Chelle's Cauliflower Mashed "Potatoes"



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    Bump! I've heard about this "fake mashed potatoes" recipe for years but never believed it would actually be as good as mashed potatoes. I am going to try it though based on all the positive feedback here. Thanks for sharing! You've finally motivated me to give it a shot!
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    to try and help with the 'runnyness' maybe put back into the pot that you boiled the cauliflower in and back on the stove - on the same burner you cooked on, with the heat turned off - for a few minutes, it takes out some of the moisture!
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    gonna try soon. sounds good. :)
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    bump thanks!
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    Bumping this for later thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:

    PS another Chellie here just an additional "I" :laugh:
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    Bumping this for later thanks for sharing :flowerforyou:

    PS another Chellie here just an additional "I" :laugh:

    Yay! And I'm Irish, too. (My middle name is Padraigin, so that should tell you something!)
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    Please do!
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    Sounds great I love mashed cauliflower have it about 3 nights a week. I just use cauliflower and a wedge of laughing cow cheese
  • SOunds great....definitely adding to my list :)
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  • It sounds amazing! thank you for sharing! I cant wait to try this recipe! :)
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    I've made this as suggested using cream of mushroom soup and although it was tasty mine were runny as well.

    I solved this the next batch by steaming (much less water absorption) the cauliflower and onion together for 6 minutes and then processing it. It was phenomenal in both consistency and flavor.

    It's now in our permanent rotation. Thanks OP!
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    Here is a variation of this recipe.
    Cut the core out of the cauliflower. Put EVOO in a roasting pan.
    Place the cauliflower head upside down in roasting pan.
    Stuff minced garlic into spaces in cauliflower head (as much as you like --- I like lots)
    Turn it over and drizzle some EVOO on top and more garlic too.

    Roast until tender.
    Doesn't need butter
    Can top with tomato sauce.
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    this sounds great!:bigsmile: