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    Matchka ~ Perhaps posting here is writing your thoughts.

    Carol in GA
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    I have had a nice 5-day break from work and from pretty much everything else. I wasn't feeling brilliant which was a good excuse to spend half my days in bed, and my waking time mostly reading and colouring.

    As I started to feel better I felt like I should be doing things but I was able to put that constant drive to be productive away for the most part.

    I did dye my hair, tidy the bathroom, clean a little of the kitchen, tidy the dressing room, and make some progress on some computer organising. But that's about it!

    I did not go to the dentist ... she cancelled and I have rebooked. So the 'old tooth with the temporary crown is still a bit sore.

    Back to work tomorrow ... but it's only 11:30 and I am already in bed!

    M in Oz
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    ginnytez wrote: »
    Rita-that is good news you were able to figure out the cause. Medications have lots of side effects (and some that aren't listed).

    Kylia-glad you got out. Rain is supposed to start here tonight. According to our EMA memo we got-tomorrow around 3 pm it may turn very nasty-go home early! Channel 7 has same story.

    Tracey-differing work schedules can cause relationship issues.

    Debbie-sorry MIL struck again. However, it sounds like you cooked food you like (and son) so you have leftovers and don't have to bother with cooking. In terms of your DH-it is tougher getting out of some of the parental relationships than we may think. I believe it is harder for sons with their mother, but I could be wrong. I have found a lot of people at church dinners are reluctant to try anything new.

    Machka-I had a very close work colleague who was not a toucher. When I was in the line at my mother's funeral she came up to me-many people were giving me hugs. She stood back a foot or so and looked at me-I nodded because I knew she could not hug-but the compassion and look in her eyes conveyed more support than any jug.

    Heather-once again successful family art!

    Carol-depending upon how BIL had things set up it may not be too hateful-let's hope attorney gave him good advice.

    Lisa-fitbit does indeed say you are busy!

    Margaret-great picture with your choir members.

    Linda-it does sound like a true comedy of errors-it is good everyone could laugh!

    Joy-prayers your daughter gets good news!

    Lanette-glad you are comfortable with computer resolution.

    Sue-that really stinks that toxic tenant has impacted you this much. Hope you can get her out soon.

    Annie-I am happy they got your dad into PT. See it they let you in to observe-that way you know the proper exercises he will need to do at home. I am sure they will emphasize flexibility and balance-you may find them helpful also.

    Terri-I admire your consistency and discipline.

    Pip- don't know if I would have walked to gym or not, but I guess when weather is really bad and I walk inside the ouse for 30-45 minutes that is an alternative plan.

    Busy day, got stuff done, more left to do. Need to get trash together for tomorrow. Don't think I will put big can to curb in case the storms over night are strong. Going to put together a "go" bag to have ready if have to hit basement tonight or tomorrow night.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

    The only time we drive to the gym is when we have to go somewhere else right after, sometimes not even then.
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