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    Machka9 wrote: »

    Last month, I mentioned we had a plan.

    And it was Joy who guessed that our plan involves house buying. :)

    We bought a house!

    That's a first for me. I've never owned a house and have rarely lived in a house that someone in my family owned. I have mixed feeling ... somewhere between delight and feeling like I'm going to have a stroke. But then, the last few weeks have been stressful with all the paperwork and everything that goes into buying a house.

    The new house:
    - is all one level
    - is on a relatively flat block
    - is in a relatively flat neighbourhood - good for walking and cycling
    - is in a position to have a great view
    - is fairly new
    - is slightly bigger than our current place
    - has more closet space than our current place
    - has 2 bathrooms!! :open_mouth:
    - has room for a home gym
    - has room for a decent home office/library
    - has a gorgeous deck
    - has a garden that is a blank slate
    - is closer to our son and his family

    The view:

    Machka in Oz

    Oh how exciting!!! Congratulations to you and hubby!
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    Machka, how wonderful! So pleased for you and your husband. Hubby and I bought our first property which was a quarter of bare land when we were 22/23. That was our start to pursue farming. I did pick up on a few of your hints and knew you were house hunting. Looking forward to seeing more pics. View looks beautiful.

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    Debbie - how are the plant starts doing in your greenhouse? My little tomatoes are surviving, growing a little - cool weather has them in suspended animation.


    Before I forget - the hugs discussion.
    When I was a kid, my family weren't huggers. Even as an adult, my parents would do a tight squeeze then let go. That's probably how they were raised, I don't remember my grandparents being huggers either. They were good at patting shoulders or arms though. It was still human touch, wasn't it?

    My DH wasn't a great hugger either until his later years and even then, hugging him was like hugging a stiff board.

    My friend T is a great hugger as is her family and my other friends, most of them near my age, are huggers too.

    A couple weeks ago I really scored in the hugs department. :p Dr. Lisa's nurse is a hugger and I got 2 really good hugs from her - the nurse she replaced was a hugger too. When Alex the landscaper stopped by, I got 2 more good hugs from him. :p He's young enough to be my grandson and was raised in a hugging family.

    Last week I clicked with a gal in the produce department at Safeway. It was early, the store was empty. We discussed organic veggies, raising chickens, widowhood, etc. Both of our arms were loaded with market baskets, and we had other places to go after a couple minutes of chatting. When we separated to continue shopping, we vowed to hug the next time we encountered each other.

    To me, hugs are a part of love language.

    OK gotta move. Make it a super day! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    Nothing is actually IN my green house yet. Some are about ready to get transplanted from the Aeropods(Hydroponic) into little pots in the green house. They are all on my kitchen table or window sil over the sink. They came up great but, like yours, seem to be in suspended animation. I am hope when the weather warms up again and with the extra light(opened the blinds all the way), they will start growing again. Monday it was 75, today it is cold and raining like crazy(no walking for me)
    I went to Lowes yesterday to check out the different potting soils/compost to add to my garden and for starting more plants. Will place an order for pick up this coming week. Doing it on a day our son can go with dh so son can load and unload for me. Easy for him, very difficult for me.

    I love a good hug- have a few great huggers but don't get to see them very often so cherish when I do get a good one. Dh isn't much of a hugger-his mom sure isn't! Glad that son knows I love his hugs and he makes sure I get one each time before he leaves the house and sometimes, I just walk in his room, give him a hug and walk out. He is usually at his computer so not a great hug but that's ok.

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    Machka-great news on the house. I just think of ALL that work on your dry stream and the whole yard.
    Can you transplant some of the plants to your new place? With it being fall where you are, would be a good time to do that.
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    Machka--Great news about your house. Hope the move goes well.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Tina thanks for explaining about Venmo. I felt old-fashioned, but I express mailed a check to my friend. I just don't trust these payment systems.

    Well Dad walked three miles and was stumbling so bad that a neighbor brought him home. We had to leave immediately for his physical therapy. He made it through but he realized it was dumb to exercise to exhaustion right before his planned exercise. So we will see if he does it again tomorrow.

