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    R256-my 26th
    SW 131.1

    “Fit & Healthy” - striving to continuously improve my strength, agility & flexibility for an active quality of life.

    Let’s Go! 💪🏻🙌🏻⚡️

    R256- Re-upping SAME goals & commitments from R255

    R256 Focus - Healthy & Fit:
    1. 👩‍💻Track macros: PROTEIN
    2. 🏋️‍♀️Gain muscle lose fat
    3. 📝 “Habit Mechanic” - Important that my “to dos” become habit.
    4. 🧐Identify unhelpful habits and extinguish.
    5. 📿Jump rope.
    6. 🙏 Mindful & Grateful.

    To do:
    1. 📝 Habit Mechanic - minimum 20 min per day.
    2. 🙆‍♀️Daily Stretch 10-15min
    3. 🤸🏼🏋️‍♀️4x/wk FT 20-30 min
    4. 🚶‍♀️8-10k+ minimum
    5. 📿 ⬆️ jump rope
    6. 💦 70-80oz
    7. 💓Z2 60 min 5x per wk
    8. Record NSVs - launch new helpful habits
    9. MACROS: thru 4/15: S.S.T.Th :10gC, 109gP, 75gF, M.W.F 10gC, 129gP, 30gF
    10. Stay mindful & grateful.

    Previous R256 Daily Comments
    4/6 ⚖️131.9 🎾🙆‍♀️🤸🏼🏋️‍♀️💦 ✅
    4/7 ⚖️131.9 Today: all the above plus a little work, 📿rope & 📝 Habit Mechanic. Still out of sorts but getting back in the groove.

    4/8 131.2
    🎾 🙆‍♀️🤸🏼🏋️‍♀️🚶‍♀️📿💦 📝✅
    Still not “feeling” the “healthy & fit” …. I keep reminding myself that I am NOT my thoughts or my feelings. Somehow I was successful in completing all of my round commitments yesterday even though I felt an internal braking system gnawing at me to stop & piddle. NSV: But I somehow pushed through it. Took every ounce of energy. Thank God. ✅Hit macros. Yes, I’m counting again.

    That unavoidable, awful, worrisome, emotional family issue is currently at full throttle & front & center. …. All of my joy gets sucked out. Takes tons of energy to even TRY to stay positive. I conquered the internal battle yesterday by simply “doing” the commitments. ✅. Didn’t even feel good about it… Just blah.

    But…. I do get to see my DGS today… Have not seen him since 4/27. I cannot wait! He sure is a sight for sore eyes. A full day of my “to do” list shall be completed before I pick him up. Today: Will fake it till I make it …
    Let’s go stretch…. Onward.

    4/9 DNW 🙆‍♀️🤸🏼🏋️‍♀️🚶‍♀️📿💦 📝✅
    Rained all day. No tennis but ✅ everything else and macros. Only 10 min of 🏋️‍♀️but it was a good 10 min. I’m thinking I’m not eating enough.… Will eat extra protein today.
    I definitely managed my mood better yesterday than the day before. Was able to change worrisome thoughts successfully throughout the day. Staying mindful & present is KEY. Oh, enjoyed BIGtime my grandson yesterday-God’s gift to me. ❤️

    NSV: Catching unhelpful thoughts quickly is slowly becoming a helpful habit.

    4/10 130.9
    Fake it till u make it actually worked yesterday. Managed to get it all done except 📿. Able to stay “in the present” most of the day. Spent too much time w/🎾.
    My day was made fabulous with two hours spent with my DGS. We played basketball and went for a walk to the nearby stadium to watch high school track&field. He was mesmerized! We practiced the long-jump!
    Today: All schools are canceled because of severe weather. I’ll be home working on taxes, work and completing my “Healthy & Fit” ✅ list.

    NOTE: My sleep patterns are in complete disarray. I’ve been up since 4:30 & positive my cortisol levels are high from stress. Practicing mindful breathing helps a lot but sleep sucks. Onward!

    NSV: slowly accomplishing my goals because let’s face it, how many MawMaws out there can practice the long jump with their DGS?! 😎💪🏻❤️


    About me, WOE & Health Journey
    F65, 5’6” married, MawMaw Proud. Clean Ketovore 🥩. Track macros, kcals, all exercise and NSVs. HW 172lbs in 2010.

