Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • hoadleyandrea64
    hoadleyandrea64 Posts: 1 Member
    New(ish) to MyFitnessPal. Looking for friends to help with motivation and accountability
  • errickar
    errickar Posts: 122 Member
    Hi! Feel free to add me. I don’t have many active friends these days so I’m hoping for new faces to liven my newsfeed. Good luck to all!
  • thomasmc3371
    thomasmc3371 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey, I'm in dire need of some daily motivation! :)
  • sidhikthorat00
    sidhikthorat00 Posts: 1 Member
    Having someone with in this journey of weight loss will definetly urge and motivate me to just keep going
  • OccultOrange
    OccultOrange Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! I'd love some friends! Watching other people go after their goals really motivates me to do better on my own!
  • mariamyer
    mariamyer Posts: 34 Member
    Hi! I am looking for friends to keep me motivated. I am 64, still work full time, love to cook, enjoy wine and entertain dinner guests. I am hitting a wall and need some MFP's to help peel me off that wall. I started back on just before Jan. 2023 and lost 11 pounds so far, started at 146 and down to 134.9 (seeing that 4 was a big yippee for me). I am 4 ft, 11 in, shorty, married, a grandmother and want to stay healthy and somewhat active enough to feel good and fit in my clothes from 2 years ago. Several years back I had a bad fall, hiking accident and eventually had to have both hips replaced. I went from being extremely active to limited mobility. I've gotten to the point where I can do a lot more, back at hiking, riding my bike, (both weather permitting), getting back into golf. I use my treadmill, rower and free weights to get into shape. I know I can do this on my own but having friends along the way really helps. Please add me as a friend, I'm actually a fun and crazy person. Maria
  • Dutchalino
    Dutchalino Posts: 1 Member
    Motivation is KEY
  • capmiker
    capmiker Posts: 44 Member
    Absolutely! I would love more friends here 😊.
  • GrumpyDumpty
    GrumpyDumpty Posts: 228 Member
    currently on a 2825 log streak, former member of the 100 pound club, starting all over again after kicking the booze, please drop me a friend request to watch me go fat to fit to run the cardiff half marathon for charity
  • dblirondog
    dblirondog Posts: 123 Member
    I'm looking for active peeps! Let rock this!
  • KatLin5629
    KatLin5629 Posts: 16 Member
    Hi all, I am not new to MFP, but it's been awhile since I have been active. Looking for friends for motivation and encouragement. Feel free to add!
  • Yvey6
    Yvey6 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m on SW but I’m not doing well lately so having used my fitness before I’m going to combine the 2 hopefully get some good results for the summer
  • rosieholly
    rosieholly Posts: 24 Member
    Add me too please more friends the better
  • cynrosie
    cynrosie Posts: 2 Member
    HELLO all! I am back on this tracker. I managed to lose 22 lbs since Fall 22 but stuck a bit. I figured tracking and making some new friends on the same journey and struggle will help so much.
  • OhHowILoveYou
    OhHowILoveYou Posts: 1 Member
    Hey, I’m not new to the app but this is my first time hearing about a forum. I could use some friends who are on the same journey as I am, I am currently melting off 160lbs of foodie weight 😂! Add me if you’d like to be friends✨!
  • Samanthaclemit
    Samanthaclemit Posts: 2 Member
    Please add me! The more the merrier!
  • nikosdeme
    nikosdeme Posts: 2 Member
    Hello everybody!!!I would love some motivation towards my goal to lose weight!!!
  • PeskariaTorment
    PeskariaTorment Posts: 5 Member
    I finally reached my goal weight after years of work with a lot of help using MyFitnessPal to track my progress. I’m always up for motivating & inspirational friends. I joined a gym in December to tone up & strengthen & try to go about 5 days a week.
  • jmzdppgk84
    jmzdppgk84 Posts: 2 Member
    Spent years from bodybuilding then switched to triathlons and the Iron Man before being struck with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After much stress, self doubt and failures I’ve decided that though exercise, complicated as it is for me that it’s time to take back control of my life from this disease inch by inch. Could certainly use positive helpful support on this journey and would be happy to reciprocate! 😃
  • jelricha8021
    jelricha8021 Posts: 1 Member
    Same here! Would love some new friends to help me stay motivated.