5 random facts about yourself



  • gpstrucker
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    2. I used to do a lot of knitting to relax. (Picture burly bearded trucker sitting at the truck stop coffee counter knitting a sweater)

    gpstrucker - Heh heh, this one made me laugh out loud.

    Glad I could be of service :laugh:
  • Gohomebay
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    Never wear lipstick feels bizarre
    Then again have never worn color nail polish again think I look bizarre with it on
    Don't like cloths shopping wish someone could do that for me
    I could live at our cottage on an island year around
    if I could drink wine everyday I would not bottles just a bit
  • Gohomebay
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    Age: 27

    1. I swear like a sailor
    2. I HATE baths I refuse to take them and only take showers
    3. Getting closer to 30 terrifies me
    4. I am probably going to get some heat for this one but honesty is the best policy......I don't believe in God or the story that goes along with it.
    5. I have never broken a bone

    I don't believe in god either
    Am scared of getting older as well, but more scared of the alternative, not living at all
    And I have never broken a bone either yet I do think my nose is kinda broken by being hit by a basketball in grade school
  • Luvmesumkenny
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    Michelle 33

    1. I teach Vision Therapy to Special Needs Children

    2. I'm OBSESSED with Kenny Chesney

    3. I'm terrified of Spiders. ( Horrible childhood memory for a later time)

    4. I can read and write in Braille

    5. I can tie a cherry stem with my tounge
  • sweetfacephoto
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    Age: 33

    1. I am addicted to my iPhone.
    2. I watch at least one episode of Friends every night. Now that I think about it, that leads to...
    3. ...I need the TV on in order to fall asleep at night.
    4. I listen to music every day.
    5. Will Smith is my unicorn.
  • Raven_Blackblade

    1) I absolutely love what I do for a living!
    2) I am a total glamazon even though I say to everyone else that I am not.
    3) I have a nursing degree though I never used it.
    4) I sleep best in the cold.
    5) I am spooked by my bedroom, and who may be hiding under my bed. O_o
  • 7funnygirl7
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    Leanne 41

    1. I remember what I wore on my first day of school :blushing:
    2. brush my teeth 4 or more times a day :bigsmile:
    3. won't drink from someone elses glass or eat off their plate :sick:
    4. talk myself into and out of things on a daily basis :grumble:
    5. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on Oct. 26th 2003, but have been drug/needle free since the beginining of 2005 :smile:
  • kobrakaisandy
    haha! good idea!

    I'm Sandy.
    Age: 30 going on 12.

    1. I love black olives SO much, I will drink the liquid out of the can, and try to make out with my husband. He HATES that.
    2. I named my son after my favorite SNES game, Earthbound. I have a little Ness. Well, not so little anymore.
    3. I'm obsessed with zombies, and it's quite unhealthy. I even have escape routes and plans for my kids and the husband and I to survive! and we WILL!
    4. I named my dog Maebe, after one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows.
    5. I put special tortoise lotion on my tortoises. Some say I baby them. hmph. I just loves them, that's all!
  • HarleyQuinn_12
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    Age: 40

    1. I lived on a farm for six months....loved it
    2. I have a crazy fear of heights, yet, I like to do things like go to the Sears Tower Ledge
    3. I listen to music every single day.
    4. I am a ridiculous Adam Levine fan.
    5. My biggest dream is to live by a small lake and wake up every morning with coffee in hand, staring at the water
  • lane823
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    Do you live near Brainerd? I went through there on my way to Verndale last weekend :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    Yes, I live in Brainerd. Where do you live?
  • lane823
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    Sara, 30

    1. I used to be a radio morning show co-host in a small town in MN
    2. I have 7 tattoos and plan to get more
    3. I've been married once before and engaged now
    4. 99.9% of my best friends in high school were guys, now I'd say it's 60/40, more females than males
    5. Even though I have an AA for Broadcast Journalism, I'm now an accountant, with no technical training :)

    Where in Minnesota?
  • JPod279
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    Jeff, 39

    1. I hate to fly
    2. I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy
    3. I have performed with country music singer Kellie Coffey
    4. I don't like country music
    5. I (barely) survived the most powerful tornado ever, the 5/3/99 tornado in Oklahoma
  • ChristineMarie89
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    1. i am scared to death of the dark
    2. can never have too many shoes, purses, and. . . undergarments lol
    3. i have ocd and have to constantly wash my hands, check things, etc.
    4. i LOVE drawing, crafts, & anything creative
    5. i HATE chocolate. . . okay candy in general blehh
  • lane823
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    1. I drag race at BIR (Brainerd International Raceway) and LOVE IT!!

    Sarah, 34

    *I drag race too! (Firebird Raceway)
    *I've planned to write a book(s) since I was probably 7 - can't believe I haven't actually finished one yet!
    *I drive my boyfriend crazy with my constant mention of calorie counts, workouts, what I learned/heard about on MFP
    *Boston feels like home to me even though I only lived there about 6 yrs in my 20's
    *I LOVE The National Gallery in London and have actually had dreams about it

    Way to go! It's such an adrenaline rush!!
  • JamesonsMommy
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    Melissa- age 34

    1. I only drink dunkin donuts coffee and I always take a bag with me so i will have my coffee to drink if i want it.
    2. I love to cook
    3. My weekly meals are totally planned around things i've seen on pinterest. If you guys haven't taken a look around there DO IT!! So many healthy recipes
    4. I would rather eat venison than ground beef (it's pink slime free)
    5. I still have sleepovers at my 91 year old grammys house and prefer them over a night out anytime.
  • tracyface399
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    another 5, why not!

    -I have 3 tattoos
    -I've only have one serious relationship before marrying the love of my life
    -I DESPISE anyone that drink & drives.... which is how I lost my first boyfriend.
    -I love crafting-scrapbooking, making jewelry, cards
    -I'm about 99% sure we won't be having any kids
  • statickey
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    Jess 26yo

    - my face turns red when I talk to people, like I'm embarrassed, but I don't feel embarrassed.
    - I hate feet
    - I have a list of words I hate and will avoid saying them!
    - I like to send weird, gross, random pics to my friends
    - I can't sleep without a fan on, but it has to be facing away from me.
  • CandeesLand
    CandeesLand Posts: 200

    1. I daydream WAY too much
    2. I really don't know what I want to be when I grow up
    3. I've never wanted children and for the most part don't like kids
    4. I'm so quiet when I walk I inadvertently sneak up on people all the time
    5. I'm fantastic at customer service, but don't really care for the general public as a whole

    I don't even have to write my own, this is me. Every. Single. One.
  • Kirsty_UK
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    Kirsty, 34 :)

    1. I have a not-so-secret crush on David Tennant as Dr Who (I'm a sucker for a man with sarcasm and a naughty twinkle in his eye)
    2. I once tried out to be an air traffic controller (and got down to the third round from several hundred people to less than 10), when I'd previously had no thoughts of wanting to be one, just because I saw an advert that said you can't apply after a certain age and I knew it was my last chance
    3. I love really really bad disaster movies. Like the towering inferno, and the day after tomorrow.
    4. I've moved around far too much, too many cities/towns due to study/work. I've been in the same area for 8years now, and I still feel like it's temporary so I've not properly put down roots really.
    5. I love travel, but I prefer to travel alone than with a tour group. Myy husband doesn't really want to do that sort of travel, but he lets me do it alone.

    and no 6. I work in a portacabin with no toilet, it's torrential rain outside and I'm dying for the loo! I'm using this thread to distract me.... g'arrrrghh!!!
  • blynn2708
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    40 yrs old

    1. I have a twin sister
    2.I hate spiders
    3. I have a dent/birthmark on the back of my left leg
    4. Afraid to sleep by the bedroom door
    5.Most people think I'm only 25-30 yrs old:bigsmile: