Girls- Longest Gone W/O TOM?



  • Superbritt2drescu
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    Current at 4 months without and counting everyday as a blessing. Before that I bleed for 3-6 months at a time for years. Hyster last Sept and now life is wonderful. And working out is more enjoyable IMO. :)
  • jo_marnes
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    I'm at 15 months without my period. Used to be 28 days on the dot. Then nothing.

    After several GPs, several dieticians and a lot of blood tests it has come down to body fat %. No PCOS here (I've had 3 kids too).

    The scales (inaccurate) say by body fat is around 14-15%. So I am trying to eat more in order to gain a little fat back. It's actually really hard to do that in a healthy way.

    Maybe you should look at your weight if it is low xx
  • Lotte34
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    Yes i have gone that long before, however I also found that my change in diet set me off on a 6 week period a few months back (now thats not pleasant)
  • monkeymouse74
    I have premature ovarian failure (POF) (diagnosed when I was 27)I used to have them once or twice a year and then nothing for the last 3 years then out of the blue I had one last month. But nothing again this month..:-( Would really love to be able to have a baby, but it's just not in the cards for me...:-( Have yourself checked out by your GP, there are so many reasons that this could happen, and without the blood tests etc. there's no way of telling.:flowerforyou:
  • AmberMagdalena
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    a little over a year, thanks to PCOS
  • Yasmine91
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    I didn't have a period for over 9 months due to a poor diet
  • inkleberry75
    Hmmm....In my early 20's and after first kid I weighed a lot....i got pregnant with second kid and had gall stones so i had to eat low fat for the entire pregnancy. I lost 90 pounds that year...and never missed a period. It is not uncommon though, because hormones are fluctuating with weight loss. Low dose BC pill of estrogen will help
  • Crystler
    only once in my life I've skipped a period, that was after Ilost 15 kilos= about 30 pounds. I believe I didn't get it because I lost alot of weight and didn't eat much. :) It was only for one month. then it came back. :) but I had alot of brown discharge, which means there is something wrong with your womb. take care
  • kated930
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    I went 10 months without it- spoke with my Dr. and it finally came back once I upped my body fat %!
  • cessnaholly
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    Surefire way to get your period: wear khakis or white pants.

    Guaranteed. :grumble:

  • BeautifulMe322
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    I went 9 months without AF but this is bc I have PCOS.

    Same here
  • wrevhn
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    i have actually rarely had any issues minus when taking meds of various kinds including bc. but my sis its been over a year now, i think 2. hers was from previous eating disorder she is recovering from. it takes yearsssss. think she said they have meds that are suppose to bring it back? she is on some new (not bc) thing that is meant to do that anyway.
  • dlaplume2
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    Nine months. :laugh: :laugh:

    Having a baby will do that. :wink:
  • Saxmis
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    I didn't have regular monthly periods until I was 21, prior to that I had about 4... in total.

    I lost them again in about April, but this was also a few months after I got the implant. There's no other issues, so they say it's the implant that's doing it to me.
  • kellyreynolds14
    Also, pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's a book that I firmly believe every woman should read at least once and that we should teach it with sex education all through middle and high school. It's important to understand how your body works and how it is affected by the stresses we put on it.

    I one hundred percent agree that every woman should read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"! My husband and I are gearing up to try for our first and his coworker recommended it. I felt like such an idiot that I didn't know 95% of the stuff in there about my own body! I feel so empowered now that I know!

    With that said, I stopped taking BC a few months ago and it appears I have still not ovulated. I excercise a decent amount but I wouldn't call it excessive. I am also restricting calories by 400-500 per day which I wouldn't think was enought to change my cycle. I am hoping within the next month or so I will be back on track, if not I guess it will be time to see the doctor!
  • Serafimangel
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    when I was anorexic it was two years. At uni, not anorexic, it is sometimes 3 months, 6 months, 1 month. It depends. I have gone to the doc about it, they took blood tests, but said there was nothing wrong (but that just happened to be when I was ovulating, for the first time in 3 months). I still get bloating and cramps, period or not, and my moods go a bit crazy. Its really annoying >:(
  • caraiselite
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    7 years (thank you mirena)

    i save lots of money!

    i never want to bleed from my vag again.
  • peachyxoxoxo
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    In high school I lost 35 lbs in a very short period of time. I didn't get my period for 18 months, until I started gaining some weight back.
  • Pooks1n1Schmoops
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    Surefire way to get your period: wear khakis or white pants.

    Guaranteed. :grumble:
  • Flass
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    I'm about 6 months without mine now.

    I haven't changed my exercising and am only moderately active. I still have fat to lose but have lost about 10kg in the past 10 months so I'm putting it down to that.

    I hope the answer isn't to gain weight cause I still want to lose a couple of kg...

    Thanks all for sharing! Makes me feel better :)