My boyfriend is missing



  • JennieAL
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    I'm hoping he didn't pass out in the cold. That is probably the worst thing... Really hoping this situation resolves itself.
  • charlie18091980
    WOW!!!!! What's with all the back-biting?! Surely everyone should be focussing on the original person's request for support. We all have different opinions on things and perhaps that should be taken into consideration. I had no idea MFP could get so catty. :huh:

    Anyway, hope you find him soon.
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    Hope he turns up and this is his last drunk...I would suggest regardless of the outcome, that you might find and Al-anon meeting...I know it hurts, is scary and down right insane....been there and done that.....been married to an alcoholic and am recovering cannot do his recovering for him but you can love him enough to set boundaries....There are many people who have been where you are...this is a sickness but people do get well! Also remember...alcohol is depressant, and it is the first drink that leads to a drunk....I am praying that he is okay !! Hang in there!
  • hagamivida
    Just wanted to say that my Partner has PTSD, bipolar disorder NOS, and is a cutter. I understand so much what you are going through. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Whatever the outcome, friend me if you want to. I am hear to listen, always. I have experienced this with her and I have been suicidal quite a few times, myself. I desperately want to hug you, right now. I don't pray, but you both are in my thoughts.
    Much love.
  • tracikearns
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    Praying for a safe return {{hugs}}
  • hagamivida
    I really, really hope that you will find him ok and that you are safe whilst out looking for him. I suffer with depression myself and can be very suicidal, your doing everything you can right now and thats the important thing. Just try and make sure you breath deeply to try and calm yourself as much as anyone really can in this situation. I'm really sorry that your going through this and I pray that you will all be safely reunited.

    Please add me as a friend because you need someone that you can talk to and go to for support aswell. i'm praying everything will be ok and I will keep checking back to see if there's any update.

    Stay strong!

    Good to see someone else familiar with this replying, glad you are also offering to friend her :-)
  • stuey39
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    Speaking as someone who has just(yesterday) lost someone in a similar state of mind, my thoughts are with you and I really do hope he returns safely!

    much love and thoughts to the op and family
  • emmiee921
    I feeel for you however this post is too serious and real to post here, everyone doesnt need to know about your private life when people are getting so worked up about this and causing arguements.

    I hope he is safe xx
  • ChrissyLu723
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    Hoping all is OK! My thoughts are with you. *big hugs*
  • jetscreaminagain
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    Hopefully it turns out ok.
  • Saxmis
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    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

    I hope that he comes back safe.

  • kellyhanratty
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    Any news yet sweet? My thoughts are really and truelly with you at this time. Sending you all the positive energy and hoping this can be a milestone to your successful future with your family and for your partner recovering. It is hard to love some one and want to help them. You're doing the best any one could and I'm sure deep down he knows and appreciates this. xo looking forward to hearing some good news.
  • Arachnapheria
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    I really hope your bf is ok. I suffer severe depression and about 8 months ago pulled a disapearing act. When I got back and saw what panic and pain I had caused I started taking my meds again (I had taken myself off them a couple of months before hand). Depression is such a consuming illness and coupled with alchoholism I can't even imagine what you are going through. My thoughts and love are with you and I hope you have found him x
  • jimmie25
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    I really hope he's okay! :(
  • janehen12
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    I really hope this works out in the end.

    My boyfriend forced me to the doctors, who gave me antidepresants which he pretty much forced me to take. I got more suicidal taking them, then took myself off them when i was meant to withdraw slowly. In that frame of mind you DONT think straight, you can't.
  • unsuspectingfish
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    Why would you let him go if he's an alcoholic. I know you're stressed but honestly. If my bf was suicidal and an alcoholic I wouldn't let him go out to a bar or i'd atleast go with him

    As someone who has dealt with both alcoholics and suicidal family members, I can tell you that there is only so much you can do to stop a person, and, in the case of alcoholism, sometimes you need to take care of yourself and the other people you love. Sitting around and watching someone you love slowly drink themselves to death is the most f*cking depressing thing you can do, so be my guest. If your boyfriend is ever an alcoholic, you go sit at the bar with him all day and report back to us. Or, you know, try to stop him and see how that works out for you. You can't make another adult's decisions for them, no matter how much you want to. The same goes for someone who is suicidal. I've been there, too. I sincerely hope the OP's situation turns out far differently from mine. There were about five of us AND the cops out looking for him, and we were all calling him repeatedly. Oh, and he was on anti-depressants the whole time.

    Basically, don't talk about things you don't know about.
  • slay0r
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    I'm going to take it as a good thing that we haven't had a reply for a while :) She could be dealing with things if he's come back or if she's found him. I've been in a bad place like this before (not with alchohol) so I know exactly how it feels from his point of view. It's a horrible, horrible spiral you feel you can't get out of.
  • hagamivida
    I really hope this works out in the end.

    My boyfriend forced me to the doctors, who gave me antidepresants which he pretty much forced me to take. I got more suicidal taking them, then took myself off them when i was meant to withdraw slowly. In that frame of mind you DONT think straight, you can't.

    Exactly. There is no blame anywhere in this. Even if there was, blaming solves nothing. :-)

    Thinking logically is impossible. You think you are rational, but once you improve some, you can see just how flawed your thinking process was. It is quite a transformation. Having this insight seems to help slightly when the doeression kicks your *kitten* again. I am sorry you were forced to take them. Having no control is the worst. It makes everything worse, no matter what it is that is being forced upon you. :-/

    Hope you wre doing better, now, too.
  • xginanax
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    I hope you find him and that he's safe. Please let us know on the outcome of this situation right now.

    I'll be praying for his safe return. x
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    I hope and pray that you have found your boyfriend and he is safe!
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