• I blew it.....I'm really trying to get back on track. I know what it takes...starting is I need encouragement! :)
  • cjsnurse
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    I was able to lose...increased exercise
  • _VoV
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    My weight certainly zig-zigged, even though that wasn't my intent. Most days, I would start off strong, and I didn't have too many cravings. But, certain days this week, I would find myself feeling hungry. When most times, I would drink tea or try to distract myself, I would feel like giving myself the 'gift' of feeling full. Some of my food choices were just plain dumb! But, I know I need to get back to thinking the 'gift' I want to give myself is optimal health and that lighter feeling that makes movement feel so good. That 'gift' means delaying gratification, but if the past informs me any, it's worth it!
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    I gained only 3lbs and with all things considering I am so happy it was only those 3 lbs!

    So happy to be in a new year. 365 days to get it right!
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    Do you all log your weight gain or wait til it comes off and then log when you go down a pound.

    I log my weight in once a week, whether its up or down. Gives me a better sense of how I'm doing.

    I gained 4 pounds in December, but I gave myself permission to enjoy the holiday foods without regret. Now that the holidays are over, its time to flush out the toxins and get back to healthier food choices. Happy new year to you all!
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    I have lost almost 13lbs since Thanksgiving. I didn't want to worry about losing holiday gain.. Because I can work from home most of the time, I was able to resist most of holiday goodies. And my husband has been a big support not bringing home any chips and cookies into the house since I started!
  • I am glad that we are having this discussion because I wanted to ask the same question. I haven't weighed in yet, but I'm certain that I gained weight. To add insult to injury, I didn't get in any exercise the whole week after Christmas. I was so exhausted after hosting a buffet Christmas dinner for 50+ people that I laid around the house relaxing for a few days eating leftovers. But, things are about to change. I plan to hit the gym tomorrow morning starting with a 90 minute spin class, and end the day at home with a 60 minute treadmill walk. Also, I plan to put all the holiday over-eating, snacks, and treats behind me and ge my eating back under control.

    I do want to congrat everyone who was able to lose weight, maintain their weight, and/or minimize their food intake. You are well on your way to having a great year of success.

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  • Me. I lost about 5 pounds but gained it back and then some. :ohwell:

    It's crazy how hard it is to lose, but so easy to gain it back. :grumble:
  • I gained 5 lbs. over the course of the last 2-3 weeks..which I totally knew why. Those couple weeks I felt the worst I have since starting on this journey. I was SOOO close to my Christmas goal and I blew it. BUT doesn't mean I can't get there and am starting new and back at it to a healthier,happier me! I have not let the "gain" get to me...everyone goes up and down that much on a "normal" basis so I'm ok with it. Happy New Year to everyone!!!
  • AnninStPaul
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    I'm guessing I gained 2-4, and I hope it doesn't take as long to get that off as it did the first time. Sometimes that happens so maybe it's partially water weight. New day! Good luck to you!

    About the same. Must put away the carbs and start on my resolution -- 5 servings of fruit/veg per day!
  • I don't know how many I gained, but I know I haven't worked out in a couple of days and I've been eating total garbage! I'm back on track in a bout 5 hours. As soon as I get back to town I am back on track and have no reason to screw it up. I have no big plans for the new year and I wan to feel good again. I'm not happy about my eating and working out habits the past couple of days, but I can say it's an eyeopening wakeup call. My body feels like crap, my legs are stiff, my stomach feels aweful (not even just looks wise, inside my stomach is pissed off). So even though this was a fail on the weight loss scale, it's really showing me what damage can be by simply not eating accordingly. A few bad things occasionally are 100% acceptable....3 days of eating crap and sitting not! Merry Christmas to me....eyes are now fully opened!

    I have to agree with you as well. My body feels like crap too! With no exercise and eating gone awry, I feel so sluggish, but I plan to reverse my bad behavior starting 1/2/2012!

    Good luck to you. I know you can get back on track.

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  • BigCed77024
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    I am ALWAYS amazed by these posts. Its simple..if you EAT more than you MOVE you are going to gain weight. Its just a fact. Holidays arent an excuse to pig out. If you gained weight and didnt have self control thats on you. You could always exercise more. Honestly if you gained weight with all the knowledge on MFP you just arent being serious about it.
  • 366 days this year.
  • bonjour24
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    i reckon i gained about 4lbs, give or take. and i'm fine with that! i didn't exercise too much (although tried to get some running in occassionally, because i was scared i'd send my fitness levels too far back. i find it difficult getting back to where i left off if i've stopped for a while).

    so, i really enjoyed the chocolate, the snowballs, chips, cheese and crackers, and not thinking too much about what i'm eating. i even didn't log for a few days! and i don't feel guilty that i did it! i'm not going to chastise myself for allowing some over indulgence. but i do know how much better i feel about myself now that i'm back to the training schedule and that my eating is more controlled.

    that's the good thing about this lifestyle choice. we learn what feels good and what doesn't. there's no point restricting everything you eat forever because that's not sustainable. but you do learn how differently you feel when you don't look after yourself so well, so you learn not to do it as much next time.

    but well done to those mfpers who were able to lose or maintain!
  • margiemommy
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    i gained 3lbs but i am glad to see that i am not alone
  • 5 lbs...BUT it is mostly water retention. Back on track as of today and I'm pretty sure those 5 lbs will come off pretty fast. No holidays were a blast!
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    I actually lost. I increased my exercise routine and used the phone app to check what the damage was going to be before I ate something. I did get some of the special treats, but kept in mind that 100 calories meant 25 minutes on the stationary bike. I was also very careful not to eat any calories back. Luckily for me, the majority of my family and friends understood and supported me.
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    I gained a few lbs back but I'm not worried about it. I went home for 2 weeks and I wasn't gonna NOT eat all the delicious holiday goodies that my mom makes and I was more worried about spending time with the family that I don't get to see all year than working out. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and know that I'll lose that weight again, so I don't regret a thing. :bigsmile:
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    from saturday 24th dec - 1st jan i have gained 4lbs! i was suprised to see a 4lb gain! i thought it would of been ALOT more considering i binged everyday and drank lots of alcohol aswel!
  • miw14
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    I gained around 5 pounds. I'm quite down because of that.