What does your mfp username mean to you



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    "Beautyfrompain" ... I used to have very, very bad depression and heard that exercise could help so decided to give it a go. I fell in love with exercising, lifted my depression, am off all medication and have lifted my selfesteem,... I believe I have become beautiful inside and out through this process. :)
  • It's my name! :flowerforyou:
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  • i have no chair.

    I must have a strange sense of humor because I found this really funny.

    I Know!! Me too! :laugh:
  • Mine is my name..or parts of it anyway. Am I happy it's my username? Not exactly. lol. Getting divorced and finding new love makes me want to change it, which I will if I can either convince Mike to let me or else make a new profile.

    You actually are allowed to change your username once. :drinker:
  • My nickname was given to me way back in High school (~1996) and I've used it online since. My friends used to say I was like something from the Twilight Zone.. and that shortened to Twilight and the s and m are my initials.
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    <<<<< Thru thick or thin!

    Been a thick kinda year for the Colts.....
  • sexymewannabee - because I want to feel as sexy as I once did!! :blushing:
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    I had a temp. teacher in high school (Mr. Wykoff) that could NEVER say my name correctly-Brittany- you should have heard the crap he came up with.... so I started writing Britt-uh-knee on all of my papers and started calling him Mr. Wakoff. He never caught on.
    87 is the year I was born
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    My last name is Loomis-Beaver, years ago when I waitressed some co-workers started calling me Loombeav and it stuck.
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    first initial w/last name and 07 is the year I got married!
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    <<<<< Thru thick or thin!

    Been a thick kinda year for the Colts.....

    I love fans who stay true to their teams
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    seeing as though 2 threads of the same nature have been copied.... sorry i meant made, since i posted this, i will bump back up the list
  • Fluffy has been my nickname since high school, with MissFluffy being my net handle since then too (since I'm not married...). The UK comes in whenever MissFluffy is already taken somewhere, not because I'm from the UK (as would be obvious), but because my hotmail address is a .co.uk one -- hotmail errors lead to me being constantly redirected to the UK hotmail site!
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    it's the name i use in an online community called Second Life. Calleja was my great grandfathers last name, and Fairey was the name i picked out of a random list of possible last names given to me when i was signing up for Second Life.
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    :noway: :laugh:
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    all my friends call me 'B' instead of my proper name and _itsB_ is also my name on twitter :)
  • My name is VAL, I was born on Valentine's day and I love zombies!
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    My name because I am very original like that! :) The 80 is the year I was born.