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    Good morning everyone!

    My average is another tenth of a pound down, watching the average creep down is much less satisfying but also much safer, and for that I'm happy.

    daily stars for yesterday:
    ⭐ duolingo: yes! I failed in the morning, but succeeded in the afternoon
    ⭐ weight loss calories: yes!
    ⭐ logging in grams: yes!
    ⭐ reading: still loving Good Fortune, it's so good!
    ⭐ exercise routine: did it at the gym yesterday, and worked hard.

    Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ day!

    Tonight is a spinal flexibility video from Dani Winks- I'm looking forward to getting more flexy, and I get to work out on the girls' cushy gymnastics mats. Gotta get a heater for the garage- it's cold in there.

    My pole is in the mail! I got the email from FedEx yesterday, and I absolutely can't wait. I need to do the flooring so I'm ready. And put up at least one mirror. And pictures. And... lol. Time for the fun stuff! The hard stuff is almost over! And then I can post pictures of my garage gym.

    Tag party:
    @melissaaridgeway pregnancy and just after childbirth is such a hard time for body stuff, I 100% get it. I absolutely believe that you can manage your expectations in this time- it sucks to watch yourself gain weight, but also, you know how to lose weight, and that option will be available to you when you're ready for it, and more importantly have the capacity for it.

    @sarah12277 bowling sounds so fun! I haven't been bowling myself in a hot minute

    @kristinwoods919 way to go!!!!

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    @kristinwoods919 that's awesome! If this is your first week or so back in the saddle then yes that is water weight more than likely. So don't expect losses like this every week. However I'm happy to see you're trending down and congrats! Keep pushing!

    @CupcakeCrusoe the thing to focus on is not the amount of weight lost but that it IS a loss still. You are trending down and unless we are talking social media influencing, that is a great thing! I know every pregnancy is different and your body changes and yada yada yada but TBH I'm so fed up with the "are you sure you're not having twins?" comments from people. Those are hurtful. It's akin to not being pregnant and someone asking "when are you due?". Which I have also been asked before, and also hurts. Yes, I gained 50lbs. Yes, rampant overeating will do this to a body, not just pregnancy. Oh well I'm going to shake it off and show everyone "hey this is the woman who lost 70lbs last year through sheer motivation. Remember who you are talking to!" Because I'll do it all over again ten times over before you even start lose your first 5lbs.
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    Happy New Year! I was in this group last month and I am happy to be here again!
    I am 37 years old, 5'11" and currently 208.8 lbs. I will weigh in every Friday.
    I started MFP on 10/27/23 and I have lost 15 lbs since then. Each mini goal I hit I will reward myself (pedicure or new outfit, etc.)
    My goals are to lose about 2 lbs per week, track and weigh my food every day, go to the gym 3-4 times per week where I will speed walk 1 mile on the indoor track and do weight lifting for 45 min split into back/biceps, legs/abs, and chest/triceps.
    I wish all of you so much success! 💓
    CW: 208.8
    1st Goal: 208.0
    2nd goal: 198.0
    3rd goal: 185.0
    4th goal: 172.0
    UGW: 165.0

    1/ 5: 208.4. A small loss, but better than nothing! A non-scale victory: I have gone down 3 notches on my belt since October!
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    I chose Mondays as my weigh in day but I just have to report that I’m already down almost all 6lbs I had gained… I know the first 10 after a binge ate the easiest as they say it’s mostly water weight… but I’m still pretty stoked and would be super happy with two more lbs by the end of the month… 187.6 today 🎉
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    It’s Friday weigh day for me!
    SW: 238.6
    CW: 233.4
    It’s a start! I’ve been consistent with exercising and eating at my calorie goal. I ride my Peloton about 5-6 days a week so I’m trying to focus more on how my clothes will fit versus what the scale says. I know it may come to a point where the scale might not move but my body will start to get leaner. The further I go the easier it will get. Hoping to see 229 next week!
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    Hey all! I'm trying to make some better choices than the off-the-rails eating I've been doing for the last 7 months lol. I feel like I'm an MFP success story; January-July of 2023 I lost 70lbs! Then...I got pregnant. In the past 7 months, I've gained 50lbs back. Now either I'm giving birth to an elephant calf OR all that Ben and Jerry's and Reese's I ate caught up with me. I'm going to go with the 2nd option.

    At first, the morning sickness wouldn't let me continue to eat how I had been eating, so I went into survival mode and ate whatever I could that didn't make me nauseous. After 16 or 17 weeks along, when the sickness ended and I felt better, I didn't think going back to to my MFP strictness was necessary and just continued eating how I wanted. After all...I was pregnant. I needed more calories for my growing baby. Well that has ballooned into 50lbs of gain. I'm almost 30 weeks now and my baby is only starting his growth spurt. I can't wait until baby comes in March like I kept telling myself otherwise I'll have 90lbs of loss to make up for. No thank you.

    Anyway, so I'm back. I'm determined to making better choices the remainder of my pregnancy and then once baby is here, I'll kick start my weight loss into overdrive. My first mini-goal for this year is to only gain 5lbs more the remainder of my pregnancy. I feel like this is a good goal because I have to expect gain, baby is getting bigger on top of the other fluids and organ changes, but I can mitigate some of that weight gain via good eating choices.

    Hello @melissaaridgeway! Wanted to say an official hello. I had very similar struggles when I was pregnant with my second 3 years ago. I gained 20 lbs. my first trimester as I was using every excuse to eat all the bread! I got the side-eye from my doctor and got real with myself (do I really want to create a huge hill to climb for myself after delivery?? NO!) I tracked and weighed all my food for the last two trimesters and was able regain control.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! It is a good precedent to set that we as mothers can prioritize ourselves--even during the "incubation". :wink: Sending out all the good energy your way.

    Also--the scale at the Dr. office is just the *worst*. Its all data, so long as the trend is on track--try not to worry to much about the actual number.
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    Happy First Friday of the 2024!

    The first week back at work and kids at daycare is always so strange...

    We finally got some SNOW yesterday. We needed it badly to clear the air. I was able to sneak out for my jog a bit earlier in the evening before it really started to accumulate. BUT I need to rethink what my plan will be during inclement weather. I love jogging since all I need are shoes and some tunes. It might be time to consider a nearby gym. I typically jog--just after the kids go to bed--so between 8:30pm and 9:30pm at night. I've got to make a plan--'cause this time is a HUGE boost for my own mental health and I don't want it to fall off because it's "cold/wet* out.

    Any work arounds you all have found?

    Jan. SW: 194
    Jan. 5th: 193.2
    Jan. 12th:
    Jan. 19th:
    Jan. 26th:
    Feb 2nd:
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    I ended up not going bowling. DH either forgot or it was canceled. He never told me the time so I wasn't about to bring it up. It just happened to be an old friend that I had coincidently asked about hanging out with this girl after she commented on his vacation pictures. She seemed like I'd get along when I get uneasy over other friends on fb; especially exes. Oh well. I'm absolutely terrible at bowling but would have been nice to put a face to the name. She will likely visit again.

    I did get to the gym yesterday for warm up/cool down treadmill and upper strength exercises. Since I've slacked since July roughly on my routine I've been taking it easy and accepting where I'm at so if I can only do 10 reps instead of 15; I'm fine with that.
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    So far this week has been a bit meh, it's the first week back at work (after Xmas), so in terms of exercising more than 4x a week it just hasn't happened.
    I'm okay with that! I've managed to log and be under calories which is a HUGE step for me, usually I crash and burn by now!

    My next challenge is the weekend! I'll have my official first January weigh in tomorrow so it'll be nice to see if I've lost anything 😊😊. Well done everyone so far! Xx
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    1/01: 236.6
    1/05: 228.1

    Wow I may want to re think my goal for the month. I know this has to be water weight! But I also have worked out every day. I’m going to set a new goal of 16 lbs for the month.

    Incredible! Congratulations ❤️

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    Good morning everyone!

    Saturday weigh in day!
    35 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW (Feb 2022): 200.4
    UGW: 150
    2024 goal weight: 155!
    SW 2024: 182.7

    🎉 January Goals!🎉
    🎉 January GW: 180
    1/6: 182.3 (-0.4)

    A reminder for readers- these are averaged weights, not my actual weight, which was 182 and would have been more impressive. :wink: But I think the average is going to be the healthier way for me to go, just remember- if it looks like I'm losing every single weigh in, it's because -on average- I am. My real weight is fluctuating. And yours is probably doing the same. If you'd like to get on the averaged weight train, you could use an app like Happy Scale or LIbra.

    ⭐Stick to weight loss calories 7! days! a week!✅
    ⭐Log everything in grams✅
    ⭐Read 2 books✅ _
    ⭐Set up my home pole and take pictures for you all of my home gym in my garage waiting on the pole in the mail
    ⭐Do not deviate from the workout plan!✅

    daily stars:
    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ✅
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading:✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅

    Good day yesterday, the spinal flexibility routine was good, made better by the fact that Kiddo wanted to do it with me, AND I bought a heater for the garage, which is going to help a lot.

    Whatsisface wanted to go out to lunch yesterday, and I was very proud of the way I handled everything.
    • A coworker brought in chicken biscuits, good ones, after I'd already eaten my oatmeal, so I took one, cut it in half and separated the pieces, and put them in the freezer for me to eat half for breakfasts later.
    • Then, at the place for lunch, I brought my scale and weighed my sandwich to make sure I didn't go over what I planned, and gave the rest to Whatsisface before I could reconsider.
    • He bought me a big coffee with breve on accident instead of a matcha latte, which was way more calories, so I gave that to him as well, even though the coffee was delicious.
    • I planned to get a salad at our pizza place to be sure I was in calories, but as we were driving there, they called to say they were out of salad, so instead I ate a little leftover orzo at home and rewarded myself with a single piece of cheesy bread.
    • All that, and I stayed in calories.

    Finished Good Fortune, I did my book game for the first time:
    Food, Cultural, eh? I've got one.

    Today, it's another gym day- a dancey twerky class, just fun, and I'm excited about it. I have a meeting on Tuesday I had forgotten about, so I need to rearrange my workout plan for this week to make sure I still get the same number and types of workouts in.

    Dinner tonight... I don't know. I'll probably just throw something together.

    I'll see if I can get some flooring on the floor in the garage today so I can put in my pole as soon as it gets here.

    Tag party time:
    @melissaaridgeway I always hated that, having been there myself. I went from 220 to 155, got pregnant, my high pregnancy weight was 210, ugh, I get it all. And the weight came off me pretty quickly after I gave birth both times, but started to go upward again as I stressed about my milk supply and overate to try to stimulate it, and because I was so exhausted food seemed like a great idea. So keep that in mind- be kind to yourself, you're going to be going through a lot, and whatever happens is okay, because you are still a person that can take weight off if you want to, no matter what you're currently going through. I made a choice to overeat to try to breast feed longer, and that was a choice I'm still fine with to this day.

    @dutchgirl188 look at you go!!! Great job! And small loss is good loss!

    @sharon81 you're doing so well, too!

    @bea021pa74 you're going through a lot, but I love that you're making sure you take care of yourself, too. I hope to see a lot more of you around here, and chat it up with us. :smiley:

    @Reign1321 you're doing great! The clothes fitting vs scale is so important.

    @skintight303 I swear the doctor's scale has a secret extra little weight on it, lol. I know what it is- it's because I weigh at home with nothing on, first thing in the morning, whereas at the doctor, I've been eating and drinking, and I have clothes on. Still!

    I used to run a lot- I found that the mental component was only really helped when I actually got out and pounded the pavement- a treadmill just wouldn't quiet my thoughts like a run would. Is there an indoor track anywhere near you that you could use? I know some YMCAs have one. Because that was always my holy grail as a runner, to avoid the treadmill- find an indoor track, haha.

    @sarah12277 sorry you didn't get to see the girl or go bowling! It's good to benchmark where you are, so you can progress and improve!

    @eloiraw great loss! and as you know, weight loss is made in the kitchen, that's all you really need. Workouts are for health. :smiley:

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Goal Check
    Exercise - 6x a week ✔️
    Water - working towards 64 to 100 ounces daily ✔️
    Averaged about 40, which is in line with my plan (32 week 1, 48 week 2, 64 week 3, 80 week 4)
    Better Nutrition *Work in Process ✔️
    Was on vacation thru 1/2 but since 1/3 good meals and healthy snacks (mostly, I did have 1.5 ounces of chips (one of my weaknesses) on Wednesday night.) And 2 ounces of Cheetos on last night (vs half the bag = progress)
    Less Alcohol * Work in process. Currently doing dry January with 2 exception days. ✔️
    1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 AF :heart:
    Get back to 10,000 steps a day (minimum) 🚫
    Struggling here. Averaging about 7,000

    My Mantra:
    🏋🏾‍♀️ Don't think, just do it!!

    My Mantra has helped me get out of bed twice this week!!

    Saturday Weigh In
    1/01: 223.6
    1/06: 219.0 😎 (fluff weight)
    Total month loss so far: 4.6

    Monthly Tracking
    Total Loss 2024
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    Hey, ladies, and Happy New Year!

