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Do you???

Log your fruits and veggies?
I stoppped logging it bc most are really low in calories, and I don't want this to count against my calories. What are your thoughts? Im just curious :smile:


  • viser_haut
    viser_haut Posts: 97 Member
    It wouldn't do you great harm to not log your veggies, but fruits DEFINITELY. A lot of calories if you're not careful. Too much of anything is a bad thing! :smile:
  • sandrinamsilva
    sandrinamsilva Posts: 651 Member
    When I log, I log everything. This way I get an exact amount of fiber also.
  • runfatmanrun
    runfatmanrun Posts: 1,090 Member
    I do. An average piece of fruit has 100 calories. You might not want it to count against it, and if you don't log it your log won't see it, but it still counts against you in your day to day life.
  • JSheehy1965
    JSheehy1965 Posts: 404
    I log everything because I'm also watching my sodium
  • MyFeistyEvolution
    MyFeistyEvolution Posts: 1,015 Member
    If I'm eating something that has calories, I log it. They don't just disappear because they're fruits and veggies. I would find that too easy to end up eating a lot more calories than I think (especially fruit calories).
  • Chameleone
    Chameleone Posts: 281 Member
    I don't log my fruits and vegetables. My sister started weight watchers around the same time I started MFP and she was telling me that fruits and most veggies have no points because it encourages you to snack healthier knowing that it's not gonna work against you in any way. And it's true. After almost 5 months of doing that, I crave apples bananas and strawberries at snack time.
    As opposed to before that when I would snack on chips. popcorn and chocolate
  • Jacwhite22
    Jacwhite22 Posts: 7,012 Member
    Of course. I log everything that goes into my mouth that has calories. A lot of fruits are actually pretty high in calories.
  • scribb
    scribb Posts: 3,659 Member
    I try to log everything
  • sarafit926
    sarafit926 Posts: 62 Member
    I do, and I encourage you to log fruits and veggies as well. The calories add up, and just because they're healthy in other ways doesn't mean they don't count as "calories."
  • TweedleDebo
    TweedleDebo Posts: 423 Member
    I do. An average piece of fruit has 100 calories. You might not want it to count against it, and if you don't log it your log won't see it, but it still counts against you in your day to day life.

  • LauraJWStevenson
    LauraJWStevenson Posts: 55 Member
    I log everything...but 0 calorie drinks. I drink mostly water a Diet DP once in a while I don't really worry about logging. I logged a snowcone one day..and was shocked at the calories it said it had!!!! If I ever get another one of those at the ball would have to be sugar free!!!!! OMGOOSHHH!!!
  • michellekicks
    michellekicks Posts: 3,624 Member
    I log it all. I like seeing the veggies in my log :)
  • RachVR6
    RachVR6 Posts: 3,688 Member
    Calories are calories. Log it!
  • Karalopolous
    Karalopolous Posts: 574
    These are valid point, yes that banana which I totally just logged, ha has 110 calories.....ya Im cool like that and I do things I say I don't. I don't eat as much fruit, it's more veggies that I a crown of broccoli or half a head of califlower at once.
    I know Im missing out on the fiber count, and vitamins, etc. That doesn't matter much bc in my opinion, the more I eat of fiber the better I feel.
  • malins2
    malins2 Posts: 154 Member
    Definitely log fruit!!
  • Vi0l33t
    Vi0l33t Posts: 117 Member
    not logging is a way of being dishonest with yourself. If you don't log those veggies and fruits then you can trick yourself into sneaking in extra unhealthy calories, which leads to less victory for you.
    Log everything then you can see how your eating habits are effecting your loss. if you're seeing less veg and fruit, you may want to consider switching some of your intake.
    Don't let yourself down, keep it up! Good Luck!
  • dward2011
    dward2011 Posts: 416 Member
    I count everything that has calories. Fruits, veggies, even the 5 calories in Crystal Light packs and the 4 calories from my coffee.
  • delilah47
    delilah47 Posts: 1,658
    I log everything except, occasionally, a spice or two when entering recipes.
  • Mellie13
    Mellie13 Posts: 424
    I log every bite, and yes, sometimes it is even zero calories, or 2 or 3, but I log everything. Mostly so I don't get into the mindset of "oh, I don't need to log that" and then taking too far and being way off on my calorie count and I like to keep track of various nutrients as well.
  • abbezen
    abbezen Posts: 405 Member
    I absolutely log everything that goes in my mouth.