud of is that I still had no sugar/flour. I already don't eat hardly any processed foods, so to keep sugar in my life, it takes an effort from me to literally add it or to buy something sweet. I've had nothing sweet in my house for months except sugar. I had been adding way more than I want to admit to my hot tea that I would drink all day (I'm originally from the Georgia, where sweet tea is like syrup :/ ). That stopped 6 days ago! The first days are the hardest, and I'm so glad to be past them. I love drinking hot tea in the winter. I need to slowly learn to enjoy it without sugar.

    Have you tried Monkfruit sweetener? It natural, ZERO calorie and often touted as a better sweetener because of all its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It's definitely a little pricey but a little goes a long way. Good luck and Happy Friday!

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    @deepwoodslady Be an example and inspiration for your overweight friend. You’ve got this!

    @quiltingjaine I ordered breakfast omelet which did provide lower carbs, but I did drink the orange juice that came with it. I came home and logged it all. Wow! The carbs in that juice!!!!! Otherwise, it wasn't that bad. Now I have to pay the piper with a very low carb dinner. My snack will be sugar free jello and 14 almonds (if I need them). Hopefully I will be able to see the dietician soon because (without going full blown Keto), I have no idea how many carbs I should be eating for my diabetes but also to promote weight loss. If you, (or anyone else) has any ideas I would love to hear it. My online research seems to just be sending me in circles.
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    52 yo woman, 5’7”
    HW: 230.8

    Round 209–Start 182.4, End 181.6 (-0.8)
    Round 210–Start 181.6, End 181.0 (-0.6)
    Round 211–Start 181.0, End 177.6 (-2.4)

    Round 212 Start: 177.6
    Round 212 Goal: 175.0 (-2.6)

    Day 1–1/22–177.6 (Trend 178.3)
    Day 2–1/23–179.2 (T 178.3)
    Day 3–1/24–179.8 (T 178.8) Where’s the “reverse” button?!
    Day 4–1/25–179.0 (T 178.6)
    Day 5–1/26–178.2 (T 178.4)
    Day 6–1/27–179.0 (T 178.5)
    Day 7–1/28
    Day 8–1/29
    Day 9–1/30
    Day 10–1/31