Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 217



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    @SheilaBoneham HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
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    Skyleen75 wrote: »
    got care free in maintenance and the scale went up one lb at a time. Now I’m turning it around one lb at a time.

    2016- 245lbs
    2019- 142lbs
    9/12/22- 185lbs
    R216 EW 185.8

    3/13- 186.6
    3/14- 185.6- we’re going to call this celebration dehydration.
    I won 10k on a scratch off yesterday!!!!! Lol how fun! It doesn’t matter where you are in life 10k is a fun little prize. Just as I was saying we needed to upgrade the downstairs bathroom.
    So we had two drinks after we got home from supper out

    @Skyleen75 Congratulations! How Wonderful! I hope the bathroom turns out BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep us posted!