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:) Starting a new month is a great time to set some new routines and behaviours in place and to reinforce all the things that are going well.

:) Thank you for joining me on this journey and sharing your life with me.

:) The name of this thread is "Women Ages 50+" and all women are welcome. Our community includes women from barely 50 to well past 80.

:) Please sign your post with a name or nickname and a location either specific or general so we can get to know each other better.

:) Be sure to bookmark the page so you can find us again.

<3 Barbie in NW WA
The reason most people fail instead of succeed is that they trade what they want the MOST for what they want at the MOMENT.

My word for 2024 is "enough". When I focus on having and doing enough I find satisfaction and peace.



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    Barbie … thank you for moving us into February!

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    Tonight (1/31) Barbie for the fresh start every month.
    Yesterday (1/30) Line dancers’ smiles and kind expressions of concern and support.
    Tuesday (1/29) Encouraging MD visit.
    1/21-1/28 missing. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve been so blue, forgot to look for blessings.
    Lanette, can NOT thank you enough for the bone study link. Already taking most of the COMB recommended supplements, just ordered some strontium citrate and will go back to ½ tsp Wild Norwegian Cod Liver oil ;) Doc said “These are ok and thanks. Will share with some of my other patients.” Wow! Guess he has many who refuse HRT/bisphonates and is glad to have something else to offer them.
    Combination of micronutrients (COMB) Protocol for Bone Health:
    (1) Docosahexanoic acid or DHA (from Purified Fish Oil): 250 mg/day
    (2) Vitamin D3: 2000 IU/day
    (3) Vitamin K2 (non-synthetic MK7 form): 100 ug/day
    (4) Strontium citrate: 680 mg/day
    (5) Elemental magnesium: 25 mg/day
    (6) Dietary sources of calcium recommended
    1/31-Move: ZERO sets PT, line dance class. Steps: 4876
    Fuel: sugar in vs mfp=34 CI<CO net=504 vits=1
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, ptT, ptS, phone calls, bank, BiMart. Wt:133.4
    Will skim through January’s last twenty pages and update stats later.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    February: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.
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    2024 Goals

    My 2024 goals are a continuation of my past goals based on my ToDo list and my 50Things list with reference to a Wellness Wheel.
    Upcoming Appointments - these are at the top of my list. The things I need to deal with in the next few weeks.

    Intellectual/Occupational/Financial or Education/Career: Advancing my career. Moving from adequate to proficient at SQL, brushing up on cost accounting and learning clinical costing, learning Python and data analysis software.
    Also, I want to have a closer look at our financial situation to see where we can save money and to make sure we're on top of things.

    The goal is to expand my skillset and to improve our financial situation.

    Medical: my husband's appointments, which I also need to attend because I'm his ears and cognition and my appointments now that I've been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease.
    I also want to create medical record binders (and on the computer) for both of us, in case something happens.

    The goal is to keep us as healthy as we can be and to ensure we have information at our fingertips.

    Fitness/Sports > Cycling > Audax Tasmania: There are a number of fitness/sport things I'd like to try, with a focus on cycling, and a large part of my cycling endeavours includes my volunteer work with Audax Tasmania ... and maybe even riding some events again myself!
    On my 50Things list I have all sorts of things like learning to swim, riding a horse for the first time, trying archery, learning to dance. Maybe this might be the year to try a bit of that.

    The goal it to improve my fitness level.

    House > Office > Computer become more specific as they go along. I have a number of thing which need to be done in the house (kitchen, dining room, etc.) but most importantly the home office needs a whole lot of work. And along with that I need to organise the drives on my computer into a better filing system.

    The goal is to have an organised and decluttered house and computer system.
    The goal is also to ensure all paperwork is up to date and accessible by both of us.

    Garden: I have several projects I would like to do this year. One of the main ones is to finish the border around my dry stream and bulb garden. :)

    The goal is to have a pleasant, creative, relaxing and functional area outside for reading, exercise and socialising.

    Spiritual: Continue to read the Bible every day. And attend church a little bit more often -we've got some plans in this regard.

    The goal is to learn, relearn, revitalise.

    Emotional/Social/Recreation: More creativity, relaxation, connections. I have all sorts of things on my 50Things list like doing more with my photography, playing the piano again, working on my website and more.

    The goal is balance. Doing a variety of things that aren't just work and education.


    January Highlights

    Intellectual/Occupational/Financial or Education/Career: I've hardly worked since the middle of December! But what work I've done has been great ... lots and lots of SQL coding.