    WOE since 7/2023: Whole Foods. No processed foods. Animal-based proteins. EGGS, Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, venison and grass-fed whey protein. I count macros & kcals - always will. (Since portion control is my issue). Keto is high-fat but I’m now leaning lower healthy fats with leaner proteins. I had paralyzing IBS for 20 years. My mother was diagnosed with celiac’s disease in her 50’s. Following her lead, I eliminated wheat, oat, barley, and rye several years ago…. Dairy? Hard cheese, HWC and butter - an occasional Greek yogurt. Vegetables destroy my digestive system… I love vegetables, but when I splurge, I pay for it for a few days… I do enjoy berries, lemons, limes. Avocados are my weakness. Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate on occasion. Generally, I eat btw noon and 6 pm. (IF18/6). Alcohol? Used to be a social drinker and would enjoy a good martini/scotch or Paloma at home while cooking dinner. NO MORE. Root of many evils. Primarily, the destruction of will power and the enemy of optimal choices. I’d rather journey toward my best-self. I haven’t given up alcohol completely, but I enjoy it sparingly on special occasions. This is me. I finally feel terrific.

    I have ALWAYS been ON a “diet” since at least high school. I have never been comfortable with my body - NEVER EVER- no matter my weight.

    Pre- college: 125-130lbs
    College- up to 160lbs one year… graduated @130lbs.
    Many different diets each decade!
    1990 (Age 32) - Avg.135/140 lbs (my son was born 1988)
    2000 (Age 42) -Avg 145 -160
    2010 (Age 52) - HW 172 lbs in 2010. 130lbs by end of 2014.
    2020 (Age 62) 130-135lbs
    7/2023 (Age 64) 145lbs
    1/2024 (Age 65) 130lbs

    UGW = 129-130lbs
    ⬆️SMM: 100lbs +
    BF% : 23%

    Aug 14, 2014 @ 157lbs (down 15 from heaviest of 172lbs in 2010), I decided to take serious control of my health. I lost 30lbs by 11/15/2014. Weight @ 128-132lbs through the end of 2020. Six years!

    Another 🎢 Roller Coaster Begins….

    2020 through 2021, I fluctuated 132-140 lbs. Always self-conscious.

    8/1/ 2022 crept up to 142lbs.
    Dropped to 128lbs again by 10/30 - held 130lbs till 2/1/23.

    2023 Back ⬆️ 145lbs by July 15! 15lbs BOOM! Enjoyed eating & margaritas way too much. My nutrition has always been somewhat healthy BUT portion control is/was THE issue. Started tracking again 7/15/23. Joined “Just give me 10 days” R231 in beginning of 8/2023. Here we are @ 130ish determined to…. STOP the 🎢 & be in the
    📣#bestshapeofmylife 📣

    The yo-yo is exhausting & unhealthy. Takes up way too much brain space.

    I learned MY choices created an emotional 🎢 roller coaster with yo-yo weight and fitness. My forever goal is to be healthy & fit & maintain approx. 130lbs & IN SHAPE - to enjoy my “Senior” years to my fullest.

    While active with 🚶‍♀️& 🎾 it’s clear a ST 🏋️‍♀️🤸🏼routine was absent. Strength & balance are 💯most important now. Time to incorporate ST 🏋️‍♀️ 🙆‍♀️🤸🏼as my TRUE focus. I want healthy/fit choices to be my first nature.

    Cumulative Round Results
    7/15/23 SW 145lbs
    R231 - R 247, lost 15lbs to 130.
    Avg loss 1lbs per Round. Painfully SLOW.
    Jan/Feb: Ticked up to a steady 132ish. Happier@129-130.
    (I was in “maintenance” for 4 to 6 weeks & slowly ticked up.)
    130.0 on 3/26/24. 131.2 4/8.

    Finally looked up the meaning of Mawmaw ! Lovely, I'm proud to be one too :)
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    61 yo female 5’5”

    SW RND 256 - 159.8
    4/6 160.2
    4/7 161.6 I blame it on the salt on my margarita last night.
    4/8 161.0
    4/9 160.8
    4/10 159.8
    4/11 160.2 ???