LESS Alcohol ~ APRIL 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



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    thank you, @I_am_motivated I am going to check this out and have my son take the quiz too!
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    AF - 1
    A - 2

    No after dinner snacking Challenge:
    SF - 2
    S - 1
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    @chicbuc thanks for sharing! Before my Less Alcohol lifestyle, I would totally make sure I had at least a bottle or two at home, but after awhile (for 14 months now) of practicing AF days, I am okay with having nothing in the house until I choose a wine day. Sounds like your doing great with the seltzers too!
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    AF - 4
    A - 0

    Still don’t have any wine in the house, so won’t be drinking tonight either.

    I do also drink dirty martinis and old fashions, but I’m just not in the mood or craving those flavors right now. Wine I can drink any time. It always hits the spot for me.
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    chicbuc wrote: »
    Daily wine drinker checking in. Definitely want to cut back and possibly quit if I can't develop a healthy relationship with alcohol. I don't drink to get drunk...even though, I do get drunk. I know this because we have liquor galore, and I don't even think about drinking it when there's no wine in the house (which doesn't happen often). I enjoy drinking wine.

    I've had 3 AF days this week, 4 after today, and my goal is to have a dry April.

    I stocked up on grapefruit LaCroix to sip from my wine glass in the evenings and it seems to satisfy the nightly habit I've created. Fingers crossed!!

    Thanks for the idea of the LaCroix in a wine glass.