Anyone Doing This Without Their Spouse/SO?



  • Eating for two does not mean eating for two people, it means making choices for two people.
    I'm sorry, but pregnancy is not an excuse to eat junk - if anything, it's MORE of a reason to eat healthy.
    Just remember, everything she puts in her body, she's putting in your child's body. She's not giving your child the best start to life by pumping its developing body full of sweets and sodas.
    NOW is the time for her to get on board with you, not after the baby comes.
    Yes I'm going solo as well. Funny thing though now that I'm eating better my wife is too

    I'm the cook so as long as I cook healthy my wife eats healthy...but she's still eating all the sweets, drinking soda, etc. I can't blame her. I'm sure pregnancy cravings are rough. And I know she wants to get back on the bandwagon after she has the baby.
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    My stbx and i dont live together. I am living with my parents and yes im doing this solo.
    It sucks cause they sit around eating pizza and chocolate while im eatin veg.
  • My boyfriend used to be heavy before we met. He knows I try to eat healthy and go to the gym every day. If he wants me to go see him after school before he has to go to work, he tells me to just skip the gym and we'll go running this weekend. (I hate running on a trail, the terrain changes bother me, and I end up walking almost the entire 3.5 miles.) Every time he's at my house, we'll be in my room and he jumps up and insists on going to the kitchen to get a snack.

    He's very triggering to potential eating problems because he always mentions things like "Oh, when I'm not here I probably eat way less than 1000 calories a day." or "I kinda just stopped eating" etc.

    We disagree on a lot about health and fitness. He goes to the gym often and always tries to lecture me on how the machines I use are unnatural movements and how I should just do push ups and sit ups instead and run. He also tells me all the time to stop worrying about calories and worry out how much fat is in the foods I eat, etc. I'm just doing what works for me and he can do whatever he wants, but every now and then it'd be nice to hear "You don't need to lose a lot of weight, you're fine the way you are." or just "I'm supportive of you and your goals."
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    Yup, going solo here....But only because I have no spouse or S/O......:cry:
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    im 149 lbs should be around 135 have had 4 kids with my last being just 4 months ago. so now that mu husband has been fixed im all into getting fit and getting my body back since im just 25 years old. my husband on the other hand is 29 years old. 250 lbs should be 160- 180 max. he is a fast food manager and eats double meat double cheese extra extra mayo burgers with large curly fries every day packed with a 44 oz dr pepper cup and re fills it as it empties while at work. it drives me nuts. he brings home honey buns, powdered donuts from their bread guy that delivers to their store. and he always sends me out to go buy brownies, cookies or icecream with chocolate and chocolate sprinkles on his nights off and i just about always give in cause i want to enjoy time with him. he wants to eat out all the time too so he was on vacation last week and we ate out lunch and dinner fast food at jack in the box, or other burger places or pizza 2 times a day atleast 3-4 of thoses days but atleast once a day. i would have egg white liquid and light sausage or turkey bacon in the fridge and he would go before i got up to mcdonalds and get breakfast for us knowing i had that in the fridge. so i would end up eating a tiny 550 calorie sausage biscuit with egg and large orange juice that was even more calories. it drives me nuts. he pulls the i love you the way you are stuff and it makes me feel bad but he is making a effort to show affection or love finally so i cant knock it down. he is getting into trying new veggies this past week and agreed to let me get an elliptical with income tax on friday but he still wont keep the processed food away. im learing to cook now. since i never was taught and he is getting mad cause cooking home made recipes is costing more than our dollar menu and more than the $1 tv dinners that we would get but i need to get healthy for me and my kids. it is just really hard
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    yes. My husband needs to lose weight. He is a cardiac patient, but he's not trying. It bothers me that he needs to but won't try. But as for me, I am good with it. I just do my thing hoping it will encourage him.
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    My husband is overweight even though he doesn't admit it. He was on board and gave P90X a go then decided it wasn't for him. I never let it stop me from doing what I want to do even though I still encourage him to drop a few pounds often.
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    My husband is trying to gain muscle mass, so he eats a lot more than I do. At first it was difficult, I wanted to eat more right along with him. But now it's not that hard. I'm breastfeeding our 3 week old baby and that adds a ton of calories. So right now, meeting my calorie goal is a little difficult.
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    I'm doing it alone! My husband isn't ready to make any changes yet. Doesn't look like he will anytime soon. Hope it all changes one day!!
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    i signed up for this site, and then a few days later i got my hubby to sign up too.....well, it's been like um, 4 months since he logged in......the thing that stinks, i am TRYING to lose weight. and he doesn't have to try and he loses......bugs the crap outta me. but he NEEDS to try, so he can get some healthy eating in.

    but basically, i'm doing it alone here. it's SOO MUCH FUN! - - - - NOT! :grumble:

    but i am hoping that me losing the weight, and getting myself healthier, will get nutritional changes around the house then he has no choice but to eat healthier.....till he goes to work at KFC. but HOPEFULLY we'll both be on the same page sometime! :huh: :laugh: :wink: :happy:
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    I am doing this on my own. My fiance is tall and very thin naturally. He's also the type that has worked out MAYBE 5 times in the last year but still has a six-pack. (Not fair!) He's supportive because he knows I want to lose weight, but has not changed his eating patterns or activity level.
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    When my husband and I did Weight Watchers together after my youngest was born, he skipped breakfast, ate a very limited, calculated lunch, and then told me how many points he had left for dinner and I'd fix dinner accordingly.

