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  • Livin_At_The_Gym
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    Hello everyone,

    I was on MFP back in 2014 and returned last year. Managed to lose 98 lbs in that time through diet and now that my health has been restored I’m looking to lose some more while adding cardio and weightlifting and want to get a good group of motivated people on this next step towards my fitness goals. I already lucked out and managed to get a small group of people who fit that description but if you are looking for the same and we haven’t connected yet feel free to hit me up. I am active on here throughout the day (most days) but always log on at some point. Hope to hear from you!

    Be well,

    Added a before and after pic so you can see where I’m coming from (350.1 pounds) and where I’m at (252 pounds and still going strong)

  • SaraRN2
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    I'm in! Anyone feel free to add me. I love a little extra motivation 😌
  • SaraRN2
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    How do you add people as friends?
  • melissaaridgeway
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    Looking for some more friends. I had to take a break a couple months back but I'm here again and ready to be healthy again. Add me!
  • AM_1974
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    49 year-old from the UK looking to keep my body in good nick as I get older. Feel free to add me!
  • ItsMeAnna3
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    I had to cancel apps linked to my email address because it got hacked so back again with a new account.. can't find any of my old friends but if you recognise me send a FR :) Anna from AU
  • AM_1974
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    You can never have too many friends when it comes to support on here!
  • dblirondog
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    I love to workout and I love the community here. Boom! There ya have it..... that's my speil. We can be friends.
  • tanzaniaclark17
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    I'm new here! Would love support! New friends are welcome!!!
  • csmcozart
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    Looking for some more friends. I had to take a break a couple months back but I'm here again and ready to be healthy again. Add me!
    I can’t add friends from the app on my iPhone. Please add me.
  • WorkerDrone83
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    I've been out for so long that I'm blown away that I actually remembered my password.
    Maybe some new friends will help keep me motivated to log my food and stay on schedule for workouts.
    All are welcome :smile:
  • rcxkfbkm8v
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    Hello world.
  • mikerommfp
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    Hey! I’m back and doing the MFP…again…

    My name is Mike and over the last year, have been through a LOT. With all the stress of life, I gained back about 20-25 pounds and looking to lose that again over the next couple months. I HATE to diet, but always eat better while I get back on track with my workouts so I’m not that worried.

    I love having friends on here to talk to and also to help motivate me and keep me accountable. Please add me as a friend and let’s chat and help each other out!4izj128rtxks.jpeg
  • Dr_Jay_23
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    Gained alot during COVID and have 100% WFH desk jobs. I gained alot and ended at around 330 lbs. Have been logging food and walking and 3 months later Im down 50 lbs. Im determined to get back where I need to be to feel better. MFP helps me do that. always lookiing for friends to give and get support through this uphill journey
  • ThisIsMegs53
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    Feel free to add me! I’m always happy to cheer on people’s achievements and motivate each other.
  • AM_1974
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    You can never have too much support on here, I'm 49 years old from the UK looking to maintain my health into middle age. Feel free to add me!
  • JulimarieS
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    Not "new" to MFP, but it's been about 12 years since I logged in. 57.5 years young and a wee bit outta shape and overweight. I workout 3 to 5 times a week at home, with the help of some ladies on YouTube. I like to switch it up between weights, Pilates & cardio, since we gotta keep our bodies guessing! Now that I'm back on MFP I am looking for and to give support and inspiration. So, I will be friending and please do the same. I do have a bit of a potty mouth, but I promise to keep it PG for you folks :blush: Thanks for being here and really looking forward to my journey with you folks ♥
  • lavarjharrell
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    Hello all! Returning user to MFP after QUITE a while away. After some injuries that sidelined me for a bit, I’m definitely needing to get back into a healthier lifestyle and have always found the community helpful. Looking for support and motivation and I always return the sentiment.

    Feel free to add me
  • Runation
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    Back again trying to get myself sorted using myfitnesspal for food logging, peloton for exercises feel free to add me here or on peloton name is runath
  • ItsMeAnna3
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    Always keen to get more friends on here.