Okay...embarassing as ever, but my P90X 30 day results!



  • zzzzia
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    Great job :)
  • sandrinamsilva
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    You look great! You can see lots of changes. GREAT JOB
  • poustotah
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    Holy cow woman! You lost 10.5 inches!!!! And this is embarrasing how??? You look great! Keep up the good work!
  • tbear16
    tbear16 Posts: 31 Member
    Great job!! These pictures are not embarrassing at all you are a beautiful woman
    And you can really see the difference in 30 days keep up the great job sexy your looking great
  • jadedone
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    That's amazing! I should get on the bandwagon! Great job!
  • brittanidigby
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    Hell yeah :)
  • You have nothing to be embarrased about. Your progress is amazing.
  • natashamcn
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    Awesome results!!! You should be super proud, someone else already said it but you did a fab job on that stubborn below the belly fat, well done!
  • dyannajoy
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    wowwwww you look AMAZING! Can't believe what a change there is in just 30 days!!! Well done!!
  • Reinventing_Me
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  • lorrjoe
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    I just started 7 days ago. I love it!!! There is nothing to be embarassed about. You can totally tell the difference. You look great!
  • carebear7951
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    I agree no need for embarrassment! I see a lot of difference but especially in your outer thighs I think!? Anyone else see that?
  • You have made great progress! Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me want to buy P90X!!! I have Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift, time to add to my Beachbody library!
  • MiAmorDeanna
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    You have a gorgeous body figure. :)

    I have been wanting to try that workout now I REALLY WANT TO.

    Very inspirational.

    Way to go girl !
  • calgarychick2012
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    wow what a difference AWESOME you go girl pls post your 60 day pics:flowerforyou: :
  • scunningham2012
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    Great results! :) You look great!
  • Great Job! I am on day 18 of P90X, your results inspire me to keep going! well done :) What program are you doing?
  • Stefanie7125
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    you are amazing! you shouldn't be embarrased by the pictures, you should be very, very proud. The difference is awesome!
  • Wow awesome results, you should be very proud! Keep it up :)

    I have been interested in trying it however money is rather tight so I cant fork over the dough for it :(
  • you look fantastic!!