    Weight Watchers quit working for me after my daughter stop nursing, so there was no motivation for me to keep doing it - I was hungry all the time and was gaining weight. I didn't start cooking unhealthily, but I wasn't calculating the points for every meal to tell my husband what he was eating.

    I started doing a fairly Primal way of eating several months ago but have come to realize that I need to track calories too or the weight isn't going to continue to come off - I still have to eat within the recommended calories for weight loss, but with the grains I was eating in Weight Watchers I was gaining weight.

    So I cook Primal, but we still have bread in the house because we have a very picky eater (bread's one of a small handful of foods she'll eat, and the times we've tried to push her to eat a bigger variety she's shut down on eating some of the foods she'll eat). So, despite my explaining why I'm eating the way I'm eating and the calorie balance for the meals I prepare, my husband grabs bread with dinner and eats two or three helpings of the entree and sides and grabs a snack after dinner (often sugary, sometimes fruit) and then tells me "you've got to help me lose weight."

    But the good news is, he's told me I should buy myself something nice (in the $100-150 range) for every ten pounds I lose. So he's at least on board with me there.
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    You are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work. "dieting" requires us to rethink. You don't have to starve yourself, you just need to learn to eat healthy. Every once in a while you have to reward yourself so you don't get discouraged. But keep you the good work. Your kids will thank you, and your husband:smile: .
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    I am going solo too. I am married and do have the support of my husband and step son. They do encourage me. We can do this !!!
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    My boyfriend is actually on the low end of the "healthy" weight range BMI-wise and is super skinny, but he makes pretty terrible food choices. He eats at Chick-fil-a for lunch every day & refuses to pack a lunch, drinks insane amounts of regular Dr. Pepper, and essentially eats "whatever he wants," he just doesn't eat a lot of it. Nor does he ever exercise. So I'm making my lifestyle changes on my own. He's supportive of me, but I really wish he would make better decisions regarding his food choices for his overall & long-term health, not because he needs to lose weight whereas I do.

    However, my parents are both making a conscious effort to make more healthy food choices and they are exercising daily. This is a big deal for them, as they're both obese, and it's really great to see them working together on it.
  • I am dieting and exercising by myself. However, my fiance is so supportive of me that when we are together, he makes sure he eats decent around me. Usually, when I tried to lose weight in the past, it would bother me when he wouldn't do it with me because I didn't have enough strength to do it on my own. This time around, this is all about me. I'm making sure I'm doing this for myself. I need to be healthy for myself. I finally looked at myself in the mirror one night before I took a shower and that's all I needed. If I can do this....I know you can! Keep up the good work and stay strong!!
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    My husband is trying to lose weight, as am I, but he and I follow different diet plans. He has been put on a special diet to help his diabetes, so he has more restrictions with his food than I do. I am able to eat pretty much anything, in moderation where he goes over on his sugars very easily, even in small amounts. I do find that since we are both watching our food we are very supportive of one another in that area, which is great!

    My husband has never been big on exercising with me, though. He has a really great excuse for now b/c he was in a really bad car accident and injured his back pretty badly. He has been off of work for 2 1/2 weeks, and he is receiving physical therapy. :frown: So I am not giving him a hard time AT ALL right now, but we've been married for 14 years, and he has never been big on exercise. I don't really know how to motivate him. I have always been pretty active. I enjoy being outdoors. I have been a gym rat off and on for the last 5 years. I workout at home. I got him to join the gym with me one time, but he only came 3 times. We've been together since high school, and he used to work out in HS, but he's just not into it now. I wish I could get him on board with this b/c I think it would really improve his health, but not too much luck so far. A few weeks before the accident I did talk him into going walking at a nearby nature area, though, and that was great. I am hoping that once his back is better we will be able to do that again. I've been laying on the praise about the walks. Positive re-inforcement baby! :wink:
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    My boyfriend "says" he wants to lose weight, but will not doing anything about it and he is SO unsupportive of my journey.
    It is incredibly hard to lose weight in a harsh environment, but that's why I'm the one to do 99% of the cooking.
  • I actually perfer to work out alone, I turn on my I-pod and just get goin. I've only went to the gym once with my fiance and that was more than enough for me :laugh:
  • My boyfriend "says" he wants to lose weight, but will not doing anything about it and he is SO unsupportive of my journey.
    It is incredibly hard to lose weight in a harsh environment, but that's why I'm the one to do 99% of the cooking.

    Ha sound like my fiance. He always talks about getting fat (hes not btw) but he still eats like a horse and says he doesn't have time to work out. I also understand about the unsupportive part, he'll comment on other peoples hard work and weight lose but isn't really interested in hearing about what goin on with my work out or take notice to any change. I feel for you. This is one reason I love MFP, I dont think I've ever had so much encouragement and support.