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    My sister had given my mom a gift card to buy garden flowers last May. Dad found it and bought pansies despite me telling him not to. To be fair, I told him not to because he would have to water them all summer, but the pansies won't last in the heat. And the rabbits might eat them anyway. But of course he wanted me to jump up and help him learn to plant. There are hours of weeding to do first, and I would need gloves and some tools, but we just stuck the poor pansies in a bed in between the tulips. That might work.

    Annie in Delaware

    All that gardening would be good exercise. I find it comparable to the pilates classes I was taking.

    M in Oz
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    Joy1580vb wrote: »
    Michele, the perogies I made were potato with bacon and onion. Looking forward to Easter.

    Enjoy the day.



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    Today’s gratitude: options, like Joe choosing to listen to music and not the news…
    Ava (aka @javaplace) Thanks and welcome!
    Lisa ((gentle hugs)), what you said about our pets just knowing when we hurt, and the time and distance from art. :love: your fridge mural. Fallen leaves, snow, green grass, yup, winter in the west. ;)
    Michele hooray for 17K+ steps, sure hope the eye eases up soon. Joy’s bacon and onion pierogis sound yummy :devil:
    Pip dang that Kirby. He’s lucky he’s so good looking ;)
    Ginny I love my Naot sandals, just wish it was warmer so I could wear them more often.
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    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
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    Lisa - You've caught that idea really well. A metaphor for life's challenges, me thinks. Lovely expression with the pearlised colours. :D What did you paint it on? I have yet to tackle something quite so large, but I have a couple probably half that size.

    Not a good night. Slept for a few, awake a few hours in the middle, and then tossing and turning with the pain, but dozing off. So, around 5 hours in total. My hour in the afternoon is such a blessed relief. I made the mistake of letting the pain get too bad yesterday evening, and it was difficult to damp it down. I will ask the pharmacist tomorrow when I get my BP prescription renewal.

    Otherwise, I have a quiet day in store, though I want to ring L for a chat. If the pain is better, I might try the sky on my new painting. Purples and blues. I have blocked out the moon with masking fluid.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    After that, I put the final touches on my mural. It's in the spoiler. I don't usually title them, but I did this one - I'm calling it "Winter from the West." The second image is a slightly closer look. The fridge is 66 inches x 26 inches (168cm x 66cm). I took the closer image because this was mostly worked in pearlescent paints, mixed in different ratios with traditional acrylics. It looks quite different from different angles and lights.

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR

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    First I spent a couple hours in the garden. I don't record the whole time on Strava because some of the time, I'm just sitting and pulling weeds, but there was some digging and rock moving as well.

    Then we went for a bicycle ride. :):)



    Machka in Oz
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    Margaret that is wise to avoid strangers at your house. Is CarMax better than taking it to a dealer?

    Annie in Delaware
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    Still catching up, but wanted to say Hi! I do love all your shenanigans.
    ☘️Happy St Patrick’s Day☘️ He has turned the stone to the dry side so we should have good weather for a while (allegedly 😝)

    🤗🤗🤗 and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

    Up to pg 38 (getting there slowly)

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    Machka - it has occurred to me that you'll be in the first day of autumn as we see spring in the northern hemisphere. How did your garden do this summer?

    Heather - those are beautiful tulips, what a great idea. No bugs, no dead flowers to clean up. :)

    Barbara - do you think it's normal for one hip to be tighter than the other when doing quad stretches? I figured it was due to my sciatica on the right side. Glad to hear Joe listened to music instead of that news. :p

    Lisa - very nice fridge mural, neat seeing the progression as you painted it. Happy to hear you didn't blow away with the storms a couple days ago. Also, in reading about your raised beds and putting tree limbs and such in the bottom, that sounds like hügelkultur. I've been doing that with my container tomatoes, filling the bottom half with leaves, twigs, old compost, etc. then adding new topsoil. It works out great. You probably know all about it. ;)

    Annie - in a way, it's sweet your dad wanted to buy flowers even though the timing isn't very good right now. With our warm weather here I'm making myself clean out a couple planters, but I'm losing my enthusiasm with our rainy cool weather returning soon.

    Michele - so sorry for your foot problems. Do you think cutting back on your walking a bit might be beneficial? Mine seem to be better by not walking so many steps as I was doing. Miss it though and anxious to get back.

    Ginny - glad you had a good time with your company. I think you mentioned toe stretchers in the past. I dug out a pair I purchased a while back and will start working on the toes on my right foot. I can't naturally spread them like I can the ones on my left, maybe this will gradually help realign them even if I only wear it several hours a day. Glad the tornadoes didn't sweep through your neighborhood. Such a helpless feeling when the tornado alarms go off.

    VERA- I've been meaning to mention - I watched all three episodes of Vera season 13. I like the older Joe Ashworth, interesting relationship now. I read there's going to be a season 14. Can't wait!

    Also have started reading "Lessons in Chemistry." I like it - thanks to whoever in this group recommended it.

    Looks like another beautiful sunny day (actually two or three) coming up. I'm going to put off mowing another day or two, give the grass a chance to grow more before I cut it. We'll return to normal cool wet weather by the end of next week.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Top O' the morning to you all..
    And a Happy St Patrick's day!!
    I remember as a kid it was a big deal and im 1/2 irish so would wear green to school..even though in grammer school i wore a uniform it was green bows in my hair and painted on green freckles
    I still have a silk scarf from Ireland that was my moms.
    Pip- sorry you don't feel well..hopefully you feel better..being away from home and not feeling well isnt good.
    Heather- lovely 🌷 tulips and you don't have to water them..
    Lisa- stunning job on your painting.. thats just wonderful..
    Supposed to get some rain today..but i hear the birds out singing..and that makes me happy..
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    Lisa I love the painting! I bet it helps brighten up your kitchen! I love the progress photos too! It helps me, a non-artist, see the thought process. I can’t say I’m really not an artist, but I have to sense when it comes to painting, drawing, stuff like that. I can do other things, just can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!!

    Today is: enjoy your corned beef and cabbage! I do, my favorite, however, not this year. Couldn’t find one that meet my DH’s standards! LOL