    This is the last full year I have before I hit 40 in 2025, so I'm going all guns blazing into 2024 to get my life in order.

    Here are my resolutions⭐️, plans in place✏️, and end of year goals💛.

    ⭐️ Improve my A1 level Spanish
    ✏️Joined a language class & got a study partner
    💛 Have extended conversations with native speakers

    ⭐️ Get the stories in my head onto paper and flesh them out
    ✏️ Joined a group chat with my writing friends to motivate/keep each other accountable
    💛Write at least 70,000 words

    ⭐️ Get into better shape
    ✏️ Move my body for 30 minutes a day and eat in moderation
    💛 Go hiking, rock climbing, and be able to travel more easily

    So I love to plan and am continually in a cycle of over-planning, being too strict, feeling trapped and helpless because I didn't stick to the plan, and then failing.

    Therefore in 2024, I'm trying to give myself soooooo many options and possibilities. My main exercise goal for the next three months is just to move my body for 30 mintues most days of the week. I can:

    1. Stay home and practice hula hooping
    2. Stay home and do floor exercises
    3. Stay home and do a video work out
    4. Go outside and take a walk
    5. Go to the pool and swim
    6. Go to the gym and do cardio
    7. Go to the gym and do weight training
    8. Go to a dance/yoga/movement class
    9. Any combination of the above

    I could exercise for 30/45/60+ minutes and it doesn't matter at this point. I could exercise 4 times a week or 7 times and it doesn't matter at this point. I can't beat myself up when I don't accomplish a strict goal that I set for myself when I was in a different headspace, so what "most days a week" means might vary from week to week.

    My main food goal is to eat in moderation. I'm trying not to cut foods out entirely, but to avoid my trigger foods as much as possible. Logging food on here is helpful as it keeps me aware of how much I'm eating and allows me to clearly see my protein macros.

    I do want to lose a significant amount of weight in the next 18 months, but I've realized I can't keep looking at numbers. I think I'll weigh myself maybe twice a month. I did weight myself on January 1st so that I know where I'm coming from.

    💜 Thanks to the ladies who been in this group for a while who continued to show up on months when I wasn't mentally able to and thanks to all the new women who have recently joined. We're going to kick so much butt this year! Here's to a rockin 2024!!!💜
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    I bought this off of Etsy. You can't see it on the the first heart. It has a heart beat on it. This is to remind me to keep living and stop settling for a life that I don't want.

    When you almost die, there is no other choice than to face what you've always feared and DO IT!

    Going from the cowardly lion to Dorothy in 2024! lol
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    @kiteflyer105 Good luck on your surgery. That is all so very scary but it seems like you're in a good place mentally. I will keep you in my thoughts next Friday!
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    Happy Sunday y'all! I weighed in yesterday with a 4lb loss, so I'll take it.

    SW: 260
    1/6: 255.4

    Not that I'm intentionally trying to lose much right now, but I have a little bit of ground to make up for since I had such a huge gain my first 2 trimesters. Hoping I can turn things around for this last one.

    @skintight303 thank you for the encouragement! I'm hoping my next appointment (this coming Wednesday) will show a good weight change in the other direction a little, but who knows because you're right...the doctor's scales are the worst! Lol But I can't wait until baby comes because the damage will be even worse.

    As for workout recommendations in the cold.... I got none. Lol. I'm also a outside jogger and do prefer to workout in the evenings (I live 30 minutes away from the nearest gym and I don't want to add an hour commute onto my workout). Are home workouts an option? Occasionally I'll turn on a YouTube workout channel for some indoors workouts if the weather is bad. But I know that's not for everyone either.

    @CupcakeCrusoe Congrats on staying under calories Friday despite the added chaos! I love your little monopoly boardgame idea! Such fun! I also struggle to produce milk, so it was a constant strain for my 1st and 2nd kids (made it to 12 months and 10 months respectively) so I'm going to try with #3 too....but I'm not going to sweat it too much. I feel like at this point my boobs are useless sacks hanging on my chest for decoration at this point since they don't really do the job they are intended for. So if I have to supplement with formula this time, well, I'll do what I can while trying to maintain a bit of a weight loss as well.

    @kiteflyer105 Girl...you GOT this! You're going to own 2024. I love the positivity despite the cruel hand fate has given you. You sound like you have a good plan to get going and your goals sound very doable. Live your best life and don't let life's hurdles stop you from taking care of business.
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