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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 262



  • CloverDemeter
    CloverDemeter Posts: 107 Member
    Thank you all for the condolences. He was the best behaved cat we’ve ever had. He never clawed carpet or furniture. He never jumped on the countertop. He did like to get on the table and knock things off - mostly DH’s reading glasses. It’s amazing how much space one cat can fill in your heart ❤️ and in your home 🏡 .

    I'm so sorry <3 Sending you so much love right now!
  • globaldestinyfitness
    globaldestinyfitness Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I'm Renee
    Age 49
    Current weight 98lbs
    Goal weight 90lbs
  • Chapter_3
    Chapter_3 Posts: 670 Member
    “Focusing on poisonous aspects”

    We’ll never be able to avoid ALL family and friend get together’s, so that’s a terrific weapon to keep readily available … I usually have a solid “force field” to fortify self-restraint… “poisonous” is a great addition.

    “My girlfriends always want to get together for lunch. How about we get together and go visit a museum? Go to a park. We have lovely botanical gardens in MD. Take a walk. Learn a new craft. SOMETHING social besides eating!”

    Yes! I need to explore a few local options without HEAT. Unfortunately, our area is known for its restaurants!!! 🤣🤣🤣 We do have a few weekly outdoor concerts @ dusk… I’ll try… (Just still so freaking hot!)

    Love these ideas! Thank you!
  • musicsax
    musicsax Posts: 4,434 Member
    Krysless2 wrote: »
    Pw: 166.8
    • Thu 06/06: 164.3; -2.5lbs
      ~ I’ve been super focused since coming home; a few wedding pictures coming!
      \/ \/See spoiler\/ \/
      Log / UndCs&Cs / 1HrEx
      Yes Days: 2 out of 2
    Stayed Below SW 167.4 ❤️=Yes 🖤=No
    (Wed > > > > > > > > Next Fri)
    • 06/07 Fri ~ 3rd Day
    • 06/08 Sat ~ 4th Day
    • 06/09 Sun ~ 5th Day
    • 06/10 Mon ~ 6th Day
      *MiniGoal: Under 164
    • 06/11 Tue ~ 7th Day
    • 06/12 Wed ~ 8th Day
    • 06/13 Thu ~ 9th Day
    • 06/14 Fri ~ Last Day
    Prev Days:(Cliff’s Notes in color):
    • Wed 06/05❤️166.8; -.6lbs~ Coming back down from the Boca-bloat
    • SW 06/05❤️167.4
      ~ We were in walking distance of local bars and food. My plan was to consciously walk a lot and I did do that, but not because I got up and walked the beach as I planned but because we HAD to walk to do anything and avoid beach traffic. Last round I wrote that I was nervous I wouldn’t come back here but I definitely did. **small win for me**I’m nervous that I won’t come back here

    Loving the wedding photos, xx
  • Chapter_3
    Chapter_3 Posts: 670 Member
    @quiltingjaine I want to sincerely apologize for thinking Oskar was a dog… sending more hugs for the passing of your kitty.
  • judefit1
    judefit1 Posts: 827 Member
    @Chapter_3: Food is a natural gathering point, so my friends and I choose different places these days; there are a couple really great salad places in my area that have "bowls", summer rolls or other healthy options; most list calories and ingredients. Even when going out with my DP I look ahead at menus and plan my choices. I love food, I'm just learning to make it healthier.

    non food: My BFF in AZ joined multiple quilting groups and that's how she made friends when she moved there. I've made friends at my gym, which doubles as social and physical:-) My daughter and I go for pedicures; we also walk together a couple times a week, as do my close friend and I a couple times a month. Walking is great for talking!

    @SofaKween: good for you doing sourdough starter! I was just talking to a client about hers last week, which she's been doing for many years! I'd love to try it but was afraid, how did you "start" your starter??
  • _JeffreyD_
    _JeffreyD_ Posts: 1,928 Member
    @Chapter_3 I like the #HSF mission.
  • miscanon3617
    miscanon3617 Posts: 277 Member
    R261 EW: 124 lb
    R262 GW: 122 lb

    Wed. 6/5 - 125.6 lb *gulp*
    Thurs. 6/6 - 126.2 lb
    Fri. 6/7 - 126.8 lb
    ummm. Not feeling too confident right now.
    Sat. 6/8 -
    Sun. 6/9 -
    Mon. 6/10 -
    Tues. 6/11 -
    Wed. 6/12 -
    Thurs. 6/13 -
    Fri. 6/14 -