    Annie in Delaware
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Today’s gratitude: tea, and a working Roomba ;}
    Yesterday’s gratitude:: Joe made it home safe from Medford.
    Last night over indulged in red wine and NY Super Fudge Chunk ice cream with predictable scale results. Worse, other than two dog walks, did nothing strength-building. Fresh start today with wii balance games.
    Rebecca will eldest be able to bring the elf to the US when he retires?
    Tracey “. . . you ladies probably know more of my inner thoughts than anyone else.” Ditto. Prayers for your eldest, her dh and the grands. So debilitating, so scary and so much worse without an MD. Lost 60-65 lbs due to “anxiety”? Our medical systems are broken broken broken. ((hugs))
    Debbie good luck with that hard conversation with your mom, would her pastor help?
    Vicki Praying that Monday’s appointment points to easy solutions for the fatigue and shortness of breath.
    Heather :loved: the article. Glad you’ve got a date for the first hip, hope these two months aren’t two painful.
    Annie what you said about accurate portion sizes and logging. I’d add “use a food scale to understand portion sizes.” Wish I’d read yours that ice cream is not special last night… ;}
    Kylia ((gentle hugs)) You’re right, you can NOT do it all. Does DH help prioritize?
    Beth surgery at the end of the month is a powerful motivator. Hugs for what you are going through with your mom. YOW knew eldercare was expensive but had no idea it was that much. Here the faith based Good Samaritan home was recently bought out by a private company… with predictable results. :cry:
    Margaret your GERD information could not have been more timely. Will definitely try the head raises and remembering to chew more thoroughly. What triggered my episode Tuesday was taking supplements on a stomach that was empty except for a tangerine. Volcanic. ;{ I’m afraid long term care insurance, if you can get it which is now almost impossible, does not cover everything but only a portion of the monthly fees. :sad:
    Michele never thought you were… ;} Why is Jess trying to interest you in gardening?
    Rebecca great news about the cabinets. May it all happen soon!
    Sue so glad to hear the mills of justice have begun to grind. Be careful, be safe. ((hugs))
    Lisa “four-and-a-half hours”? What an ordeal. Glad its over with and no obstacles to the Watchman. ((hugs))
    Machka con VERY gratulations! Woo HOO! Hip hip hooray!!!
    Rita thankful you’ll be seeing both doctors today. Hope they have some insights into your options.
    Lanette ‘…vowed to hug next time…” Love this!
    Linda neither will my Joe eat leftovers. The good side to having no family nearby is no big feasts. When I DO cook a festive meal, after Joe eats his share (the next morning) I portion up what I can and freeze it. Mama and Papa were young adults throughout the depression. It is VERY hard to throw away food. I’d never heard of papas rellenos, sounds yummy.
    Pip SMH. Words fail. ((hugs))
    Kim “…toxic until they died. . . “ oh yeah. Truth there.
    Tina “…that instructor and one of my group mates are great friends to me..” What an unexpected benefit to the dread group project. Well done!

    Comfort food: when I’m feeling poorly, a piece of whole wheat toast, spread with peanut butter, cut in small squares, put in a bowl and drowned in cream of tomato soup.
    Just got off the phone with sister-in-law. When she asked if her second youngest son could come and visit, I told her the hard truth. I don’t think Joe wants to see anybody. When she pressed I suggested she ask her husband, Joe’s brother, to feel him out. I don’t like speaking for Joe but neither do I want to hear “you shouldn’t have let x come” from him.

    Off to do PT exercises before breakfast ;) Recommiting to strengthening whenever I can.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    April: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.

    Well he'll probably just have the movers move it into crates three years from now, and then sell it. That's if he can get one. Unfortunately many of the for sale sites do not state where the truck is located, so it might not be that specific one. Plus not sure if he has to get a commercial vehicle license even though its fairly small. I don't think military can get one anyways. Lots of its right now.
    Yes this fridge in the next room business is getting really old. I am getting used to my nightly routine of washing dishes though.👍🏼
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    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD, Lee was never a fan of leftovers as the boys were growing up. Now he really has no choice, as many meals, even the boxes item ones, will make leftovers. He likes French dip sandwiches and will always have leftover ajus sauce. He just puts it I the freezer and then adds a new packet with more water, hense the ajus has a life of its own! Like a sourdough starter but instead of it sitting on the counter, it sits in my freezer!
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    There wasn’t much prep today. My understanding is that one of the managers did most of it yesterday. Why? I’m not sure. The only thing I can think of is that I found out it was a salaried manager who did it, and I’m guessing that corporate said “as a salaried manager we expect x hours from you”. But on the other hand, she’d get paid even if all she did was stand around. Well, I did get the impression that they want to keep me. Honestly, not that I’m totally surprised. So I got home early and walked to Food Lion to get a head of cabbage that’s on sale. Not a great sale, probably the same price as I can get it at Aldi, but at least it was a change of scenery. I do wish we had more sidewalks so I could walk to more places