    Medical: First time with COVID. Recovering from COVID. Lots and lots of sleep.

    Fitness/Sports > Cycling > Audax Tasmania: Not nearly enough exercise this month. But we did organise a cycling event! And I was offered (and accepted) a place on the local Bicycle Council.

    House > Office > Computer: I took down the Christmas decorations and have organised some computer files.

    Garden: We switched the locations of our greenhouse and patio, and we like the results. I've also done a bit of weeding.

    Spiritual: Reading the Bible every day.

    Emotional/Social/Recreation: I read 7 books this month. That's the most I've read in one month in a long time! I've also done quite a bit of colouring. I'll show you my most recent one soon - just doing some finishing touches. We also got away for a few days at the beginning of January and again at the end of January - a little bit of travelling even though we ended up sleeping much of the time!

    Here's hoping I've got a bit more energy in February!

    Machka in Oz
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    Heather- I recently made the error of referring to your "memoir" books as a trilogy! This is your fourth! I just need to get Memory Boxes and I will have the complete set. lol <3 KJ
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    Thanks for a new month Barbie!

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    Barbie- once again, thank you for bringing us forward into a new month. You ladies mean so much to me and I'm always grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. <3

    Barbara - so glad you liked Ed Deboo's bone health video and that your own doc found the COMB study useful. I'm going to share it with my docs if they aren't already aware of it. I didn't even know there was a supplement called Strontium Nitrate.

    Here's the COMB study -
    I can't remember if I already posted Deboo's short (3 minutes) video about eating prunes to help bone density. I had been eating a few per day anyhow just because I like them. After seeing this video, I simply eat 2 with each meal. Can't hurt, might help, and "keeps things moving" in my GI tract ;) Here goes:

    It feels like I'm overtraining on bone health these days, but I realized if anything would interfere with my independence as I age, it would be a broken bone that hampers my ability to walk and participate in daily activities I love. Mom and her dad both had broken hips, so I'm on it. ;)

    Another Deboo video ( 6 1/2 minutes) about how to stay out of the nursing home which includes balance improvement. He talks about habit stacking.... where have we heard this before? :)
    Kylia - you are doing a great job slowly making improvements in your health goals. We get there one step at a time, don't we?

    Annie - so nice hearing you are much more relaxed these days. Glad you are getting your mom's things settled and that you have time to enjoy just sitting there your sweet dog.

    Lisa - fine job on your goals. Glad the acupuncture is helping. My insurance doesn't cover it or else I'd see if it could help my arthritic toes. I've had it before and was amazed at how smoothly and pain-free those needles went in.

    Interesting conversations here about Advance Directives. In WA State, DH and I have a "Medical Power of Attorney" that stipulates "no life support" and other measures at the end of life. Our attorney drew up the document for us over a decade ago along with our wills when we both had good cognitive function. Best not to put it off. It's very similar to what Beth mentioned. (See post last month.)

    Even though the hospital where he was taken had it on file, when he was admitted, no one thought to look for it. Thank goodness I brought a copy along with me. The hospitalist was grateful, said there had been a chance he'd be sent to a cardiac unit for a stent since a heart attack is why he was transported. Not sure that would have been the case since his organs had been shutting down, but I'd heard similar stories. Glad we had his wishes written down and witnessed.

    Back later.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State where we are hopefully going to see chillier nights and some daytime sunshine for several days.
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    Goals...I love the different way we all do them. Lisa's work for her, but are too vague for me. Machka's with hitting certain goals for the month (ie so many steps or miles), I thought about, but I know me. I would find myself on day 30 trying to catch up! So do whatever works for you that you can measure and account for. I take bits and pieces from everyone.

    I had to wear sunglasses to work! Yay!!! Still cold...but. THE SUN IS OUT!!!!

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    KJ - Many, many thanks for all your support. It means so much. <3<3<3 For those of you who are reading the new book, good reviews on Amazon are gold for the algorithms. Please.......... :p

    The memoir books in order are, ME I AM, THEREFORE I AM, WHERE AM I?, MEMORY BOXES, and now, NOW I AM. The first two are a proper series in time, but the others don't follow a timeline, so I haven't linked them on Amazon as a series. Can't decide whether to or not. One day I may fill in the gaps. :o

    Margaret - I so admire your dignity. I think taking time just for you and your memories this weekend is perfect. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx