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    Rebecca--So happy for you and this time with your boys.
    Lanette--I love hearing about your chickens. Thanks for sharing.
    Had to come in early this morning to visit with the night person. It is so hard to know what to do. Doing a lot of thinking and praying about it.
    Not a lot else going on. Rained for several days and now the snow is almost all gone. Been a strange weather year.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Just checking in. Not a lot to say, but Lisa’s mention of the eclipse reminded me. My sister, mom, cousin and I are coming to Blytheville (not sure about spelling of that), supposedly for the eclipse, but also to visit my mother’s aunt. Is that town close to you? We will be there Saturday through Tuesday that first weekend in April.
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    And Today is Make Hermit bars today! Here is recipe and rest of the celebrations!


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    Eldest is flying into Sea-Tac on Sunday morning! Yay! Don't know how many bags he has yet, so not sure if the three of us plus him and his luggage will fit in our Chevy Spark. His seabag is most likely going to take up a seat. That's ok, youngest said he'd chill out at home until he can see his brother.

    Later in February, we plan to go down to see middle son. It will be an expensive trip. I am annoyed that middle son and family has yet to want to or made plans to come visit us. I guess we travel down to them the 4+ hours one way trip, until we can't. The hotel, the rental car, the gas, the food. But to be honest we have to make the trip down, so the boys can visit with their grandma (Lee's mom). Its important. In the future, it would be nice for them to visit though. They would not have to spend any money on hotel, just gas. I have the room. They state they can't visit because they have the dogs. But they traveled passed us to Vancouver BC without the dogs, so that point is not a valid reason in my mind. Its about choices. And priorities. But its also about what they're comfortable doing in their lives. I get that.
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    drkatiebug wrote: »
    Just checking in. Not a lot to say, but Lisa’s mention of the eclipse reminded me. My sister, mom, cousin and I are coming to Blytheville (not sure about spelling of that), supposedly for the eclipse, but also to visit my mother’s aunt. Is that town close to you? We will be there Saturday through Tuesday that first weekend in April.

    Unfortunately, Kay, no... Blytheville is almost as far away as you can get from us and still be in Arkansas! You're over on the far eastern border, on the Mississippi River, and I can just about throw a rock and hit Oklahoma on the western border of the state. It's you and my friend and about a million and a half other people coming here for the eclipse, by the way. Arkansas is just over 3 million population, so things are gonna get a little crowded... :dizzy:
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Debbie we had a land line in San Leandro that acted up like your mom’s whenever it rained. Never could fix, finally just moved away ;)

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    February: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections

    Well, I know mom won't be moving, if she has anything to say about it. As I was burying her dog last week, we talked about her being buried there, next to dad(and her sister/brother in law/nephew)
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    Worked then went to the orthopaedist. I really don’t feel my foot getting any better and I’ve been stretching it to beat the band. He said that one day in 3 or 4 months I’ll realize that my foot hasn’t been hurting when I walk. Oh great! So my advice to anyone is BE SURE TO STRETCH!!!!! Then went to Sam’s and picked up my glasses.

    Made some coleslaw. See, they had this napa cabbage at the soup kitchen. I feel bad taking something that was donated for the needy, but if they put it out and no one takes it, then I don’t feel bad taking it. Anyway, I took the napa cabbage, made soup and now coleslaw. Never made coleslaw with napa cabbage so I guess we’ll find out how it is.

    A tiny miracle here in NC – Vince is actually starting to pack. I’ve been packing for the past few days. I just put everything in a tub that I want to take. He’s usually the person who’ll pack like 2 days before we’re going to leave but he’s actually starting to pack today.

    Barbara – surely you don’t mean a massage only on the calve?????? We leave Tuesday (yeaaaaaa) BK just confirmed that I was going to be there Monday, which I plan to be. I’ve taken off the 22nd but figure we’ll be back the 21st so I’ll text them that we came back a day earlier and if they want me, I’ll come in the next day. I’m sure they will, but it’ll put me in a better light offering the come in when they weren’t expecting it.

    Heather – yea for the parking incident going your way!

    Rach – love your memes. You CAN do this

    thanks everyone for your kind sentiments about Bryan responding somewhat. I still feel like I’m walking on eggshells whenever I email him, tho. Maybe now being a parent he’s seeing that parenting isn’t a walk in the park

    Rebecca – I’m so, so happy for you

    Thinking: I do a lot of thinking on my walks and also in the pool in the summer

    Sara – welcome! You’re doing just fantastic posting.

    Well, off to my walk.

    Michele NC
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    Hi Gals,
    Lisa and Katiebug, I was smiling from ear to ear listening to you talk about the eclipse - I am up for watching if I can do it from my backyard. But have never understood folks going hundreds of miles to see one. Especially when it could be cloudy, foggy, raining…… I do understand it could be an excuse, but wow! And showing up to see anyone elderly with no notice would be a dicey choice for sure!

    Love ya all,
    Kim in N. California
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    Walked, cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I just don’t like coming home after being away to a messy kitchen. Had dinner then worked on the x-stitch. I tell you, it’s so confusing, especially since the pattern is 12 pages that I had to tape together.

    Allie – nice haircut!

    Kay – when you make the “surprise” visit, why not take a coffee cake or something like that with you? Oh, I see Lanette had the same idea...GMTA

    Well, off to bed.

    Michele NC
    who can’t wait to be in FL
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    mom called- finally got power back on after being out for 5 days. She did have a generator to keep the fridges and freezers all going.