    Then went to get my hair cut at the local college’s shop. Yes, the gals are just learning (actually, the gal who did my chin wax today...this was her first time with a client). But on the other side of the coin, a haircut is only $8. Then picked vince up because he had to get new tires for his Genesis. Unfortunately, the “buy 2 get 1 free” he can’t take advantage of. These are high performance tires and different tires for the front and back. Well, if that’s what he likes. At least it isn’t wine, women, and song

    Found a new recipe for brownies that uses marshmallows so gave that a try. If they’re OK, I’ll take some to the soup kitchen tomorrow since it’s this one gal’s birthday. She’s a real sweetie. She’s Jerry’s ex. She does have a lot of health problems but she’s sweet just the same

    Sue – can’t wait till you post that toxic tenant is gone. Can’t be too soon

    Vince figures we’ll cut the grass this Sat. and then Sun (yippee) hopefully we can take the covers off the pool, clean them, and get them stored away. As soon as that happens, I really feel like we’re starting to open the pool

    Tracey – have fun with your bf

    Lisa – how thoughtful of Corey to get you that easel. And then installing that door! What a guy! To top it off, a cook too

    Comfort food: Any food that’s in the house, I’m not pickey

    Ordered a serving dish for Jess. If it’s the size I’m thinking it is, I’ll get her two more and one of the larger ones. The order has to be over $35, so I ordered the chlorinating solution that we’ll need for the pool. Will pick it up Sat. morning since Vince needs milk which I just added to the order so I don’t even have to go in the store. I’ll probably go in the store Sun. which is a pretty empty time since most people are at church. Works for me since I go to church on Sat. evening

    M – welcome homeowner! So happy for you. Yes, when do you move?

    Pip – between you and Lisa, what stories!

    Lisa – as I recall, you want your ashes put in an urn, on the mantle, with googly eyes on it so that you can keep an eye on Corey….l

    Barbara – Maybe Jess thinks that gardening is something we can share. Not my gardening (“if God means for it to live, it’ll live”)

    Vince is working on the taxes right now so that means I stay out of his way...lol

    Michele NC
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    bwcetc wrote: »
    Lisa ... you asked about comfort food. I have two things that my mom used to make for me.

    1. What we called Creamed Eggs on Toast. A piece of toast, a sliced hardboiled egg, both covered in a thin cheese sauce. I'll be making some of that with my dyed eggs. My husband and son literally gag looking at it! LOL!!

    2. Open Faced Toasted Cheese. I think this is something my mom concocted during her Weight Watcher's days, but it is absolutely my favorite thing when I want comfort food. A piece of bread (preferably a gummy white bread) put under the broiler and lightly toasted on one side then flipped over to put a slice of American cheese on top and toasted again until it bubbles up and just barely starts turning brown.

    Eldercare Costs ... Just to remind you all, I live in New York State near Buffalo. Our taxes are horrible and our costs are high in comparison to other parts of the country.

    Margaret ... I've looked into the amount you can gift ... it's around $15,000 a year in NY.

    Pip ... removing gold teeth is common believe it or not. My MIL had a few gold teeth and we were asked by the funeral home if we wanted them. We did NOT! At $2300 an ounce maybe your sister will get make her money back. But I agree ... it's weird.

    We're back from the infusion center for my son. He helped an elderly woman get back into her wheelchair after receiving her infusion and he was scolded by the nurses. He was upset by that. They were shorthanded and she was struggling ... almost fell. He was just trying to be helpful and having taken care of his brother and working in a group home for a short period of time, he did know what he was doing. Then they didn't cap his IV line and they had blood going every which way. Just not his day apparently. Hopefully, this infusion will knock the migraine back.

    Beth near Buffalo

    I know it’s common, especially in the Hispanic community, she’s not going to sell it tho..

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    Oh, anyone have ideas for preschool graduation gift?

    Michele NC